Saturday, October 31, 2009

I have got it~!!


I've got my certificate in
Clinical Hypnotherapy!


What made me take up this course?
(Thanks to twilight for the sponsor!!!)

First of all, I personally experienced the benefit of hynosis.
It helped me and the effect last until now.

Secondly, nowadays most people have mental problem.
What I mean is,
Not retarded or crazy people, ok?

They are just too stress over life.

And mentally weak towards things.
like... too addicted towards something...
Have phobia over certain thing....
Run away from reality....
Living in fantasy....

I wish that I can help this people.

They might be people with high IQ

But when emotion kick-in ... no matter how smart the person is, he will somehow surrender and let his emotion control him.

That's why people said, have good IQ, not as good as have good EQ.

For me, have good EQ, not as good as having good MQ....

Having good Moral Quotient, is much better than anything.
You may have good IQ, but when you are angry over thing, you may do something stupid...

And when you manage to control your emotion successfully, but when there is some moral issue, you just keep your emotion cool and ignore it, which is not the highest attainment yet.

We should be able to control ourselves.
Control our emotion.
Control our mood.

Otherwise, please look for me.
Let me hypnotise you....!


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Healing hands part 2

I have a friend.
She has been having low blood pressure all this while.

One day...
Her pressure suddenly shoot up,
and she fainted.....

She was sent to a famous hospital in KL, where the husband is a famous specialist there....
After weeks of checking and scanning, no doctor know what's wrong with her.

Everything seems normal for her.
So, in the end, doctor suspect that one of her organ secretes funny hormone.
To test that organ whether really secretes that funny hormone, the hospital has to order the tester from oversea.
And it needs 3 weeks to deliver to the hospital~~~!!!!!

Poor friend...
Has to suffer and stay in the hospital....
Because when the attack comes, she will just have to bear with the high blood pressure and fainted.

After 3 weeks,
the tester finally arrived...
the result shown normal~!
Nothing is wrong with her hormone...

Wow... with a doctor husband and all professional doctor friends checking for her, no result ...

She visits Chinese doctor for treatment and acupuncture.
She felt frustrated... But she really does not know what to do.

Well.... I am not trying to say that modern medicine is not good.
But the knowledge of traditional medicine has been accumulated for thousands years, we should acknowledge it's effectiveness and contribution too....

Anyway...Again, I just hope that doctor can have wide and deep knowledge about every sickness...
Human life...
Not play play one....