Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~~!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~~!!

I am going to the peak of a Mountain,
to look for Santa,
and pray to the Sun,
so that all your wishes come true,
in a very near future.

Most importantly,
you have good health,
and be HAPPY all the time!

and I wish that,
I can have strong financial,
and robust health,
to share the joy of soul,
with as much people as I can...

Enjoy your days~~!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Cycling Fever

Taking up cycling is not an easy task.
I need to have the budget...
Entry level for a bike easily cost RM2,XXX
Plus helmet... pedal ... this and that....

After equip with proper bike and tools,
I need to build up my cycling muscle... which is totally different set of muscles as compare to marathon.
Training up for the muscles is a real challenge, I was gasping air like a dog struggling in water!

The next disaster is the butterfly mark on my face due to exposure to sunlight for minimum 2 hours per ride!
I need to learn to take care of my skin, and buy products to get rid of the butterfly mark.

Despite of all the disasters mentioned, I am falling in love with cycling.
If I didn't ride for one week, my addiction symptoms will appear...
It's actual a really fun and satisfying sport...
Enjoy the breeze...
the scenery...
the sweat...
and the good companies I have!
Yes, cycling fever!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Food - Price sky high~~

I still remember when I was small, 1 roll of Gardenia chocolate bun was only RM0.10.
One plate of fried mee-hun was only RM0.20.
One bowl of "Lou-she-Fun" + 2 fish balls was only RM0.40.

1 bowl of Pan-Mee easily RM4.00, I'm saying Pasar Malam price only, not talking about those air-con restaurant, some more have to take number and queue.
Yet, bunch of people fighting for a seat to eat.

One bowl of ice-kacang, you can get at RM4.99 from 100-yen shop.
With the same type of ice-kacang, some places just sell it with RM9.90!
Just because their stall are at some expensive shopping mall.

When life is getting better, people have higher request on the quality of life.
They don't mind spending RM100 per person per meal.
For example, one plate of Lam-Mee is RM16.90:

And one simple spinach quiche is RM23~~!!!

Price is sky-high, because they are just selling their ambience.
Some restaurants will have "old-antique" house concept.
Some restaurants will have "homely" concept.

So "homely" that you can even sleep there.

That way, they can increase their price "reasonably".
Well, they may add in real and full ingredient, but I believe that it is still not so expensive that they have to sell at such price.

For some other stalls, when their stalls are being interviewed and on air, they will take the opportunity to increase their price, whether their food is really that yummy, don't care la, grab the opportunity to slaughter people first.

Some food is really good, no matter where it is , people will be able to find their way and queue for it.
Like this yummy unusual burger stall in Subang, I can't forget the taste.

It is so different from those traditional Ramly burger.... and the price is reasonable.

Some restaurants, just got the name only, but the food like bloody shit.
Look at the picture below, don't you think it looks like the chicken just got car accident and die at the roadside?

When it is buffet or free food, people will fight and grab like crazy.
The below picture was the amount of ice-cream eaten by one person....
One person~~!!!

Sometimes people can be so crazy until don't mind travel in bus for more than 8 hours, just to eat the food at the town there.
Many people took the bus to go back to Betong again and again, just to eat the Betong chicken.
hahaha, I'm saying the chicken that don't wear shoes one.

Anyway, I think the price of food is getting crazy.

Food is suppose for nutrient and to ease hunger, but now
It has became a tool to
show a person's status ...

to show that we are rich...

to show that we have class...

Is that the way to spend?

If I have money, I'll open restaurant, so easy to earn, and some more it is daily CASH~~!

Money in your pocket, rich people will find way to transfer it to their pocket.
Money in their pocket, is still in there for their possession.
So, who is silly now to pay for expensive food?
Who is the winner?

Will you spend on expensive food just for ambience and status?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Crazily active

This year, I was really crazily active.
Besides cycling, I still do my usual marathon run.
I just click on any button to join any run: small run, big run, chicken run...

And went to Broga Hills few times.
Of course to exercise and train up different set of leg muscles.
Meantime, I enjoyed looking at the sunrise.

I wanted to share this beautiful scenery with people around me...
So, I catched some innocent youngsters to go climb Broga Hill with me.
Here were some of victims of mine:

JX, LH and KY...
Hahah... they were good and energetic!
It was really an enjoyable moment to have outing with them.
And snap this energetic sun energy.

Seeing the latex flowing out from the tree.... nature is really beautiful and amazing
Can you here them talking to you?

Hopefully with so much exercise, I can climb the Summit of Borneo by end of this year.
I want to conquer you, Mount KK~~!!

We found toilet at the foot of Broga Hill...
It was just a square zinc box, with a hole dug for you to pee or throw your cake there.
So, if you have stomach problem, you still can find your way out...

What about Mount KK?
Can anyone who has been there tell me, is there any toilet at the peak?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sleeping Box

Size: 2 m x 1,40m x 2,30m to sleep in comfort and security.
Cheap sleep in case of emergency for anyone rich or poor!!

No time wasted looking for a hotel

Designed to be installed at train stations and airports, and central public places or cities where accommodation is fully booked.

In tropical climate countries the sleeper box can be installed outdoors in main streets.

Under your bed and floor there is a cupboard for your luggage.

The space includes bed, linen, ventilation system, alarm. LCD TV, WiFi , space for your laptop and re chargeable phone.

Payment is made at terminals who will give clients an electronic key that can be purchased for 15 minutes or for as many hours as you need.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Good or bad?

(Please click the image to see the clearer version)

My friend emailed me this.
At first I was thinking: Wah, this man is so clever... ... !
But on another thought ...Is he manipulating thing?

I think it is sinful to stir the shit up among people, just to get what we want.
This might be a short-cut, but ...
Sometimes in life, the faster we climb, the faster we fall.

Better be honest and do things step by step.

What do you think?