Monday, September 29, 2008

Ants and computer

My computer is dead...
Eaten up by viruses...

And...Yeah, in the process of rescueing it...

Hopefully can be alive again tonight...

and start blogging again...
Miss my blog... my internet... and my reading pleasure...
Maybe it's time to train myself to have no attachment to internet and computer.
A Tibetan Master who can see the spiritual world and has psychic abilities once told me that nowadays lots of youngster attach to game...
attach to tv...
attach to computer...
They will reincarnate to become ants in their next life~~!
That's scary...
What an insect to be!

Believe it or not?

Better believe it ...

Take the middle path and have no attachment in anything.

See you!

(In my blog la, not in the ants world)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Make a SUPER-BRAIN (part 1)

Continue from my previous blog about left and right brain,

We can actually build a "bridge" to connect our left brain and right brain.

The two hemispheres are separated, but we can train to join them back.

When we were still baby until 3 years old, we were using our right brain, that's why baby got better six sense, and most of them still can see the spiritual world.

Until we reach 3 years old, if we never train to use our right brain, then the left brain will become dominant, control and suppress the right brain.

If our left brain can get excess to the right brain, there will be lots of jewels that the left brain can dig out from the right brain:

One may develop his psychic ability,
Communicate with the spiritual world,
Super IQ,
... and many more!

Of cause I'm not encouraging everyone to get crazy over psychic ability, I just wish that everyone can get good wisdom, be wise, have high moral and attain enlightenment.

Ok, let's do some exercise.
Since we know that right brain control left side, let's use our left hand more often.

Have you see this type of ball before?

Even if you saw it in shops, do you know how to use?
Many many years ago,
I found it in Petaling Street and I was so excited!

This ball has got some magnetic strip inside. When you roll it on your palm, it will vibrate and stimulate your palm.

Our palm has got lots of acupuncture points.
Each point connect to different organs and different parts of our body.
(I will talk about acupuncture point in my later post)
The left photo shows the blood flow in a person's body before using the ball.
The right photo shows the blood flow of a person after using the ball.
So much different and the blood flow much much better after using the ball!

How to use?
Just buy one set, consisting two balls, and start rolling it on your palm like this:

Use left hand yeah! Because we wanted to stimulate our right brain.

And make sure you buy the genuine ball, which has got the magnetic strip inside to vibrate.
Even the sound of the vibration can stimulate our brain too.

The next exercise we need to do is:
Yes, use your left hand to hold chopsticks.

Do you know that this action --> holding chopsticks, involve 30 over nerves?
That's mean you will have to use up to 30 over nerves to do this action,
which means,
you get to activate 30 over nerves by just using chopsticks~!

Hold forks and spoons only uses 5 to 6 nerves.

But chopsticks will activate more nerves!

Isn't that Chinese is great to invent chopsticks?

So, make sure you hold the chopsticks with the correct way as shown above.

Last exercise for today, to exercise your brain.

Can you do this:
Right hand hold in a fist, and move vertically (up and down), while at the same time, left hand move horizontally (front and back)

This is to train your brain, see whether your left and right brain can function separately or not. Meaning, left brain do one thing, while right brain do another thing.

This will eventually help the right brain to get rid of being controlled by left brain.

You can do the above action?
Do 10 times,
then quickly switch hand:
Now left hand move vertically and right hand move horizontally.

Haha.....Can adjust without any delay?


Then do it in the air:
Cannot le gua?!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are you left-brained or right-brained?

As we know,

That our brain got:
Left hemisphere...
Right hemisphere.

Right hemisphere control the left side of your body.
Which means, if you are left-handed, then you are utilizing your right brain.

Left hemisphere control the right side of your body.
So if you are right-handed, then you are using your left brain most of the time

right brain is more powerful than left brain.

If you really pay attention and do some research, you will notice that those who has stroke always paralyzed the right side of the body… normally left hand and leg still can move, or recover better than right side.


Right brain has got infinity memory~~!

If you can fully utilize your right brain, you can remember every single thing, every single day, and every single person in your life from the day you were born, until now!

You can remember the person you met 5 years ago was wearing what colour on which day.

You can remember your neighbour’s father got a mole on his left cheek or right cheek.

You can remember the kids opposite your house got a big scar on the knee….




And the list is long.

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.
Left brained people are good at communication and per
suading others.
If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.
Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.
Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in th
eir unique way.
If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

Right brain also in charge of graphic, picture, visualization,

To cut it short,
Left brain in-charge of language.
Right brain in-charge of picture.

But the left and right brain are separated by corpus callosum, which is the bundles of nerve fibres in between the two hemisphere.

Basically left and right brain are not really connected.

If you can totally connect your left brain with your right brain, then you can access to the powerful right brain and make full use of it.

Brain is an amazing organ, which can receive any tiny signals in the air, or even in the universe.

Who knows if you really can fully utilize your left and right brain, you will have a super-brain, and can do any unusual thing as you wish, like:Float yourself up?

Or even get enlighten~!!

Don't talk about getting enlighten so abstract first,

Can you do a post like the photo below first?
It needs lots of concentration to achieve this...

Try it, and make sure your back is straight, and both hands in front of your chest.

Tell me if you can!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Telepathy, isn't it amazing?

Before I talk about this telepathy thing in more detail, let's look at some amazing facts.

Fact 1: How could he do it with one hand?

One hand cubic

Fact 2: Golf training with eyes close

In Kinetic Sport Science, lecturer will blind-fold the students, and let them hit the golf ball without seeing it.
After the first time the students hit the ball, they will open their eyes to see how far the ball is from the hole.
Then they will estimate the distance in their mind.
Then blindfold for second time and try to hit the ball to get into the hole.
After hitting the ball, they will open their eyes again to check how close they are.

And the above process repeat again and again, until they made the perfect hit.
From there, they became perfect golf player, that they don't have to rely on their vision also can make 100% accurate hit!
This is what they do in Kinetic Sport Science, to develop their kinetic sense, instead of rely on their vision only.

Fact 3: Blindfolded training

People especially in western countries have been training their other senses besides vision.
They have blindfolded training on colours:
Training themselves to recognize colour without the eyes open.

Blindfolded training on touching:
Blindfolded training on direction and sensing objects around us:
and blindfolded training on reading:

Fact 4: We can see with our eyes closed!

This may sound a bit crazy.
But it is true.
Like the picture above, people have been training the children to read with their eyes closed.
The purpose is to stimulate the right brain.
As the right brain has got infinity memory, hidden power and amazing talent.

There was an experiment being carried out by the scientist.
They blindfolded a woman.
And made her sit in a room.
The room has no windows.
And it's an empty room.

There was one red light shinning right on top of the woman's head.
(Because red light can stimulate her other senses)

And the scientists asked whether she could see anything with eyes closed.

She said yes~!!!

She saw her friend waving to her in front~!!

The scientists unfold her eyes.

And she see that she was just in an empty room.

She didn't understand how come she could see her friend. She thought she was hallucinating.

The scientists explained to her that she was not hallucinating.
The scientists really asked her friend to go to a park, which was 500 miles away from the experiment room.
Asked the friend to stand there and wave to her.

And she could really see it~!

Scientists said that actually everyone of us have the ability to see through walls, like what the Chinese legend said:
We have the thousands mile vision~~!

If you know the "Ten Brother Legend" story originally from China.
There are ten brothers, with different abilities.
Eldest brother - thousands mile vision.
Second brother - thousands mile hearing.
3rd brother - infinity strength and can lift up any heavy thing.
4th brother - can stretch his skin, hands and legs.
5th brother - can fly.
6th brother - iron head.
7th brother - had very long legs.
8th brother - can go in and out the ground as he wish.
9th brother - got a very big mouth that can blow you to miles away.
10th brother - clever to cry until the whole area flood.


Ok, come back to the above experiment.

After scientists found out that human got the ability to see through walls, they will train a group of soldiers, so that they have this ability, and see through the walls of the enemy tents, and find out what the enemy is doing~!!!

Fact 5: Do you believe in telepathy now?

Have you ever think...
How come the dog got such a good sense of smell?

When you let the dog smell your shirt, and then bring the dog to miles away,
how come it can find the way back to where you are?

The smell of your shirt could have been diluted by the air.

And along this hundred miles, there are other smells that may confuse the dog, right?

So, does dog really rely on it sense of smell to find the way?

Actually it is it's telepathy ability~!!!

Dogs are telepathy!

Read this link then you know I'm not bull-shitting here.

And yeah, you can develop your telepathy sense too. It's in everybody.

Want to know how?
Please be patient, I'm still collecting all the information in my head.
And yeah,
you are really special... everyone of you.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

You can move electron~~!


This is amazing!

Ok, it was stated in the
Theory of Quantum Mechanical Force.

It's going to be a bit scientific and technical here... be patient!

The Theory says that:
1. Energy is not continuous, but come in small and discrete units.

2. The elementary particles behave both like particles and like waves.

3. The movement of these particles is inherently random.

4. It is physically impossible to know both the position and the momentum of a particle at the same time. The more precisely one is known, the less precise the measurement of the other is.

5. The atomic world is nothing like the world we live in.

End (for now)


What does it mean?

Look at point number 4, it is physically impossible (for human) to know both the position and the momentum of a particle at the same time.

Which means, it is hard to predict the effect of a cause, but it will definitely happen.

For example:

When we look at a plane.
Is it going to change its direction of movement just because of we are looking at it?


Turn its shape to become something like this:
Haha...Theoritically, yes!

Yes! It may happen, if your "staring" is strong enough.

Basically what I am trying to say here is that, there are invisible forces, which most people had neglected.

These type of invisible forces had been stated and proven by the scientists, just like what the Quantum Physics says.

But, how come the plane didn't turn it's shape?

It is due to the distance, and the force of our stare is too weak to influence the plane.

Even the reflected light from the plane goes into our eyes, will have some effects on our eyes too, but again, due to the huge distance and the force is too weak, our eyes are not hurt.

When we stare at an electron, it will either slow down or speed up the electron, and also changing the direction of the electron's movement~~!!

Isn't it amazing?

Just that, we can't predict whether we will slow down the electron, or speed up.
And we also cannot predict which direction the electron will go to.
(Explained as what point number 4 says.)

From here, it also means that:
We are surrounded by forces and frequencies at all time!
This is quantum force...

This forces and frequencies are generated by living things.
By our thoughts.
By our eyes.
By our hand gestures.(so, don't simply point your middle finger, it will rebound back to you!)

By sharp objects.(so, don't point scissors, knife, pens or any sharp object to anybody, not to hurt others, and not to hurt yourself too.)

By anything any-stuff in this world.

Cause everything has got its frequency.

Like human got our own aura.

Like hot metal got red light surrounding it.

I learned that:
The stronger your mind, the stronger your frequency is, and the stronger the force you can create.

According to all these physics theories:

If you hate a person, you will generate the type of hatred frequency and shoot at the person, of course it will also rebound back to you.

If you are righteous and treating others good, you will generate kind and benevolence frequency to wrap you up.

Frequency is just like magnet, it will attract the same type of frequency to come to you.
So if you are being wrapped by kind frequency, then you will attract the good force to come to you, and this is what we call "good luck"!

Yeah, to have good luck and reduce bad luck, you should keep a kind heart...

Again from point number 4 above, whatever you did to others, it will create effects on the person, and also rebound back to you.

But what will really happen to us, we won't know, and can't tell too.

One thing for sure, it will really happen.

So, we better believe in "cause and effect".
Better believe in punishment.
Better believe in nature force!

Better be kind and do more charity.

Good luck~!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Forensic - something cool

Do you like to watch this show?

I love watching it very much. It's the original CSI series show...

And later Hong Kong TVB came out with their own version of CSI series show.

And I watched it too.

I like seeing dead body...

I'm not sure, but because of I studied Biomedicine, I love dead body dissection...

But I scared of cutting chicken!!!

Funny yeah?

Those days when I was studying this course, there were only 14 of us! The whole UM only 14 of us taking this course~~!!
It was such a rare and "dark horse" course that not many people wanted to take.
My batch of friends will either crazy over engineering or medical only.
Biomedicine? What's that?

But now, it is so common that even private colleges offer this course.

I still remember during my first year, we already have to step inside a big lab...with lots of bed.

On top lying all sorts of dead body.

Something like the picture above.

But our lab was not so bright, much bigger, colder, and the dead bodies were covered with black plastic~~!!

It is so "eew"~~!

Not for me woh....haha~! I was so excited!

We got to see, touch, cut, examine so many bodies.

And we respect those bodies very much.

We have a rule.

We have to respect these bodies.
Because they allowed us to examine and used their bodies for good mankind, thus, in return we have to respect them.

One of our exam is to recognize all types of bone.

In our lab, if you have the chance to visit, there is one aquarium, inside storing a head.
Yes, the head was being cut into half like the picture above, so that the student can understand how it is like inside our head.

That head in the UM lab was belongs to a prisoner. He was jailed for life. And before he pass away, he donated his body to UM for experiment use. So nice of him.
*putting right hand on forehead and respect him*

UM also got a forensic museum, storing all sorts of body parts.

This heart got a bullet hole, can you spot the hole?

It was such a good memory for me...

I wish that the younger generations will have interest in science, in chemistry, biology and physics too.

So, I became a teacher...

And when the right time came, I wanted my students to experience the joy of exploring science.

One fine day, it was a lab session, to study about respiratory system.

I asked my students to bring some frogs to school.
And started teaching them how to dissect a frog.
I was so respect to the frog and taking it seriously to teach them.

I was shocked to see such a small frog?!!

I wanted to faint....That my student bought such small frogs...~~!

When I was cutting it, my hand was shaking so much~~!
Because it's too tiny, and I scared that I'll injured its internal organ.

Finally I manage to show my students how to cut, and they were so excited to do it themselves.

There is one student that has good potential in science.

He dissected the frog, and then after that he pin the frog onto a board.
And ask me to take this picture:

He said he got his metal plate...!

Then the whole team of them wanted to take a photo to remember this victory.

When the lab session over, they have to clean the lab.

I was so happy to see that they clean the lab until so clean.

And wondering where were the frog bodies.
You know what?

My beloved and creative students put the frog outside the window!

They said:
"Teacher, the frog need to sunbath!"

See! "A" enjoying his yoga
"B" enjoying peeping girls downstairs...

*vomit blood*

I met my aliens ... ...