Monday, July 01, 2013

Who Am I?

I have a student who was so "good" in procrastination, that he scored "good" results in his mid-year exam. Trial exam was just around the corner, and he was still taking his sweet time without starting his revision yet.

I asked him to try one session of hypnotherapy with me, so that he could get rid of his "procrastination". You know what he answered? "I do not want to be hypnotised, because it would not be 'me' anymore. I will be programmed to be hardworking. I want to be myself."

Haha... I asked him back: "Which part of you is really originally from yourself?"

So many external factors that moulded us since we were small. Parents told us what to do. Kindergarten teachers taught us how to talk. Primary teachers fed us with lots of information. Secondary school teachers fixed our brain to be more and more logical in thinking. Tertiary education made us even better in reasoning.

Which part of you is really originally from yourself?

It's just different environmental factors, spiritual influences, and karma ripening that moulded us until who we are today.

We have all the seeds in our mind. Which one will grow well in the end; which one grow half-way and overkill; which one still need to be watered ... All has it's own karma.

But it doesn't means that we are just waiting to be controlled by our "fate", or all external factors.

If only we can be conscious of all our doing. We will be able to change our fate.


Bananazஇ said...

Bananaz dunno woh.?? Guess maybe weeds and lallang growing well inside my thick skull instead?

[SK] said...

very true, and the statement "which part of us truly originates from ourselves" kind of makes me ponder..

Small Kucing said...

gotta get J hynotised by you so that he can concerntrate one what he is doing more la...frequently do halfway and forget

Twilight Man said...

That student is damn idiot and moron. His brain graphics should be showing all animals asleep and hibernating in every department. LOL

Nice drawing! Next time, let me colour them.

MiChi said...

haha... you are such a creative man in writing your post, how can your brain full of lallang?

MiChi said...

Small Kucing:

It's very common in nowadays kids due to the influence of TV, computer, and smart phone...

MiChi said...

Twilight Man:

haha... piak the student

Yan said...

This is so meaningful. I always say to myself, "Just be yourself, don't please others. Don't live under people dogma." Now, I start thinking what and who make me who I am now. This is interesting. Anyway, just to let you know, I believe in Karma.

doc said...

external factors like those you mentioned are powerful influences on our characters but only if we let them affect our lives. even in this world with its bad influences, there are still a lot of good people.

why? the ultimate influence is that of God.

Emo said...

Environment is what made who we are now.