Saturday, September 06, 2008

Forensic - something cool

Do you like to watch this show?

I love watching it very much. It's the original CSI series show...

And later Hong Kong TVB came out with their own version of CSI series show.

And I watched it too.

I like seeing dead body...

I'm not sure, but because of I studied Biomedicine, I love dead body dissection...

But I scared of cutting chicken!!!

Funny yeah?

Those days when I was studying this course, there were only 14 of us! The whole UM only 14 of us taking this course~~!!
It was such a rare and "dark horse" course that not many people wanted to take.
My batch of friends will either crazy over engineering or medical only.
Biomedicine? What's that?

But now, it is so common that even private colleges offer this course.

I still remember during my first year, we already have to step inside a big lab...with lots of bed.

On top lying all sorts of dead body.

Something like the picture above.

But our lab was not so bright, much bigger, colder, and the dead bodies were covered with black plastic~~!!

It is so "eew"~~!

Not for me woh....haha~! I was so excited!

We got to see, touch, cut, examine so many bodies.

And we respect those bodies very much.

We have a rule.

We have to respect these bodies.
Because they allowed us to examine and used their bodies for good mankind, thus, in return we have to respect them.

One of our exam is to recognize all types of bone.

In our lab, if you have the chance to visit, there is one aquarium, inside storing a head.
Yes, the head was being cut into half like the picture above, so that the student can understand how it is like inside our head.

That head in the UM lab was belongs to a prisoner. He was jailed for life. And before he pass away, he donated his body to UM for experiment use. So nice of him.
*putting right hand on forehead and respect him*

UM also got a forensic museum, storing all sorts of body parts.

This heart got a bullet hole, can you spot the hole?

It was such a good memory for me...

I wish that the younger generations will have interest in science, in chemistry, biology and physics too.

So, I became a teacher...

And when the right time came, I wanted my students to experience the joy of exploring science.

One fine day, it was a lab session, to study about respiratory system.

I asked my students to bring some frogs to school.
And started teaching them how to dissect a frog.
I was so respect to the frog and taking it seriously to teach them.

I was shocked to see such a small frog?!!

I wanted to faint....That my student bought such small frogs...~~!

When I was cutting it, my hand was shaking so much~~!
Because it's too tiny, and I scared that I'll injured its internal organ.

Finally I manage to show my students how to cut, and they were so excited to do it themselves.

There is one student that has good potential in science.

He dissected the frog, and then after that he pin the frog onto a board.
And ask me to take this picture:

He said he got his metal plate...!

Then the whole team of them wanted to take a photo to remember this victory.

When the lab session over, they have to clean the lab.

I was so happy to see that they clean the lab until so clean.

And wondering where were the frog bodies.
You know what?

My beloved and creative students put the frog outside the window!

They said:
"Teacher, the frog need to sunbath!"

See! "A" enjoying his yoga
"B" enjoying peeping girls downstairs...

*vomit blood*

I met my aliens ... ...


Bruce said...

Funny article. Your student so funny and can even think of sun bath the frogs. Never expect them to do that. I thought they will just throw it away.

Twilight Zone said...

Of course my hair stood up seeing all those dead beings. So brave fellas.