Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to see AURA - This time real one :)

You see...
Our heart is beating all the time.
Our blood is flowing all the time.
Meaning, there are vibration around our body all the time.
When there is vibration, there is frequency.
When there is frequency, there is emittance.
That's basically how our AURA formed.
And you have to believe the existence of AURA.

Why we should learn how to see AURA?
Well, AURA can tells a lot about a person.
You will know whether the person has any disease.
You will know what the person is thinking.
(meaning, you will know whether the person is telling lies!!)
Hey, hey, hey....! Isn't it good?

Wait... wait...
Some more advices.
After you learned how to see AURA, promised that:
1. You will be kind
2. You will be selfless
3. You will use it righteously
4. Anything bad or you are not suppose to tell --> keep quiet... Else, you will have to bear the impact oh...!

If people ask you about their AURA, and you really don't want to tell, just answer them:
"Why not I teach you how to see AURA? And you see it yourself?"

Haha.... ok, we shall start now:

Use peripheral vision
What is peripheral vision? Lots of people can see the spiritual world with side eyes.
I mean, if you staring in front, the side of your eyes like can see shadow, but when you turn your head to the side that you saw the shadow, the shadow gone.

Only canthus can see spirits...

Got this experience before?

Do you know why?

Because the rod and cone cells (cells that used to detect lights in our eyes, on the retina) are less damage compare to the central part of the retina, that's why it is still sensitive with light frequency.

And that is also the reason why children normally can see spirits compare to adult.
Their retina has not expose to light so much like adult, so not so damage yet.

So, try to focus at one point, for as long as you can, by not blinking your eyes.
Let the rod and cone cells expose to light as much as you can...

1. Try to look at a person with a plain white background. So that you can see the person's AURA better.
2. Look at the third eye of the person. The spot at the middle of the forehead.
3. Look at this spot for at least 60 seconds.
4. After 60 seconds, try to see the surroundings of the person with your peripheral vision, while still looking at the same spot.
5. Continue to focus, and concentrate. Do not get distracted by the things around you.

Keyword: practise often, again and again.

You can also start with your own hands first:Don't imagine it yourself, ok?
Cannot be subjective one.
And try to watch lesser TV, so that your rod and cone cells won't get damage so easily.

Good luck!
Do let me know if you can see AURA!

Angel in the church?!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thrilling moment

Have you ever think of your own death?

If you were diagnosed with a disease...
And you are going to die tomorrow...
What came inside your head first?
Pause for a moment to think ...
Thinking of a grand funeral?

Or a simple one will do?

Thinking of all your money?
Thinking of you haven't achieve the power that you wanted?
Thinking of all the debts that you haven't cleared?
Thinking of the degree that you wanted to get?
Regret that you haven't got the fame that you wanted?
Regret that you haven't got the chance to drive big car and live in big house?

Still thinking of all the fame, name, power and money?

You only have this to accompany you when you are dead:

And you are going to lie inside this hole for cremation.

One button, you and your coffin will be set with fire...

Burnt into ashes...
And your whole body will be put inside this small urn...

Is your money still with you?
Is all the power still with you?
Will it help to bring you to the paradise?
It won't help at all...
Only your karma and merits will follow you...

Have you done enough charity?
Will you be afraid of judgment day?
Will you recall back all the sins that you had committed?
I'm sure everyone scared of the judgment day...
Whether you are a Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim...
Or even a free-thinker...

I found a lump in my breast recently.

I was so worried until I was going crazy.

I was not addicted to my money.
Or anything in the world.

The only thing that torn my heart into pieces...
Is when I think of my love one....
How would my love one live on without me?

I cannot stand seeing my love one cry...
It's really sad...

Do more charity from now on...
Say more prayer to clear your karma...
Don't wait until the last day....

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

How to protect your AURA

I will write this more from the scientific point of view, as there maybe people that cannot except too spiritual explanation.

When an object is hot, it will glow:

Just like the hot iron above, when it is hot, it will glow in different colour.

Same as our body, we have body temperature.
Our body temperature is around 37C.
Since we have heat, we will definitely glow too.

This is the first step in accepting the fact that we have aura.

Next, in nature, even water also need to flow in different rivers...
From small river flow to medium river.
Then from medium river to big river.
From lake, to dam.
From river to sea.

Just to let the water flow on earth.
Same as human.
The "chi" that flow inside our body, must have some channels to flow too.
And need to have station for the "chi" to gather, and to get boosted, so that the "chi" got momentum to continue flowing around the body.

This channels for the "chi" to flow in our body is call meridians.
And the "station" to gather the "chi" and to boost it is the "chakra".

We have 7 chakras in controlling the "chi". And this is where it emits the light and became our aura:
1. Chakra at the top of our head.
2. Chakra at the forehead, where the third eye is.
3. Chakra at the throat.
4. Chakra at the heart.
5. Chakra at the acupunture point which is 4 inch below our belly button. Chinese call it "Dan Tian".
6. Chakra at sex organ.
7. Chakra at the "asshole".

We have to take care of all these chakras.

Any over use of these chakras, will cause blockage of the flow of "chi".

And your aura will be dim.

Or lack of certain colour.

If you are observance, from the picture above, you will see that each chakra emit different colour.

For example, if you over use your sex organ, you will injure your chakra number 6.
Then you may lack of orange colour in your aura.

So, how do we protect our aura, or enhance our aura?
1. Like I said, do not over use them in doing negative thing.

2. Exercise. As exercise will generate more heat in our body, nurturing the chakra "chi".

3. Wear crystals <-- using other physical elements to enhance our chakra.

4. Do meditation often.

For those who always have to attend wedding, or going to hospital (like doctor and nurse), or always have to use up energy, you may do extra protection like this:
1. Before you leave your house for work, stand in front of your altar (if you are buddhist, then stand in front of the buddha statue. If you are christian, then stand in front of the cross or the Jesus statue.)

2. Close your eyes.

3. Visualise that the buddha that you pray to, or Jesus appear in front of you.

4. Then visualise that the buddha or Jesus come to you and stop above your head.

5. Then visualise that the buddha or Jesus turn His body to be at the same direction as you, meaning, at first the buddha or Jesus is looking at you, now He turn to look at the same direction as you are looking at.

6. Visualise the buddha or Jesus come down and combine with you.

Then you can go out to work.

Visualise that it is the buddha or the Jesus that combine with you working, not yourself.

The force from the buddha or Jesus will always be with you, and shield your aura.

The scientific explanation about all these buddha or Jesus forces will be explained in future blogs.

If you feel that after your work, you feel exhausted, you can cross fire before entering the house.

Always go to temple or church to recharge your aura.

The below occupation will always give out energy, and weaken your aura, so better do meditation often to recharge back your aura:
1. Doctor
2. Teacher
3. Fortune teller / Feng Shui master
4. Nurse
5. Volunteer worker
6. Masseur
7. Healer

See any similarity from the above list?
Those who give out help will always give out their energy. Right?

So, if you feel that your work is to giving out help in improving the good mankind of others, then you are giving out your energy.

Don't be scared.
And don't have to quit your job.

It's meaningful and doing merits.

Just have to meditate often to recharge your energy.

Especially if you charge high price for the above work that you do, you should do more charity.

Because the above work should be holy and shouldn't measure it with money.

If you charge certain fees, you may have to bear more of the person karma that you helped.

But if you spend some of the money you earned from the above job on charity, it will help to recharge your aura, and delete some karma that you bore.

Hope you enjoy this articles!

Will talk about how you can see aura later.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cannot see means not present?

I took up a course in 1999.
It's Degree in Combination of Chinese and Western Medicine.

We learned that human's body has got three important elements that control our health:
Our "Jing" - something like your essence.
Our "Chi" - you may say that it's breath.
Our "Shen" - the closest translation I can think of is "spirit"

Every organ in our body has got its own "Jing, Chi, Shen", or Pneumatism.

And Chinese Medicine cue according to the changes of "Jing, Chi, Shen"

It is a bit abstract for some of my classmates to understand at first.

Then later when we learn acupuncture, it's even tougher to understand.

Because the acupuncture points that we put the needles in, has nothing there,
No artery.
No nerve fibre.
No vein.
Not on the muscle.
but that particular point will affect the particular part of the body~~!!!

Something invisible, but working beautifully!!!

This is something that Western Medicine miss out.

The acupuncture points join up become meridian.
We had got 12 big meridians on our body,
that in charge of our lungs, stomach, kidney, liver, spleen, heart, empty chamber and etc.
and other small small meridians:

Something cannot be seen, but it is there.

Cannot deny it.

Just like our AURA.
Every human has got aura.
Let's see some aura picture first:

I took this aura picture in 2005, when I was so down, facing lots of office politics.
There was a girl in the crystal shop that is being trained to see aura photos.
And she will know what colour represent what, and what is the meaning of it.
Same red colour, but to her eyes, carry different messages.
So this is what she said about my aura picture:
A: You have got a big blue aura light here, this blue colour means that you are a very calm person, but when something happen (or I would said somebody step my tails until I cannot tolerate), Tsunami will happen (means I'll flare up...haha). This blue represent water character. So you are as cool as water, but can be as angry as Tsunami.

ok...Quite true.

Then for the light at B:
She said: You got very good six sense, because you got a few Guardian Angels around you. (THANK YOU MY GUARDIAN ANGERLS! For staying around me).

Haha... This one very true! I can see spirits since small.

For C:
Here got some yellow lights, that means you carry a family sickness. This sickness is inherit one. Something to do with heart.

Yes, so so so true!
My grandfather die of heartattack,
my uncle die of heart problem,
and my father just had a heart bypass last year~~!!

That's mean I'm going to have heart problem?
Or die of heartattack? fact, that will be great!
Isn't it?
Heartattack is the only way that can "GO" the fastest, and has the least pain!
Better than die of accident.
Better than die of illness, that drag for months and years.

Anyway, in the end the girl advised me to wear some crystals, so that can enhance my aura.

This is the changes in my AURA after 2 years:
My aura was much better, because has got more colour already.
The best is got rainbow colour.
The red arrow pointing the line showing that got hole in my aura.
The girl said it means that I will experience some spiritual disturbance.
No wonder those days I have been having nightmares often!

This is another aura picture:

This guy is a very kind and honest guy, that's why he has got so much white light (B).

"A" showing some rainbow colour coming out from the right side, it means that there are some money coming, in the near future... Wow!

After he wear some crystals, his aura changed colour as well:
Became more rainbow colours...
Haha...of course got other messages as well, but I'm not going to tell you here~~

My godbrother's aura:
He is a bit "bad" luck, that's why his aura is so dim.
His type of blue is different from the blue I had in the first aura picture above.
His type of blue is not so bright like's dim blue.
It shows "bad" luck, and he better don't go to funeral, wedding, hospital or any "yin" place in six months time.

After he wear some crystals, it did help to improve his aura:
Got some interesting colours already, but still need to do a lots.
Wear crystal is not enough.
Must have kind heart.
and be charitable always.
Because aura emitted from our heart, mind and throat.
So, kind heart,
righteous mind
and proper speech all the time
will help to enhance your AURA!