Sunday, April 19, 2009

The evil force VS your heart

What happens if somebody cast "charm" or black magic on you?
Do you believe that you will be doomed & charmed?
How do we know that we get charmed?

If you are sensitive and observant, you should notice that your behavioural pattern has changed.
Or you started falling sickly often without any effective help from medical practitioners.
Or you are just not yourself.

You may not notice the changes.
But people around you will realize & notice it obviously.

Ok, let's see how all these black magic work on us.

If I question you, do you remember what you ate 300 days ago?
Can you remember?

You may tell me: Crazy ah?! How to remember oh?

Well, your conscious mind may not remember, but your subconscious mind remembers!
Amazing yeah?

Whatever you experienced everyday, is all recorded in your subconscious.
Your conscious mind is just like computer RAM only.
But subconscious mind is a hard-disk with infinity storage capacity~~!!

So, all your behaviours, and attitudes, from so many many of your past lives, are stored in your subconscious.

Black magic is just like an activator, or catalyst, that enlarge your terrible character.
That made you more crazy, or more stupid, or more bad temper ...

If you do not have all these greediness, jealousy, act-clever, hatred or stupidity in your subconscious, black-magic has got nothing to activate.

And you will be free from the witch~~!

If you always worry about your outer look, whether you are leng-lui or leng-chai or not,
then ...
heh heh heh....

Until then, you ask me how to cure, ok?