Saturday, October 31, 2009

I have got it~!!


I've got my certificate in
Clinical Hypnotherapy!


What made me take up this course?
(Thanks to twilight for the sponsor!!!)

First of all, I personally experienced the benefit of hynosis.
It helped me and the effect last until now.

Secondly, nowadays most people have mental problem.
What I mean is,
Not retarded or crazy people, ok?

They are just too stress over life.

And mentally weak towards things.
like... too addicted towards something...
Have phobia over certain thing....
Run away from reality....
Living in fantasy....

I wish that I can help this people.

They might be people with high IQ

But when emotion kick-in ... no matter how smart the person is, he will somehow surrender and let his emotion control him.

That's why people said, have good IQ, not as good as have good EQ.

For me, have good EQ, not as good as having good MQ....

Having good Moral Quotient, is much better than anything.
You may have good IQ, but when you are angry over thing, you may do something stupid...

And when you manage to control your emotion successfully, but when there is some moral issue, you just keep your emotion cool and ignore it, which is not the highest attainment yet.

We should be able to control ourselves.
Control our emotion.
Control our mood.

Otherwise, please look for me.
Let me hypnotise you....!



the happy go lucky one said...

wowww... congrats! and salute u for ur high achievement... actually i think im one of those ppl with mental problem that u have described lor :P...
and want to ask u, i heard some ppl's mind actually can travel back to previous life through hypnosis, is this true? thanks yeah... have a nice weekend there kekee...

Medie007 said...

congrats!!! :D

now we got a clinical hypnotherapist. wee... i wonder if it helps in concentrating the mind espiecially while study. :P

TZ said...

Congratulation ... so what is your next certification course... :) I still have two to go ... coming up on year 2010.

Gratitude said...
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Gratitude said...

A good reason to celebrate tonite! But twilight has beaten us to the invitation, right? lolz

Very Happy for you. I'm sure more peeps wld benefit from your expertise esp those with lower IQ,EQ, MQ and all other Qs eg. ME! :(

MiChi said...

the happy go lucky one:
Hahah... happy go lucky also got mental problem?! Too happy problem? hahah
Yes... by hypnosis, one can trace back to their past lives memories... will explain more about this in my next post :)

Definitely can... My fees not cheap one woh...want to try? hahah

Next is to get my Master Degree in Physics... muahahhaa...You also GanBahTeh!

hahah....You are so humble!

Danny said...

congratulations.. where is the application form? i want to be hypnotized.. see how come i got so many craps in my mind.. can ahh? ;p

Jasin Ker said...

Can you introduce the course and school u attended to ?

Any plan to pursue this special field ?

foongpc said...

So how much do you charge? : )

Tekkaus said...

Awesome! So now you can hynotize me? :p Anyway congrates.

Have a great weekend.


oh~ i need ur help god mum ...

[SK] said...

the first one you should service is the one who sponsored you the course lor.. hehehehe!! or maybe by just looking into his eyes, you are already hypnotising him??

Anonymous said...

congrats, teacher. SPM coming lo. bye bye.

Jazone said... you can help those people whose not confident with themselves and feel lost within themselves... its time for you to straighten their mind and their i get any discount for being hypnosis by you?... ha ha :)

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Of all the clinical therapies, I must say that HYPNOTHRERAPY is one of the most effective.
Most importantly, is that it helps YOU and then, by mastering it, you will be able to help others, more efficiently. Again, CONGRATULATIONS.
(Both Twilight and you are so blessed to have each other!)

Anonymous said...

Hehe.. Congrats, I just found out about it...
Lol.. am so happy for u!
By the way I think I need treatment too... feeling bit weird lately!
Miss ya lots! Send my reagrds to all ^;^
lots of lov, shir