Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How would you understand?

I was fetching a patient to Hospis.
She was telling me about herself and it makes me think so much.

What is the meaning of your life?

"I am going to live my life in a luxurious way."
"I want to be rich but normal."
"If I am really rich until I got nothing to do, I will venture into my hobby and start doing charity."

Most people will tell me all these above.

Why do you want to be famous?
Why do you want to be glamorous?
Why do you want to be rich?

Everything comes with a consequences ...

The patient was an auditor when she was young.
She has got a driver.
She flew here and there to audit big company account.
But until one point, she just resign.

The work was too stressful for her.
She only reached home after midnight, when her kids went to sleep already.
She felt that she missed out the scenery along the journey of her life.
That's why she just quit from her job.

Now, she has got a disease that doctor announced that there is no medical cure for her anymore.
She think that it was due to the stress that she had while she was still working, even though it was so many years ago.

Last year when she found out that she got cancer, the doctor said she only left two weeks to live.
She started baking cake, and living her life to the fullest.

One year has passed.
She is still talking with me in my small car, every week when I fetch her to Hospis for daycare.
Living her everyday happily.

When do you want to start living happily?
Money is not everything.
Everyday fight for what?

Well, people may not wake up until they experience it themselves.
That is why there are still disaster in the world.

Hope I will contribute myself to the society, be more useful and won't fall into the illusion world easily.

Wish the patient will have lesser pain each day, and live by example to others.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Colour and Fengshui

Is COLOUR part of the factors that affect fengshui of a place?

My answer is YES.

For those who doesn't believe in colour, I hope after this post, they will take it into their consideration.

Of course I am not going to ask you to follow strictly and deeply, but we should know some basic colours and how they work.

You see, sunlight consist of 7 colours, each colour has different frequencies, which is a known fact to the scientist.

Red has the longest wavelength, or the lowest frequency among the 7 colours.

And the colour that has the highest frequency is violet.

Wave that has the longest wavelength can travel very far and carry lots of information.

And when different colours add together, they produce different effect:

We know that if we wear black colour clothes, we felt hot easily, cause black absorb everything.
When we wear white colour shirt, we feel cool cause white reflect all the heat away.

So, it is a FACT that colour does influence fengshui.

Example, it is not wise to paint your bedroom red.
Red is a very energetic colour, that will give out energetic vibration.
Bedroom is a place for you to sleep.
And you spent the most hour on the bed.
So, the colour will definitely have enough time to affect your body frequency.

Twilight once wrote about his deceased friend's haunted house.
That friend painted his bedroom red!
With red pillow.
Red bedsheet.
Red blanket.

His temper ... Nobody dare to offend him.

Red not only can influence a person's temper, or became very "buaya" that like to flirt around
It can also cause some severe disease.
Believe it.

There was once, I went to a house and saw the owner paint his living room red.
So I told him better change the colour, otherwise it will affect his eldest daughter (based on the direction of the house, it can tell who will get affected the most)

You may say that it is just a coincident.
But it is true that the eldest daughter got leukemia not long after that.
From the day she found out that she got leukemia, within one week, she passed away.

I rather believe that it is really the colour that is not suitable for the house.
Better play safe lah....

Red is a dangerous colour, please do not simply use.

For your information, each direction got its own colour.
East and Southeast = Green
South = Red
Southwest and Northeast = Earth colour
West and Northwest= Gold an White
North = Black

If you open a bookshop, bookshop is wood element.
And if your bookshop is facing south, which is fire element, of course it's a bad thing!
The fire will burn away the wood.
So, you can try to paint your shop green colour, to help the wood element to grow.

Just some simple tips.
Use the respective colour for the respective direction ok?