Monday, January 24, 2011

Learning cycling

When I first started taking up cycling, I bought the cheapest new racer that I can find...
I thought, better buy the cheapest bike, in case I don't like the sport, I can just hang it in my storeroom without feeling so heartache...

Never expect myself to get suck into the sport like a drug addict.

I still remember the first time I joined the present cycling group for my first training, quite a number of the cyclists came and lifted my bike up to check what's the weight of my bike...

They didn't say anything after doing so... I was so blurred and know nothing about bicycle. I thought, cycling means buy a bike and ride, that's all. Why did they want to check the weight...

Only later, my cycling gurus, especially Tony and Vincent, started sharing their cycling knowledge with me, then only I woke up from my innocent dream...

Cycling is not that easy!

First of all, you must find a bike with the correct size that suit your height. The frame of the bike has to be perfectly matches your body size, especially the top tube.

There are so many types of bicycle frame to choose from. Frames made from carbon, aluminium and titanium.... etc

Frame that made from carbon is very light. When your bike is light, you can go faster than riding a heavier bike. Every kg count!

My first bike weigh 14.5 kg, and it is super heavy for a road bike~~!! Hahah... what a shame...!

Most of the cyclists' bike is only 5 - 7 kg.... That's so light!

Then we must have good shifter for the gear of the bike...

Some good shifter alone can costs more than RM1500 !!!

After shifter, you need to have a good bicycle crank... The number of teeth of the crank can influence your cycling speed.

There are big crank and small crank, you must know when to use big crank, when to use small crank.

A wrong shift of crank can tear your chain, and even spoil your gear!

There are so much more to learn about cycling.
And I'm so surprise to know that there is a local college offers Bachelor degree in bicycle science~!!!

This is me with my 14.5 kg bike.
I was using this bike to participate in the "Campaign for a line" round Penang island ride in Oct 2010. Total distance was 82 KM, and I was lying flat on the ground after the ride!

This is me with my second bike, which I bought second-hand, and still burnt a big hole in my pocket.
I was riding in the Le Tua 100 KM on 16 Jan 2011.

This time, I wasn't exhausted, but backside so ache during the last 20 KM ride... hahhahah...
Good bike really makes big different....
Anybody is riding out there?
Anybody wants to ride?

I just love it.