Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What time has done on them

 When I first heard people called me "Auntie!", I was shocked....

 My heart was young.
My mind was still in playing state.
But my look......

I hope people stop comparing "now and then"....
Below pictures from all sources, comparing celebrities now and then...
Kind of sad, but there is something for us to learn.

No matter how much make up you put,
how much lipo suction you done,
how you try to walk with your back straight,
you cannot erase the trace of time on your physical body.

I hope people will stop emphasizing on their outer look...
Not so much la at least...
better build their moral and humanity......

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Recently, I met up with my former student...
I have not seen this student for the past 3 years.
When we sat down, this student asked me: "Teacher, how come you look so old already?"

(This was my look when I was 6 years old)

I have another friend, who recently saw my picture..
And this friend was so shocked,
asked: "why do you look like gained weight?"


When all these people asked me these type of aging questions, have they ever thought of how they actually expect me to answer?
"Yes, I am old." .....?
"Yes, I am fat." ...... ?
Will this answer make them happy?
What do they actually want?
To hurt my feelings?
Or really out of concern?

(This was me with a younger look.)

The worst is E! News, always compare celebrities during their young days and old days looks.
What do they actually get? By laughing at the physical process....
People will surely get old and out of shape.
Why do people have to comment?

Why they never say: "Eh, you look so different as compare to when you were 5 years old! That time more cute!!!"

Please, this is natural process...
Some people are so lucky that they have a baby face, and forever slim body that no matter how much they ate, there will be no trace of fat.
If you belong to this category, congratulations!
But, please try to understand others.

 (A little old then.)

I am living in this physical body, this illusion world.
I will age too.

Please, whoever out there,
If you ever see me many years later,
please don't be shocked that I turned so "old",
turned so "fat",
and turned so "sick".

One day, I will have to die too.
 What remain on the stone is my young photo.
 With a  dead, old and rotten body in the grave.

Is physical shape really that important?
I won't bother to look young and slim.
I think, most importantly is that,
I must be wiser each day.
I should look wise and kind when I turn old.
Isn't it?

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Keep my mouth shut

Today I learnt that not everyone is interested in my stories...

I have been torturing people's ears by telling them all sorts of my stories...

I thought I can give them some inspiration in life by sharing what I knew and what I experienced...

But, it is not as I thought..

So naive and stupid of me!

I must always remember to keep my mouth shut!