Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What time has done on them

 When I first heard people called me "Auntie!", I was shocked....

 My heart was young.
My mind was still in playing state.
But my look......

I hope people stop comparing "now and then"....
Below pictures from all sources, comparing celebrities now and then...
Kind of sad, but there is something for us to learn.

No matter how much make up you put,
how much lipo suction you done,
how you try to walk with your back straight,
you cannot erase the trace of time on your physical body.

I hope people will stop emphasizing on their outer look...
Not so much la at least...
better build their moral and humanity......

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Recently, I met up with my former student...
I have not seen this student for the past 3 years.
When we sat down, this student asked me: "Teacher, how come you look so old already?"

(This was my look when I was 6 years old)

I have another friend, who recently saw my picture..
And this friend was so shocked,
asked: "why do you look like gained weight?"


When all these people asked me these type of aging questions, have they ever thought of how they actually expect me to answer?
"Yes, I am old." .....?
"Yes, I am fat." ...... ?
Will this answer make them happy?
What do they actually want?
To hurt my feelings?
Or really out of concern?

(This was me with a younger look.)

The worst is E! News, always compare celebrities during their young days and old days looks.
What do they actually get? By laughing at the physical process....
People will surely get old and out of shape.
Why do people have to comment?

Why they never say: "Eh, you look so different as compare to when you were 5 years old! That time more cute!!!"

Please, this is natural process...
Some people are so lucky that they have a baby face, and forever slim body that no matter how much they ate, there will be no trace of fat.
If you belong to this category, congratulations!
But, please try to understand others.

 (A little old then.)

I am living in this physical body, this illusion world.
I will age too.

Please, whoever out there,
If you ever see me many years later,
please don't be shocked that I turned so "old",
turned so "fat",
and turned so "sick".

One day, I will have to die too.
 What remain on the stone is my young photo.
 With a  dead, old and rotten body in the grave.

Is physical shape really that important?
I won't bother to look young and slim.
I think, most importantly is that,
I must be wiser each day.
I should look wise and kind when I turn old.
Isn't it?

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Keep my mouth shut

Today I learnt that not everyone is interested in my stories...

I have been torturing people's ears by telling them all sorts of my stories...

I thought I can give them some inspiration in life by sharing what I knew and what I experienced...

But, it is not as I thought..

So naive and stupid of me!

I must always remember to keep my mouth shut!


Friday, September 02, 2011

How she did it?

Can anyone tell me how she take this type of picture?


Do visit her blog.... Kind of creative :)

Thursday, September 01, 2011


After so long only I learned,
Sometimes, I must pause in life.

Pause, to think of the next few steps in life.

Pause, to give people some breathing space.

Pause, to understand the problem better.

Pause, to cool the mind... And it did help me to see the whole picture clearer.

Pause, your thought will change within that second.

Pause is not losing, but improving.

I am always busy with activities.... Filling my time pack with all sorts of works and things to do...

I so scared to pause, as I was afraid to lose things that are already in my hands.

Only to realized that it made situation worse.

There is a Chinese saying:
"When a thing reaches its extreme, it reverses its course."

I must really learn to pause in life

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Many times people tell me Physics is very difficult to understand...

What "resultant force" .... "Relativity" ...... "Circular motion"... ?!!

After teaching Physics for so many years, I realize, Physics is very fun and closely related to our daily life....

Of course this post is not so much about Physics, but from all these years of teaching experience, I found out that no matter how difficult is a subject, the more you read it, the more you can understand it.

Our brain is truly amazing....
When you do something repeatedly, you will become expect about it.

The point is,
You have to do it regularly....

Just like you charge your phone, you need to charge your phone every night, to enable your phone to work continuously.

So, you need to plug yourself into the source, to continue building the knowledge and wisdom.

If you want to train yourself to have six pack abs, you just need to do sit-up everyday, continue without stopping....

If you want to be able to cycle fast, you just need to cycle everyday...

If you want to understand a subject, just read it everyday. One day, out of a sudden, you will just be able to understand the topic.

Human brain is so funny that it will be able to build itself day by day, so long as you do it non-stop...
And it will start downloading all the energy and wisdom from the Universe.
(picture from

Do it day by day...
And increase the intensity and difficulty...

The sky is the limit...

Nothing is impossible.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Cycling Journey

When I first started cycling, my maximum speed was only 20 km/h.... Couldn't even cycle up slope...

I felt so bad for making my cycling buddies waited for me, so, I did some secret trainings, by riding to and fro Putrajaya from Sri Petaling via MEX almost every night after work...

Haha.... yeah, it's 35 km ride each time, with 5 steep slopes to cycle through....
Just to train up my quadricep....

Later, I realized I had no endurance, so I started doing long distance ride, including riding to and fro Morib, from Sunway, via Kesas highway.... It's almost 135 km for round trip:

Group photo after reaching Morib and had the yummy nasi lemak there:

Besides that, I also went to train at Ulu Langat, up to Peres:

More hills to climb here....

Other than that, I often train at Guthrie Corridor Expressway, to and fro Rawang from Bukit Jelutong.... round trip about 45 km.

Or Kajang-Broga.... hills and hills and hills...

The longest journey I'd ever done was to and fro Malacca, from Bandar Sunway:

It was so hot that I have to cover my face with cloth... like a terrorist only....
hahaha, and appeared on Star Metro:

Group photo after reaching Malacca.... one way was 180 km.... round trip 360 km! Gosh!

The most fun ride I ever had so far was to cycle to Pulau Ketam with some of the fun going cyclists.

Last two Sunday, I cycled to Port Dickson! hahah, no distance, no fun....
And finally, my cycling speed has improved so much... I can cycle at 32 km/h up slope... Flat road can reach 40 km/h.... of course my stamina and endurance is yet to improve...

Next I wish to do is mountain bike.... hahah, before I am too old to do it...

Here's a nice cycling video, enjoy the songs and the scenery yeah!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Learning cycling

When I first started taking up cycling, I bought the cheapest new racer that I can find...
I thought, better buy the cheapest bike, in case I don't like the sport, I can just hang it in my storeroom without feeling so heartache...

Never expect myself to get suck into the sport like a drug addict.

I still remember the first time I joined the present cycling group for my first training, quite a number of the cyclists came and lifted my bike up to check what's the weight of my bike...

They didn't say anything after doing so... I was so blurred and know nothing about bicycle. I thought, cycling means buy a bike and ride, that's all. Why did they want to check the weight...

Only later, my cycling gurus, especially Tony and Vincent, started sharing their cycling knowledge with me, then only I woke up from my innocent dream...

Cycling is not that easy!

First of all, you must find a bike with the correct size that suit your height. The frame of the bike has to be perfectly matches your body size, especially the top tube.

There are so many types of bicycle frame to choose from. Frames made from carbon, aluminium and titanium.... etc

Frame that made from carbon is very light. When your bike is light, you can go faster than riding a heavier bike. Every kg count!

My first bike weigh 14.5 kg, and it is super heavy for a road bike~~!! Hahah... what a shame...!

Most of the cyclists' bike is only 5 - 7 kg.... That's so light!

Then we must have good shifter for the gear of the bike...

Some good shifter alone can costs more than RM1500 !!!

After shifter, you need to have a good bicycle crank... The number of teeth of the crank can influence your cycling speed.

There are big crank and small crank, you must know when to use big crank, when to use small crank.

A wrong shift of crank can tear your chain, and even spoil your gear!

There are so much more to learn about cycling.
And I'm so surprise to know that there is a local college offers Bachelor degree in bicycle science~!!!

This is me with my 14.5 kg bike.
I was using this bike to participate in the "Campaign for a line" round Penang island ride in Oct 2010. Total distance was 82 KM, and I was lying flat on the ground after the ride!

This is me with my second bike, which I bought second-hand, and still burnt a big hole in my pocket.
I was riding in the Le Tua 100 KM on 16 Jan 2011.

This time, I wasn't exhausted, but backside so ache during the last 20 KM ride... hahhahah...
Good bike really makes big different....
Anybody is riding out there?
Anybody wants to ride?

I just love it.