Thursday, September 25, 2008

Make a SUPER-BRAIN (part 1)

Continue from my previous blog about left and right brain,

We can actually build a "bridge" to connect our left brain and right brain.

The two hemispheres are separated, but we can train to join them back.

When we were still baby until 3 years old, we were using our right brain, that's why baby got better six sense, and most of them still can see the spiritual world.

Until we reach 3 years old, if we never train to use our right brain, then the left brain will become dominant, control and suppress the right brain.

If our left brain can get excess to the right brain, there will be lots of jewels that the left brain can dig out from the right brain:

One may develop his psychic ability,
Communicate with the spiritual world,
Super IQ,
... and many more!

Of cause I'm not encouraging everyone to get crazy over psychic ability, I just wish that everyone can get good wisdom, be wise, have high moral and attain enlightenment.

Ok, let's do some exercise.
Since we know that right brain control left side, let's use our left hand more often.

Have you see this type of ball before?

Even if you saw it in shops, do you know how to use?
Many many years ago,
I found it in Petaling Street and I was so excited!

This ball has got some magnetic strip inside. When you roll it on your palm, it will vibrate and stimulate your palm.

Our palm has got lots of acupuncture points.
Each point connect to different organs and different parts of our body.
(I will talk about acupuncture point in my later post)
The left photo shows the blood flow in a person's body before using the ball.
The right photo shows the blood flow of a person after using the ball.
So much different and the blood flow much much better after using the ball!

How to use?
Just buy one set, consisting two balls, and start rolling it on your palm like this:

Use left hand yeah! Because we wanted to stimulate our right brain.

And make sure you buy the genuine ball, which has got the magnetic strip inside to vibrate.
Even the sound of the vibration can stimulate our brain too.

The next exercise we need to do is:
Yes, use your left hand to hold chopsticks.

Do you know that this action --> holding chopsticks, involve 30 over nerves?
That's mean you will have to use up to 30 over nerves to do this action,
which means,
you get to activate 30 over nerves by just using chopsticks~!

Hold forks and spoons only uses 5 to 6 nerves.

But chopsticks will activate more nerves!

Isn't that Chinese is great to invent chopsticks?

So, make sure you hold the chopsticks with the correct way as shown above.

Last exercise for today, to exercise your brain.

Can you do this:
Right hand hold in a fist, and move vertically (up and down), while at the same time, left hand move horizontally (front and back)

This is to train your brain, see whether your left and right brain can function separately or not. Meaning, left brain do one thing, while right brain do another thing.

This will eventually help the right brain to get rid of being controlled by left brain.

You can do the above action?
Do 10 times,
then quickly switch hand:
Now left hand move vertically and right hand move horizontally.

Haha.....Can adjust without any delay?


Then do it in the air:
Cannot le gua?!!

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Bruce said...

At first I tried to move my hands like you said on a surface, its easy. But when you said do in the, that was really hard...

I want to get the balls also.