Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hypnotise... What do you think?

When you first heard of the word
What do you understand about it?
What reaction you have?
"Huh?! Hypnotise? Don't blur me and take away my money!!"

Right? Is this the impression you have on hypnosis?

Well, you may have to change your perception on hypnosis if it is so...

Hypnosis is not somebody took over your mind and control you.
Hypnosis is not falling asleep.
Hypnosis is not becoming unaware.
Hypnosis is not faint.
Hypnosis is not forget something for a moment.

You see,
Our brain is using beta waves all the time for mental activity.
Beta waves are also referred to those frequencies up to 100 hertz.
Thats mean hor, any sound that is 10 Hertz and above, we can hear.
Other wise, not that we cannot hear,
just that our conscious ear cannot hear.
But the sound that is smaller than 10 Hertz will still go inside our ear,
and perceive by our right brain.
(If you still remember my previous post about the different between left brain and right brain)

That is why, don't think that sound we cannot hear means not affecting us.

So, hypnotise is just making your left brain be able to communicate with your right brain.

Ok, now how we can talk to our right brain?
Most of the time we are at conscious stage, which is using beta wave.
We can only talk to our brain when we can tune our brain into alpha wave.

When our brain can be tuned to alpha wave?
Taking one example.
Let say you wanted to urinate so badly.
You tried to tahan the urine...not to let it flow out.
Because you cannot find toilet that time.

Then suddenly you found a toilet!
You quickly go inside.
And the moment you pull your pants down and release the water.
The "Ah~~~!!" moment..
Is the moment that your brain go into alpha wave.

So during that moment, if somebody tell you:
"You don't like smoking."
Then you can quit smoking just like that.
Because the message will go into your right brain without being filter by your left brain.

You can see how powerful our right brain is?
Of course it only perceive positive message.

Don't think that you talk to a person when he is urinating:
"Give me all your money!"
It won't work, cause the right brain only perceive positive message.
It knows that statement is harmful to it,
so it will not follow the instrution.

And don't do it on anybody who is urinating.
Only when the person is very very tension already, then suddenly let go the tension, that very short moment only can work~!!

Will share with you more about how hypnotise works as I personally went for a hypnotise session before. It was really good and the benefit is still taking its effect on me until now!

Meanwhile, learn how to meditate first, ok?

Friday, November 21, 2008

A story that I won't forget

She was an orphan.
Being adopted by a temple caretaker since small.
She grown up to be a pretty lady, and married to a medium, of another temple.
... ...
Mediums are those who 'lend' their body to God, for possession.
During possession, the 'God' who enter the medium's body will help the public in anything that the public requested.
Check whether your house is haunted.
Check whether you should change job.
Check whether your boyfriend / girlfriend is the right one to get married.
Check when you can be a millionaire.
Check whether you should go travel this month.
Cure any untreatable disease.
Basically the medium can do anything under the sun.

Back to the orphan...
Her name is Doris.
Doris had a typical mother-in-law,
Who always find-fault with her.
Whenever Doris planned to go out with the husband, the mother-in-law will try not to allow her to go.

For example,
There was a wedding invitation,
Suppose Doris and the husband were invited to the function.
The mother-in-law will be so jealous.
and will find ways to make Doris cannot go for the dinner with the husband (which was her son).
The mother-in-law will tear off the 'zips' of Doris's dress, one hour before Doris dress herself up.
In the end, Doris got no dress to go and have to stay at home.
Husband will attend the function either alone, or with the mother.

It was really sad..

Since the first day Doris married to the husband.
The mother-in-law never fail to give HELL to her.

16 years later,

One day... ...

The mother-in-law put something under the kitchen stove.
Then pretend to pull the son to the kitchen,
and said she found something under the stove.
"Son, see! What is this?!"

The son pick the thing up...
The mother continue to pour acid...
"Must be your wife trying to charm you, she wanted to do black magic on you!"
"This is a very good evidence! No wonder every times she likes to cook for you to eat!"

The son was so so so angry...!

He ran to the bedroom...
Grabbed the wife's hand.
Then pushed her out from the house.

Poor Doris...
That night she got no where to go to.
She didn't feel well..
Next day she was admitted to hospital...
After a few session of check-up...
She was diagnosed with LAST STAGE OVARY CANCER...

Why was she so unfortunate?

Just being chased out by the husband,
next day got such bad news!

She was lying in the hospital,
with her hand busy dialing phone number...
Called her friend to help her find room to rent.
Asked her colleague to help tender her resignation letter...
Seek help from friend to withdraw her EPF, to pay her medical bills, pay the rental fees...
and run errand for her.

She has nobody to turn to......

She has three children...
Eldest son was 15 years old.
Second son was 10 years old.
And the daughter was only 9 years old.

The husband didn't allow the children to contact her or see her.
During her admission in the hospital, the husband kept calling her to go to the lawyer office,
to sign divorce letter.
She told the husband that she was very ill, got cancer and was lying in the hospital.
The husband didn't believe her.
Said: "This is just your trick to make me see you! This is just your trick to make me stop thinking of divorcing you! You are so cunning! You witch! I won't believe you!"

After staying in the hospital for one month,
she was discharged.

Friend took her to her rented apartment,
while hospital referred her to Hospis Malaysia (a charity organisation that take care of terminally ill patients, which doctor announce no medication for the sickness anymore).

I knew her through Hospis Malaysia.

She was looking for a volunteer to bring her to Tong-Shin Hospital.
She wanted to see Chinese doctor, hoping that Chinese-medicine can cure her cancer, but she didn't understand Mandarin, so, she needed someone to help her.

I was the only volunteer who can read, write and speak Mandarin that time (by now, Hospis Malaysia should have a few Chinese-educated volunteers).
So, I was assigned to bring her to Tong Shin hospital.

The first day I brought her to see Chinese doctor, I was so moved by her...
She was really a very nice lady...
Even though she had such a terrible marriage, and was so ill...
She never complain...
Never talk bad about the world...
Never blame others.
Never cry and scream...
Or like other people who will ask why the God treated her so unfair..
She never...

After the first round Chinese-medicine,
she needed to see the doctor again, to take new medicine.

I went to take her to hospital again.
When we reached the hospital....Her sickness like suddenly turned serious.
I got to help to admit her to the hospital...
I still remember that day was Thursday...
I took her IC to the counter, and arranged for her admission...
I saw her birthday was the coming Sunday...

After I admitted her to the hospital... I left the place with full of sorrow.
She never see her two children since the day the husband chased her out.
Only the eldest son daring enough, took bus to the hospital and visited the mother few times after school.

On Sunday,
I rushed back from Penang...
I wanted to give Doris a birthday surprise by buying her a cake.
But it was already 10pm.
All cake shops would have closed, and even if I manage to find one, by the time I turn back to the hospital, her birthday would have overed already.

So, me and my honey ran to the Swiss Garden Hotel (just opposite the hospital where Doris stayed) to buy one slice of cake...
I chose a piece of cheese cake, then bought a smiley balloon for her.

We went into her ward, wake her up and sing her the birthday songs.
You know what...
I can't stop crying.
Cause she married to her husband for 16 years, never once she got the chance to celebrate her birthday.
And her favourite cake is cheese cake!


The story is not end yet...

I talked to the eldest son..
We planned to take the other two children of Doris from school,
to visit Doris in the hospital...
Because the husband will make sure the two children reach home by 5pm after their tuition finish in the school at 4pm.

That was an exciting Monday...
I brought the eldest son with me.
And drove to the brother sister's school at 1pm...
The eldest son told the teacher that I need to take the brother sister to hospital visit the mother,
they will have to skip their tuition at 2pm.

The teacher allowed!

We quickly brought the two brother sister to Tong Shin hospital.

On the way,
I told the two small children to get ready...
Told them not to cry when they see their mother
As the mother will not look like the healthy and pretty mother like they knew...
The mother has no more hair... Face swollen... And not much voice to talk already.

The two small children just obey and nodded their head in the car.
I was crying in my heart.

When the children reach the hospital and saw the mother...
They just can't stop crying and hugging the mother.

It was really really sad..

at 3.30pm, I have to separate them... and send the two children back to school.
So that they can take school bus home at 4pm, without the father knowing that they went somewhere...

I promised the two children that I will bring them again to see the mother on Wednesday.
Doris passed away on Tuesday night....

Before she passed away, I asked for her permission to share her story with other people.
I still remember she was smiling like a kind Bodhisattva, told me to go ahead and share her story with others.

It was an unforgetable experience for me..

That even though life is short.
We can raise our head up high and live until the end.
We can be kind no matter how taugh the situation is.

Doris is really my role model.
I respect her, and will always remember her kindness...

Dear friend,
Please say 'hi' to Doris:

The world is cruel.
Human heart is unpredictable.
But that should not stop us from being kind.
For doing our best to treat other good...

I'm not showing what I did..
I just wanted to show you how kind a person can be.
Even though she is so ill.... She was still smiling all the time...until the last breath....

Hope everyone can be so kind and calm like Doris....

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Looking around Macau

Macau was once under Portugal.
That's why you can see Portuguese everywhere.

Ok, this word you must not miss!!!

Haha~~! HOMENS?
Why "Homens"?
It sounds like Home-men....
haha....maybe last time most of the Portuguese men were house-husband?

You can see this type of trishaw everywhere in Macau.
It's nothing new la.
You can hire this trishaw to take you around Macau town...
But hoh....
It cause about HK$150~~!!!
Taxi only HK$120

And I traveled by bus only cost me about HKD10....

Anyway, I got no heart to sit also....
Feel bad to see the uncle spend so much energy to ride the bike, just to take me around the town... I can cry one.

Ok, pictures below are the building around Macau town...
(I called it town because it is really small to me le...)

don't know what building is this, but see that lots of people taking photos with this building, I also pretend like: woah~!! oh!! this building woh!!! come come, let's take photo.....!

Finally I'm at this Senado square~!
The feeling is really different!
Read from magazine or watch from TV is totally different from you experience it yourself.
No wonder those who are enlightened like the Living Buddha always encourage people to travel and see around the world.

There are so many branded shops here.

And people queueing to buy!

Branded "bao bao".
Just like the HongKong drama show, every salary day must go shop for all these bao bao...
But, I have no craving for all these material things le....

This is their main street.... so narrow..... really make full use of every inch of the land for commercial use...

Better build more shoplot then widen the road yeah?

Go to Macau, how can you don't go to their casino?
so, I went into this casino...
Wanted to bet...
But see the gambling ghost around, got frigthen la...

In the end chicken out.....rather spend the money to lepak...

Where do you want to go?

What is so different about this photo?
See the shop name -- Chow Tai Fook~~!!!!
Muahaha....feel like laughing at the name....just sound very funny in Cantonese...
But it is a high-class jewelry shop~~~!
Equavalent to our "Diamond & Platinum"
You can see this Chow Tai Fook everywhere in Macau and HongKong, just like 7-11.
Another competitor of it is CHOW SHANG SHANG...
hahahaha..... really one.

Can anybody tell me this bridge lead to where?

Ok, last...
Is this the latest way to serve chicken wing?

Monday, November 03, 2008

Macau here I come~~~!!!

It's my holiday~~!

It has been my long long dream to visit Macau and HongKong!
I've made it at last!
I planned this trip with another 7 persons 7 months before the actual date!

We decided to have a day trip only for Macau, as our main visit is HongKong.
So, we booked AirAsia from KL to Macau.
Then coming back to Malaysia from HongKong.
The airfare is more or less the same.
KL to Macau: RM155 per person
HongKong to KL: RM125 per person
(Of course haven't include airport tax, luggage check-in and petrol)
Anyway, it's still worth it ya?

We booked the earliest flight to leave KL, which is 6.30am.
We decided to take bus from KL sentral to LCCT airport.

One of the group member said: "That's mean we have to leave KL sentral at 3.30am, so that we can reach airport at 4.30am to check in, don't have bus so early one!"

I was thinking: cannot be la, AirAsia so stupid to have flight so early but don't have bus to collect its passenger from KL sentral meh?

Thanks to the internet, I found out that the earliest bus available at KL sentral is 3.30am~~!
Lucky thing~!
Else have to pay at least RM80 per person to charter a taxi to airport.
We are not tourist...
We are traveler, thus, have to travel like a traveler right?

Here's the bus from KL sentral:

Honestly, this is the first time I took bus to LCCT~!
And I thought it is RM9, but this one is only RM8!
Save RM1 to shop in HongKong... Haha.....!
This bus leaves at 3.15am, and the next bus scheduled at 4.15am!
So, remember ya!

We reached LCCT around 4.15am, and it was so crowded~~!!
(Sorry ya, first time take so so early flight, didn't know that)

We thought we were at refugee camp!
so so so many people sleeping around the airport!
Even in McDonald:

Thanks to AirAsia, making everybody can fly now!
Thank you for bringing me to Macau~!

When we came out from the Macau airport, we were lost... Suddenly didn't know what's the next step.
Luckily we got planned where we wanted to see.
So, we took our planning out to refer.

Ok, our first place to visit is 'The Heritage Walk'.
Now, where is this Heritage Walk?
Which part of Macau?
After searching here and there, then only we realized that the airport is on different island with Macau island~!
The airport is on Taipa island, which is at the south of Macau island.
How far is the airport from Macau island?

A: Macau Island
B: Taipa Island, where the airport is
C: The Heritage Walk, including the ruins of St. Paul's

So malu only.....what traveler we are?
How to go backpack next time?

Nevermind, we still tried our best to find our way.
We read the signboard outside the airport, at a bus-stand:

We only know that the Heritage Walk should be around the Macau Ferry Terminal.
So we searched for ferry terminal on the bus-route.
Later we found out that any bus from the airport will take you to the ferry terminal lah.
'ngiao ngiao~~!'

We grabbed a bus, and the bus got space for people to put luggage.
It's only HK$3.30 per person to go to the ferry terminal.
(please prepare loose change yourself!!!)
(and HK$3 per luggage)

Small mini bus.... made me think of our mini bus in KL...which is no longer in service.

We planned to eat the famous pork-chop bun in Macau at 2pm.
As the original restauran that sell pork-chop bun only starts selling the bun at 2pm each day.
(Information we got from the internet when we planned this trip 7 months ago)

Later we were shocked to find out that the restauran is on the same island as the airport.
It's not on the Macau island!
But we are now on the bus going to Macau island, and it's only 12pm now!
We have to decide whether to:
Stay on at the Taipa island until 2pm, just for the pork-chop bun, then only go to Macau island?


Go to Macau island, then come back to Taipa island for the pork-chop bun, then go back to Macau island to take ferry to HongKong later in the evening.


give up the idea of eating the pork-chop bun, just look-see around Macau island and leave for HongKong.

In the end, we decided to drop the idea of eating the pork-chop bun, go straight to Macau island.

On our way to Macau Island, we also found out that the 6-star casino - Venetian Macao-Resort Hotel is also on Taipa island~!!!

We missed the pork-chop bun, and the Venetian casino ... :(

Anyway, we still have lots of fun~~!

From airport to Macau island, you will see this ferry terminal...
and it's actually about 15 minutes bus ride from the airport to Macau island.

You can keep your luggage at the ferry terminal, then go to the Macau town ronda-ronda.
It can fit in big luggage as all.
Again, you have to prepare loose change ya!

We bough the ferry ticket first, then only went to the town ronda-ronda, at least has a peace of mind that we got the ticket to go to HongKong...Scared last minute no ticket to HongKong, then we will be stucked in Macau.

After we purchased the ferry ticket, we found out that it was cheaper to put our luggage in a luggage service shop:
Big luggage: HK$20 for the first 6 hour.
Small luggage: HK$10 for the first 6 hour.

heh heh....quickly went there and dumped our luggage.

This was the ferry we were taking to HongKong from Macau.
It takes more than 1 hour to reach HongKong!

And the ticket is about HK$150 per person.
It can takes you to KowLoon or HongKoong island.
Again, it's different island, ok?!
Anyway, you can choose any one terminal as the transport in HongKong is very convenient.
Find out whether your hotel is in KowLoon or HongKong island ya?!

If you leave Macau after 5pm, the ferry ticket will be more expensive, costs about HK$200.
That's why we were taking 4.30pm ferry.
And that was why we got no time to go back to Taipa island for the pork-chop bun and Venetian Macao Resort Hotel...
We only have 12pm - 4pm, 4 hours to walk around Macau island!

Unless you plan to stay a night in Macau, which we think it's not our priority.

We still tried a pork-chop bun in one of the shop near the Senado Square:
It costs HK$20 (about RM10)...
And....Malaysia one much nicer la.....!

Then we tried the portugese tart:

HK$ 7 each!!!

I suggest you buy from Malaysia and eat here....heh heh....Malaysia one nicer.

Then we tried the steam milk and steam egg....
This is really yummy~~!

But look at the price list:

It costs HK$16 per bowl for the steam milk.
and HK$18 for the steam egg~~!!!

Next: Look around Macau... ... with my heart