Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Telepathy, isn't it amazing?

Before I talk about this telepathy thing in more detail, let's look at some amazing facts.

Fact 1: How could he do it with one hand?

One hand cubic


Fact 2: Golf training with eyes close

In Kinetic Sport Science, lecturer will blind-fold the students, and let them hit the golf ball without seeing it.
After the first time the students hit the ball, they will open their eyes to see how far the ball is from the hole.
Then they will estimate the distance in their mind.
Then blindfold for second time and try to hit the ball to get into the hole.
After hitting the ball, they will open their eyes again to check how close they are.

And the above process repeat again and again, until they made the perfect hit.
From there, they became perfect golf player, that they don't have to rely on their vision also can make 100% accurate hit!
This is what they do in Kinetic Sport Science, to develop their kinetic sense, instead of rely on their vision only.

Fact 3: Blindfolded training

People especially in western countries have been training their other senses besides vision.
They have blindfolded training on colours:
Training themselves to recognize colour without the eyes open.

Blindfolded training on touching:
Blindfolded training on direction and sensing objects around us:
and blindfolded training on reading:

Fact 4: We can see with our eyes closed!

This may sound a bit crazy.
But it is true.
Like the picture above, people have been training the children to read with their eyes closed.
The purpose is to stimulate the right brain.
As the right brain has got infinity memory, hidden power and amazing talent.

There was an experiment being carried out by the scientist.
They blindfolded a woman.
And made her sit in a room.
The room has no windows.
And it's an empty room.

There was one red light shinning right on top of the woman's head.
(Because red light can stimulate her other senses)

And the scientists asked whether she could see anything with eyes closed.

She said yes~!!!

She saw her friend waving to her in front~!!

The scientists unfold her eyes.

And she see that she was just in an empty room.

She didn't understand how come she could see her friend. She thought she was hallucinating.

The scientists explained to her that she was not hallucinating.
The scientists really asked her friend to go to a park, which was 500 miles away from the experiment room.
Asked the friend to stand there and wave to her.

And she could really see it~!

Scientists said that actually everyone of us have the ability to see through walls, like what the Chinese legend said:
We have the thousands mile vision~~!

If you know the "Ten Brother Legend" story originally from China.
There are ten brothers, with different abilities.
Eldest brother - thousands mile vision.
Second brother - thousands mile hearing.
3rd brother - infinity strength and can lift up any heavy thing.
4th brother - can stretch his skin, hands and legs.
5th brother - can fly.
6th brother - iron head.
7th brother - had very long legs.
8th brother - can go in and out the ground as he wish.
9th brother - got a very big mouth that can blow you to miles away.
10th brother - clever to cry until the whole area flood.


Ok, come back to the above experiment.

After scientists found out that human got the ability to see through walls, they will train a group of soldiers, so that they have this ability, and see through the walls of the enemy tents, and find out what the enemy is doing~!!!

Fact 5: Do you believe in telepathy now?

Have you ever think...
How come the dog got such a good sense of smell?

When you let the dog smell your shirt, and then bring the dog to miles away,
how come it can find the way back to where you are?

The smell of your shirt could have been diluted by the air.

And along this hundred miles, there are other smells that may confuse the dog, right?

So, does dog really rely on it sense of smell to find the way?

Actually it is it's telepathy ability~!!!

Dogs are telepathy!

Read this link then you know I'm not bull-shitting here.

And yeah, you can develop your telepathy sense too. It's in everybody.

Want to know how?
Please be patient, I'm still collecting all the information in my head.
And yeah,
you are really special... everyone of you.


Twilight Zone said...

This fantastic theory. I wonder how my own telepathy works? Must practice on someone & observe.

Bruce said...

Interesting facts you have here. I would to train my telepathy ability also.

Emily said...

bruce, i think u hv the talent to learn the telepathy or should i said mayb u oredy hv it coz ur past life is a............No need me to say more lar..hahahha....Just kidding lar....