Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to see AURA - This time real one :)

You see...
Our heart is beating all the time.
Our blood is flowing all the time.
Meaning, there are vibration around our body all the time.
When there is vibration, there is frequency.
When there is frequency, there is emittance.
That's basically how our AURA formed.
And you have to believe the existence of AURA.

Why we should learn how to see AURA?
Well, AURA can tells a lot about a person.
You will know whether the person has any disease.
You will know what the person is thinking.
(meaning, you will know whether the person is telling lies!!)
Hey, hey, hey....! Isn't it good?

Wait... wait...
Some more advices.
After you learned how to see AURA, promised that:
1. You will be kind
2. You will be selfless
3. You will use it righteously
4. Anything bad or you are not suppose to tell --> keep quiet... Else, you will have to bear the impact oh...!

If people ask you about their AURA, and you really don't want to tell, just answer them:
"Why not I teach you how to see AURA? And you see it yourself?"

Haha.... ok, we shall start now:

Use peripheral vision
What is peripheral vision? Lots of people can see the spiritual world with side eyes.
I mean, if you staring in front, the side of your eyes like can see shadow, but when you turn your head to the side that you saw the shadow, the shadow gone.

Only canthus can see spirits...

Got this experience before?

Do you know why?

Because the rod and cone cells (cells that used to detect lights in our eyes, on the retina) are less damage compare to the central part of the retina, that's why it is still sensitive with light frequency.

And that is also the reason why children normally can see spirits compare to adult.
Their retina has not expose to light so much like adult, so not so damage yet.

So, try to focus at one point, for as long as you can, by not blinking your eyes.
Let the rod and cone cells expose to light as much as you can...

1. Try to look at a person with a plain white background. So that you can see the person's AURA better.
2. Look at the third eye of the person. The spot at the middle of the forehead.
3. Look at this spot for at least 60 seconds.
4. After 60 seconds, try to see the surroundings of the person with your peripheral vision, while still looking at the same spot.
5. Continue to focus, and concentrate. Do not get distracted by the things around you.

Keyword: practise often, again and again.

You can also start with your own hands first:Don't imagine it yourself, ok?
Cannot be subjective one.
And try to watch lesser TV, so that your rod and cone cells won't get damage so easily.

Good luck!
Do let me know if you can see AURA!

Angel in the church?!


William H said...


sound so easy.... hoho...

will try it....


MiChi said...

Yes, it is actually simple, but need lots of concentration.

If you are used to do meditation, then all the more you can see aura easily.

Have a good try...

William H said...

do you know how to meditate?

can teach me? i really interested in it.

MiChi said...

ok, will write about meditation very very soon....

Bruce said...

So easy?... I shall try it soon.

Bengbeng said...

This post is amazing. I never read about it. I just knew about it since I was a kid. To me, seeing the aura is like second nature. I dont know abt being kind etc etc that u put on yr blog :) You made up that bit abt being kind etc, didnt u? :)

Abt the thru the side glances etc it is all true. I am glad there r others jus like me.

MiChi said...

I may sound like I made it up about the kindness thing but if you are well learned on this aura subject, you would know that it's a universal fact.

so what have you seen from sideway? :)

vincent said...

argh! i cannot see any aura T.T
hope you can post more about aura ^^