Friday, November 01, 2013


Too many guessing in this world...

A: "I guess that he is angry at me, because he never add me in his Facebook!"
(In fact, the person might be too busy to even look at his own Facebook.)

B: "I guess my girlfriend is angry at me, cause she never reply my message..."
(In fact, the girlfriend has gone to bed ... )

C: "He should have listen to my advice! Next time I don't want to bother about him anymore!"
(Can't one has their own decision, even though the person seek for your opinion, he can choose not to listen, right? And the opinion giver shouldn't feel often right?)

And all the guessing are towards the negative thought.

We should observe one's intention, and not only see his action...

Let's make the world a POSITIVE place ... Only if we are positive towards our thought, we can make positive miracle happen on us.