Sunday, April 16, 2023

Cemetery Run

Nice nice sweet Sunday

I woke up at 6.15 am.
To see sunrise?

Haha....! No-lah, I'm going for the "Larian Kubur" organized by the Chinese Association.

They started this cemetery run since year 2000.
What's the reason they wanted to organise a run that the route is across cemeteries?
Because between 1996 - 2000, the government wanted to shift all the cemeteries around the TUDM to elsewhere, lots of people protested because they didn't want to demolish their ancestors' graves.

So, to protect the cemeteries, they had a big debate and even fiercely protested in front of the cemeteries to go against the government.

Since then, they wanted to educate the public and create the awareness to protect the heritage culture and ancestors' pride, they, as in, the Chinese Association, organises cemetery run every year.

When people ran across all the 8 cemeteries, comprised of Chinese, Catholic, Japanese, Sri Langkan Buddhist, Sikh cemeteries, the public will remember all their ancestors, retain their culture and help to protect the cemeteries.

When I ran across the cemetery this morning, then only I understood the reasons our government wanted to relocate the cemeteries to elsewhere.

All because of money....

See the big piece of land, under the KL view.

It is really a piece of jewel to the government to earn the money.
It is also the priceless jewel for us all to protect & inherit the culture and cemeteries of the ancestors!

I joined the category F:

This is me.

He is still sleeping...
How to sleep standing? So "Geng"!

Didn't know that cemetery also got road name...
Jalan Yap Ah Loy...
Our Hero...

And why there is a big red cross here?
Ah-Long is everywhere?

Before the run:
This was my twisted ankle:

Took off the sock, it looked like this:

Still haven't recover after one month :(

After the run:
Went to see a Chinese Sinseh, my student's father, a really good Sinseh.
After being treated by him, for only one session, my leg recovered 80%!
No joke.

He released the blood from my ankle:

Because there is blood clot around my ankle.
No wonder my whole feet was black and swollen for so long.

Then the Sinseh, Mr. Tang, used the cup suction method to suck the darkened blood out:
Applied Chinese herbs.
And wrapped up.
Mr. Tang said in another 2 days, should recovered already!

Should have look for him since the first day I twisted my ankle!!!

Yeh~~! Yeh~!
I'm going for Bomba run on 10 May.
And Standard Chartered run in June.

I need my ankle to heal fast.
So that I can run!

Miss running so badly.

If you twisted your ankle, (touch wood of course), really strongly recommend you to see Mr. Tang, he is in Kuchai Lama only. (Tel: 016-357 9655)


.:: Ant ::. said...

Choi choi choi, I certainly wouldn't want to be in a position to see Uncle Tang. :P lolz



u so "bia" for wat?
run so many times? u must knw tat ppl at ur age should not be working so many exercise wo~ :P

MiChi said...

Haha... Just in case.

Halo uncle, People at your age, should work hard already, don't fool around liao

hijackqueen said...

He got expertise in backache or not? My backache also one month Liao!

[SK] said...

oh, that's really the most amazing info of my lifetime - a road sign inside the cemetry??

weejino said...

Hai yo sis,like that you will sure will the "Most Semangat Trophy"
Get well soon yeah....

foongpc said...

This is first time I heard of such a thing! Cemetery run! Wow! You bring along your camera for the run?

MiChi said...

Yes, he treat backache too. He can even cure paralyzed patient or diabetes patient to recover.

haha... yeah, somemore Yap Ah Loy.

Thanks for the wishes :)

haha... yeah, I brought camera ... full accessories.