Friday, November 01, 2013


Too many guessing in this world...

A: "I guess that he is angry at me, because he never add me in his Facebook!"
(In fact, the person might be too busy to even look at his own Facebook.)

B: "I guess my girlfriend is angry at me, cause she never reply my message..."
(In fact, the girlfriend has gone to bed ... )

C: "He should have listen to my advice! Next time I don't want to bother about him anymore!"
(Can't one has their own decision, even though the person seek for your opinion, he can choose not to listen, right? And the opinion giver shouldn't feel often right?)

And all the guessing are towards the negative thought.

We should observe one's intention, and not only see his action...

Let's make the world a POSITIVE place ... Only if we are positive towards our thought, we can make positive miracle happen on us.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Who Am I?

I have a student who was so "good" in procrastination, that he scored "good" results in his mid-year exam. Trial exam was just around the corner, and he was still taking his sweet time without starting his revision yet.

I asked him to try one session of hypnotherapy with me, so that he could get rid of his "procrastination". You know what he answered? "I do not want to be hypnotised, because it would not be 'me' anymore. I will be programmed to be hardworking. I want to be myself."

Haha... I asked him back: "Which part of you is really originally from yourself?"

So many external factors that moulded us since we were small. Parents told us what to do. Kindergarten teachers taught us how to talk. Primary teachers fed us with lots of information. Secondary school teachers fixed our brain to be more and more logical in thinking. Tertiary education made us even better in reasoning.

Which part of you is really originally from yourself?

It's just different environmental factors, spiritual influences, and karma ripening that moulded us until who we are today.

We have all the seeds in our mind. Which one will grow well in the end; which one grow half-way and overkill; which one still need to be watered ... All has it's own karma.

But it doesn't means that we are just waiting to be controlled by our "fate", or all external factors.

If only we can be conscious of all our doing. We will be able to change our fate.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


We all carry baggages...

The amount of baggages is directly proportional to time.

We should always spring clean our mind...

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Ants see everything in 2-dimensional

Their world is flat.

How would you explain to an ant the 3rd dimension?

We can see 3-dimensional, but is that all? What if there are more dimensions but we are deceived by our vision. Just like how ants are deceived by their vision?

How we can wake up from this illusion world and see the truth?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Make my day

It's good to be back to blogging again...

  • Write solely positive thing in my diary... this is to train myself to look for positive matter that I should appreciate everyday... each and every. Of course, I am glad that I still have a lovely hubby.
  • Present is just this 1 second, and then it will become a "past"... cut the rope of it and stay present.
  • BE LIKE WATER!! Oh my god, Mr. Bruce Lee was so wise!
  • I am kissing my new life!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pilgrimage - A trip for soul 朝圣之旅: The Planning

It's Mount JiuHua (九华山)
It was such a tough assignment for me to plan this trip. First of all, I didn't know how to access to JiuHua town, didn't know what bus to take from which city, didn't know how long it take to travel to the town from the nearest city, and didn't know how to travel around the town even if I manage to get there.

I could only relied on internet, but the information on the net is really limited. I tried to search in both Chinese website and English website, but to no avail. I have a few options:
1. Take train from Shanghai to JiuHua town (I was not sure whether there
    is any train between these two points).
2. Take train from Shanghai to HuangShan, then take bus to JiuHua town.
3. Take train To Nanjing, then from Nanjing take bus to JiuHua town.
4. Take train to HeFei (合肥), then take bus to JiuHua town.

I managed to get slight idea and decided to take train to Nanjing. There, I had another disaster. I didn't know where is the bus station, I was not sure whether there were still tickets to go to JiuHua town same day as I reached Nanjing. When I came out from Nanjing train station, I totally lost direction and not sure to walk to east, or west... I didn't even know which direction was east, which was west!!!

Finally I got to JiuHua town! But there were more puzzles for me to fix! Where was the hotel? Should I take bus, taxi, or "tok-tok" to the hotel? How far was it from the bus station? There were so many illegal agents trying to grab us! How much is the entrance ticket to Mount JiuHua? How should I buy the bus ticket and entrance ticket? And when I get to the mountain foot, which peak should I start from?

Totally not know where to begin with.

I am summarizing my experience here and hope this post can give those who wished to make a pilgrimage to Mount JiuHua a helping hand (I heard that there will be flight or even high speed train to go to JiuHua town from Shanghai soon).

I took a flight to Shanghai (I should have landed in Nanjing and take a bus from there straight), and from Shanghai, I took a train to Nanjing (high speed train, took 1.5 hours to reach).

When I came out from Nanjing train station, I was not sure which direction to go. Of course the only way was to ask, but the people there will ask you to walk to east, or west, or south, or north... They don't use "left" or "right"!! How would I know the direction?!! Now I know, that, when we come out from Nanjing train station, just turn right and walk straight all the way, for about 15 minutes (you will walk pass 2 McD, and 2 KFC), then Nanjing Bus Station is on your left (there is a big sign!).

Before I reached the bus station, I bought the ticket from one small both (luckily, else if ticket finished, I might have to stay a night in Nanjing!). The bus trip took 4 hours to reach JiuHua bus station.

From JiuHua bus station, I still need to buy another bus ticket to enter JiuHua area (and need to buy entrance ticket). If you reach JiuHua bus station late, you may miss the bus that can bring you to the area and need to stay in any hotel outside the area (like me). My hotel was only about 2 km from the bus station, so I took a "tok-tok" to my hotel. Next day I went back to JiuHua bus station to chart a bus to JiuHua area.

Once I enter JiuHua area, I got to walk to another parking area to chart another bus  to the foot of one of the peak and take cable car from a station called Feng-Huang Song (凤凰松).

There are 99 peaks and 90 temples in the whole JiuHua area, so which one should I start from? I decided to visit those temples that are related to Ksitigharba Bodhisattva (Di Zang Wang Bodhisattva) as my time was limited. There are 4 main temples which Ksitigharba Bodhisattva was there before:
1. 古讲经台
    First temple that you will see if you take the cable car from Feng-Huang Song.
    This temple was where Ksitigharba Bodhisattva chanted a sutra until leaving
    deep foot print on the floor.
2. 天台寺
    After the first temple, if you look up, you will see this temple at the peak
    of the mountain.
    This temple is the highest temple above one of the peak in the whole
    Mount JiuHua.
3. 肉身宝殿
    This temple near the JiuHua area (old town), you can put this as
    last temple to visit after you have descent from the peak,
    but NEVER miss it.
    Why you should not miss it? Because this is where they keep Ksitigharba
    Bodhisattva's body!
    The body was not rot even after He has gone to nirvana for 3 years!
4. 古藏经楼
    If you walk all the way down from the first temple (and not take cable car),
    you will pass by this temple.
    This temple is where lots of sutras are kept.

It really worth the trip there as I gained so much insight and awakening from this trip. I will post up more photos about this mountain in my next post.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Déjà vu

I first heard about this word was from "The Matrix".

Keanu Reeves was running up a staircase trying to escape from the enemies, and he saw a cat at the corner of the stairs again and again when he ran higher and higher up the stairs. He mumbled: "Déjà vu!" ... Ya, that's where I learnt it.

If you google about this word, you will know that it is describing a situation whereby you have a strong sensation that the particular event or experience you are currently experiencing had been experienced in the past.

For example, this morning you went for breakfast. When you reached the particular coffee shop, you walked to a hawker and told the hawker something about yourself... And "deng~~!!!", you realised the whole picture was like happened before! But that was something new that you are telling the hawker!


I always have this kind of experience, as if I dreamed about it before... Or it happened to me before...

Another phenomenon is that, we keep our thinking pattern the same at all time...

For example, when I write my blog or diary, many times I tend to repeat the same topic and the same content that I have written before again and again.

There is this really experienced brain surgeon found out that, every one has their own thinking pattern, no one has the same; and.... whether you are at your baby time, or as old as 90 years old, your thinking pattern never change!!

Does that explain why we keep thinking the same way? Why we keep giving the same answer to the particular question? Why we keep doing things the same way? Why we maintain as stubborn as when we were young? Deja Vu?

Does this explain why we keep reincarnate again and again, and hardly able to jump out from this cycle?

We are living in an illusion world. Therefore, every information we get are repeat information ...Break your thinking pattern, break the "Déjà vu"... Who knows, you have new discovery!?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


There are information floated and most people had already knew the differences between the left and right brain. Of course, for the neurologist, they might still busy finding proves for all these differences.

One of the differences that shaken me for a while is that, conscious mind is a sequence mind.

Sequence mind meaning that we know after sunset, then it will be dark night, follow by dawn, bright morning, hot afternoon, relaxing evening, dawn ... and the sequence repeats.

Or we know the counting of 1 to 10 by sequence...

We know yesterday has passed and tomorrow is coming after today...

But, our unconscious mind has no sequence!

Which is real? sequence, or actually there is no sequence in this world?!

When we dream at night, we think that our dream is real. Only when we had woken up, we realized it was just a dream...

Who knows, we think we are in a real human world with all the touchable solid objects around us, but we are still in another level of dream?

The unconscious mind may have the answer, just that, it was being filtered by our consciousness...

So, what is real to you?