Wednesday, October 08, 2008

How to protect your AURA

I will write this more from the scientific point of view, as there maybe people that cannot except too spiritual explanation.

When an object is hot, it will glow:

Just like the hot iron above, when it is hot, it will glow in different colour.

Same as our body, we have body temperature.
Our body temperature is around 37C.
Since we have heat, we will definitely glow too.

This is the first step in accepting the fact that we have aura.

Next, in nature, even water also need to flow in different rivers...
From small river flow to medium river.
Then from medium river to big river.
From lake, to dam.
From river to sea.

Just to let the water flow on earth.
Same as human.
The "chi" that flow inside our body, must have some channels to flow too.
And need to have station for the "chi" to gather, and to get boosted, so that the "chi" got momentum to continue flowing around the body.

This channels for the "chi" to flow in our body is call meridians.
And the "station" to gather the "chi" and to boost it is the "chakra".

We have 7 chakras in controlling the "chi". And this is where it emits the light and became our aura:
1. Chakra at the top of our head.
2. Chakra at the forehead, where the third eye is.
3. Chakra at the throat.
4. Chakra at the heart.
5. Chakra at the acupunture point which is 4 inch below our belly button. Chinese call it "Dan Tian".
6. Chakra at sex organ.
7. Chakra at the "asshole".

We have to take care of all these chakras.

Any over use of these chakras, will cause blockage of the flow of "chi".

And your aura will be dim.

Or lack of certain colour.

If you are observance, from the picture above, you will see that each chakra emit different colour.

For example, if you over use your sex organ, you will injure your chakra number 6.
Then you may lack of orange colour in your aura.

So, how do we protect our aura, or enhance our aura?
1. Like I said, do not over use them in doing negative thing.

2. Exercise. As exercise will generate more heat in our body, nurturing the chakra "chi".

3. Wear crystals <-- using other physical elements to enhance our chakra.

4. Do meditation often.

For those who always have to attend wedding, or going to hospital (like doctor and nurse), or always have to use up energy, you may do extra protection like this:
1. Before you leave your house for work, stand in front of your altar (if you are buddhist, then stand in front of the buddha statue. If you are christian, then stand in front of the cross or the Jesus statue.)

2. Close your eyes.

3. Visualise that the buddha that you pray to, or Jesus appear in front of you.

4. Then visualise that the buddha or Jesus come to you and stop above your head.

5. Then visualise that the buddha or Jesus turn His body to be at the same direction as you, meaning, at first the buddha or Jesus is looking at you, now He turn to look at the same direction as you are looking at.

6. Visualise the buddha or Jesus come down and combine with you.

Then you can go out to work.

Visualise that it is the buddha or the Jesus that combine with you working, not yourself.

The force from the buddha or Jesus will always be with you, and shield your aura.

The scientific explanation about all these buddha or Jesus forces will be explained in future blogs.

If you feel that after your work, you feel exhausted, you can cross fire before entering the house.

Always go to temple or church to recharge your aura.

The below occupation will always give out energy, and weaken your aura, so better do meditation often to recharge back your aura:
1. Doctor
2. Teacher
3. Fortune teller / Feng Shui master
4. Nurse
5. Volunteer worker
6. Masseur
7. Healer

See any similarity from the above list?
Those who give out help will always give out their energy. Right?

So, if you feel that your work is to giving out help in improving the good mankind of others, then you are giving out your energy.

Don't be scared.
And don't have to quit your job.

It's meaningful and doing merits.

Just have to meditate often to recharge your energy.

Especially if you charge high price for the above work that you do, you should do more charity.

Because the above work should be holy and shouldn't measure it with money.

If you charge certain fees, you may have to bear more of the person karma that you helped.

But if you spend some of the money you earned from the above job on charity, it will help to recharge your aura, and delete some karma that you bore.

Hope you enjoy this articles!

Will talk about how you can see aura later.


Twilight Zone said...

This is excellent. I never knew how to use the heat that glows example.... It is purely scientific.

straight a student said...

Good teacher! Amazing yeah!

Homely Guy said...

Thanks for sharing!

Looking forward to your next articles ;)