Sunday, January 18, 2009

Science vs. Supernatural

Do scientists believe in supernatural, like ghost, spirits, and psychic?

I am a person that is very into physics.
I can say that I am a very 'science'-minded person.

But, I believe in ghost, spirits, and psychic.
First of all, because I can see ghost since small.
Secondly, scientists do believe in ghosts, spirits, and psychic!!!

Just turn on your ASTRO channel 553 every saturday, 11pm.
You can see a programme called:
"A Haunting"

It talks about all the haunted houses in America.
So many paranormal investigators take their frequency-detector to detect the changes of frequency in the haunted house, and found out that there is really some differences in frequency at the haunted place.

Discovery Channel talked about Voo-Doo as well.

Whatever I wrote in my posts, or I chat about it in real life, are known fact.
Yes, known fact.
It's written in lots of scientific reports.
It's being talked about on so many TV programmes, scientific programmes and famous talk-shows.

I didn't create it myself.
I didn't dream it myself.
So many things can be explained in scientific terms.

To the religious people, they call it 'spirits'.
To the physicist, they call it 'frequency'.
To the neurologist, they call it 'brain activity'.

Different terms, but referring to the same thing.

Einstein said:
"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."

Now, do scientists believe in religion, in ghosts, in spirits, and in psychic?


Anonymous said...

Scientists make assumptions when they formulate hypothesis. Faith without facts is more or less blind.

An better question is: how can we find a balance in between the two?

vincent said...

i believe they will believe if they see them.

Jazone said...

i watch that show awesome... there is a movie once say " a person will only search for GOD when he is down"... human is a weak creature, we need to have religion and faith to GOD and ourself too...

Anonymous said...

I see ghost since small also what...but they still get the best of me...still get scared...lolx...I'm not really into physics suck...XP..that's why God put a brilliant lady like you in our class rite? hmmm...

~Just wondering

Anonymous said...

No God, no creation, no man, no earth, no nothing...

MiChi said...

Take the middle path.. It takes me so many years to understand and applying this in my life.

yeah, human is like this... want to wait until they see it then only believe, sometimes it can be too late le.

You are so right. Do you pray often?

Haunting Angel:
You learn Buddhism recently? So wise of you

foongpc said...

You can see dead people? Scary!!!

I also know of someone who can see ghosts. Read it at my blog here.

Btw, I do believe in the existence of ghosts. However, I don't know if we should call them ghosts. I'm sure one day scientists will be able to solve this unexplained mystery about ghosts. By then, ghosts will probably be just a common topic and not to be feared anymore.

A lot of unexplained can be explained - it's just that we are not advanced enough to understand it.