Sunday, January 25, 2009

Family surname - keep it on~~!

The importance of our surname.

I mean, really surname from ancestors.
How many races in this world will keep their surname up to ancestors...?
Up to their great great great great great grandfather?

A few did.
I know Chinese did...
Mat Salleh did ...

Others only keep until the father's name.

I am not being racist here.
Why it is so important to keep the family surname like Chinese or Mat Salleh?

Please tell me,
What happen if close relatives get married?

They will give birth to abnormal child right?

So, when we keep our ancestor's surname,
it is also keeping the genetic line~~!!

In the Chinese practise,
same surname cannot get married!

Because same surname means they might carry the same genetic line.
Too close genetic line get married, what will happen?
That's right, might give birth to abnormal child~~!!

So, it is not being male-chauvinist for Chinese to keep their surname...
It is also not "old-fashion" to share the same surname as their great great great great grandfather.
It is a very scientific practice indeed!

Another thing is,
In the Chinese practice,
Only boy can continue the surname.
Meaning, when a boy get married,
his children has to follow his surname, and not to follow his wife's surname.

most of the genetic diseases will be inherited by male gen only~~!!

You see,
Male will get colour-blind from the father.
Male will get heart-disease from the father.
Whereas daughter hardly get all these inheritance-diseases.

If the Chinese really follow the rules of same surname do not get married, the chances of giving birth to abnormal child is very very low.
(I am sorry that I only mention about Chinese, because I only know the Chinese culture. If you know others' culture that have the similar practise, please share with us here.)

Isn't that the family surname system is incredible?

This is just my own theory.
I didn't really conduct a research to prove this hypothesis.
If you happen to read somewhere, that say the same thing, please please please let us know.
I really hope that the scientist will use surname system as one of the method to trace the genetic line.

I am sort of sad when the China government set the rules that every couple in China can only have one child.
This may cause the surname system to go haywire.
Because some couples started to let the child follow the mother's surname.

Maybe we have lost the scientific knowledge of this surname system after a few generation.
People only think that why Chinese so old fashion.
Only boy can carry the family surname.
So male chauvinist...
As a scientist, before we decline or reject some old traditions or believes,
we must think of the reason behind it first.
And not to simply discard it.

Find out the reason why the traditions or the cultures were formed.
There must be a reason.
And the reason must be good enough that enable the tradition or culture to continue for so long.
Chinese culture has got at least 5000 years of history.
It has come a long way.
And China is one of the countries that has the longest recorded civilization history.
Meaning, when they formed all these cultures, they were already a civilized people.
A civilized people will not simply create nonsense to ask people to follow right?

So, if you are a Chinese, I hope you will respect your culture.
Let's keep the good culture moving on!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Immortal life


Have you watched this show?

"The Mummy 3"

Haha.... I know it's a bit late to ask this question as the show was so 'long' ago...

But maybe you missed the show?

And missed my handsome idol who acted as the Shi Huangdi?

Since very very long time ago, people had been looking for immortal life.

Hoping that they will not die.
Hoping that they can live forever...

It's believed that the Egyptian mummified their Kings' and Queens' body is because:
They believe that their Kings or Queens will be alive again and rule them one day~~!!

We can see a lot of natural preserved dead body especially from religious people.

For example:
1. The most famous Thai mummified monk, Loung Pordaeng's body is still here after 20 over years from his death!

2. The body of St. Clare, who passed away in 1253, is still on display in the Bsilica di Santa Chiara Church in Assisi, Italy.

The scientists did researches on this body and found that she might be wearing a wax mask. Of course the scientists cannot simply open the glass and scrap her face to check whether it is really just wax. Who want to be responsible if the body rot after the glass is opened? Right?

3. This is the body of the famous San Padre Pio, who had stigma and passed away in 1968. His body is still on display in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy~~!!

4. This is the exhumed body of the Khambo Lama, who passed away in 1927, still in the lotus position in a Buddhist monastery in Siberia.

People dying to have long life.
People dying not to die.

If given that you have a long life, what do you want to do?
Benefit the human being?
Or just enjoy your life?

Will you want a long life?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Science vs. Supernatural

Do scientists believe in supernatural, like ghost, spirits, and psychic?

I am a person that is very into physics.
I can say that I am a very 'science'-minded person.

But, I believe in ghost, spirits, and psychic.
First of all, because I can see ghost since small.
Secondly, scientists do believe in ghosts, spirits, and psychic!!!

Just turn on your ASTRO channel 553 every saturday, 11pm.
You can see a programme called:
"A Haunting"

It talks about all the haunted houses in America.
So many paranormal investigators take their frequency-detector to detect the changes of frequency in the haunted house, and found out that there is really some differences in frequency at the haunted place.

Discovery Channel talked about Voo-Doo as well.

Whatever I wrote in my posts, or I chat about it in real life, are known fact.
Yes, known fact.
It's written in lots of scientific reports.
It's being talked about on so many TV programmes, scientific programmes and famous talk-shows.

I didn't create it myself.
I didn't dream it myself.
So many things can be explained in scientific terms.

To the religious people, they call it 'spirits'.
To the physicist, they call it 'frequency'.
To the neurologist, they call it 'brain activity'.

Different terms, but referring to the same thing.

Einstein said:
"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."

Now, do scientists believe in religion, in ghosts, in spirits, and in psychic?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

That's how it works!!!

I was telling my students about people who can read with their eyes closed.

Some of my students find it hard to believe.

I told them Malaysia has got such training, but only for children who are 12 years old and below.
And KL alone has got a few centres that do all this type of brain development training.

I was curious to find out how the centre trains these children to be able to read with eyes closed
The children really can do it after being trained for one and a half day.
One and a half day only~~!!

Finally, I got the answer.
One of my student went for the training when he was 14.
His case is exceptional, that he can go at the age of 14.

He said,
the training started with listening session.
The centre will play a type of CD, which has strong frequency that will sort of like brain-wash the students.
I think it meant to 're-format' the brain, so that their conscious mind will be erase.
Subjective thinking will be erase.
Then they will start the learning all over again like a new empty cup.

After that they will be enhance with another CD.
That is like programming the brain with better frequency.
Thus, awakening their subconscious and inner strength.

The rest of the training will be practising on visualization.
Students have to visualize with their eyes closed.
Visualize that there is a light going into their third-eye (something like meditation yeah?!)
Amazingly, they will be able to read with their eyes closed after this two methods applied on them.
Whether they use their sense of touch or smell....
The other senses will be developed to take over the sense of vision.
So, they can "see" by feeling the paper.
Some can "see" by just smelling the paper!

Of course they have to practise always ...
My student didn't practise after the training, so the ability is like faded off now.

I believe adult also can be trained.

Share with me if you know any method.

I will also share with you more about this in my later posts.

Have a good day!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Practising REIKI

I went for a two days training course:
"REIKI Level 1 and Level 2"

So, I'm now a REIKI practitioner, an energy healer~~!!!
:) heh heh...

After I attended the course, then only I realized that there are so many things for me to explore. So many things that I still don't know~!
Just like the chinese saying: There is always another mountain taller than the one you are standing at.
It makes me humble and decided to explore more in these holistic knowledge.

We focused on the physical world so much, until we neglected the invisible dimensions.
Energy, wave, frequency ... all are invisible, but they do exist, and they can help us tremendously if we know how to utilise them~!

After learning REIKI, I really can feel energy with my two palms.
I learnt to call any energy to me, and feel it.
I learnt that we can make the energy surrounding us positive.
My REIKI teacher, Ms Susie, said she charge everything in her house with REIKI energy.

She charges her electrical items.
She charges her food with energy, so that the food she eats is healthy and full of energy.
She even charges her car battery! Both her cars' battery last for 4 years~~!!
That is real ... ...

I believe,
Jesus is the Master of REIKI, who did miracle healings and distance healing.
Mohammad, was also a REIKI master, performed miracle healings.
Sakyamurni, the great Buddha, was the Master of REIKI, done lots of healings, and even break the boundary of time and distance!

I'm practising REIKI everyday, hopefully can utilise the energy from the Universe and master it one day.

Do you have any healing request?
Let me know, let me try my REIKI to fulfill your healing request.
Happy 2009!