Monday, November 03, 2008

Macau here I come~~~!!!

It's my holiday~~!

It has been my long long dream to visit Macau and HongKong!
I've made it at last!
I planned this trip with another 7 persons 7 months before the actual date!

We decided to have a day trip only for Macau, as our main visit is HongKong.
So, we booked AirAsia from KL to Macau.
Then coming back to Malaysia from HongKong.
The airfare is more or less the same.
KL to Macau: RM155 per person
HongKong to KL: RM125 per person
(Of course haven't include airport tax, luggage check-in and petrol)
Anyway, it's still worth it ya?

We booked the earliest flight to leave KL, which is 6.30am.
We decided to take bus from KL sentral to LCCT airport.

One of the group member said: "That's mean we have to leave KL sentral at 3.30am, so that we can reach airport at 4.30am to check in, don't have bus so early one!"

I was thinking: cannot be la, AirAsia so stupid to have flight so early but don't have bus to collect its passenger from KL sentral meh?

Thanks to the internet, I found out that the earliest bus available at KL sentral is 3.30am~~!
Lucky thing~!
Else have to pay at least RM80 per person to charter a taxi to airport.
We are not tourist...
We are traveler, thus, have to travel like a traveler right?

Here's the bus from KL sentral:

Honestly, this is the first time I took bus to LCCT~!
And I thought it is RM9, but this one is only RM8!
Save RM1 to shop in HongKong... Haha.....!
This bus leaves at 3.15am, and the next bus scheduled at 4.15am!
So, remember ya!

We reached LCCT around 4.15am, and it was so crowded~~!!
(Sorry ya, first time take so so early flight, didn't know that)

We thought we were at refugee camp!
so so so many people sleeping around the airport!
Even in McDonald:

Thanks to AirAsia, making everybody can fly now!
Thank you for bringing me to Macau~!

When we came out from the Macau airport, we were lost... Suddenly didn't know what's the next step.
Luckily we got planned where we wanted to see.
So, we took our planning out to refer.

Ok, our first place to visit is 'The Heritage Walk'.
Now, where is this Heritage Walk?
Which part of Macau?
After searching here and there, then only we realized that the airport is on different island with Macau island~!
The airport is on Taipa island, which is at the south of Macau island.
How far is the airport from Macau island?

A: Macau Island
B: Taipa Island, where the airport is
C: The Heritage Walk, including the ruins of St. Paul's

So malu only.....what traveler we are?
How to go backpack next time?

Nevermind, we still tried our best to find our way.
We read the signboard outside the airport, at a bus-stand:

We only know that the Heritage Walk should be around the Macau Ferry Terminal.
So we searched for ferry terminal on the bus-route.
Later we found out that any bus from the airport will take you to the ferry terminal lah.
'ngiao ngiao~~!'

We grabbed a bus, and the bus got space for people to put luggage.
It's only HK$3.30 per person to go to the ferry terminal.
(please prepare loose change yourself!!!)
(and HK$3 per luggage)

Small mini bus.... made me think of our mini bus in KL...which is no longer in service.

We planned to eat the famous pork-chop bun in Macau at 2pm.
As the original restauran that sell pork-chop bun only starts selling the bun at 2pm each day.
(Information we got from the internet when we planned this trip 7 months ago)

Later we were shocked to find out that the restauran is on the same island as the airport.
It's not on the Macau island!
But we are now on the bus going to Macau island, and it's only 12pm now!
We have to decide whether to:
Stay on at the Taipa island until 2pm, just for the pork-chop bun, then only go to Macau island?


Go to Macau island, then come back to Taipa island for the pork-chop bun, then go back to Macau island to take ferry to HongKong later in the evening.


give up the idea of eating the pork-chop bun, just look-see around Macau island and leave for HongKong.

In the end, we decided to drop the idea of eating the pork-chop bun, go straight to Macau island.

On our way to Macau Island, we also found out that the 6-star casino - Venetian Macao-Resort Hotel is also on Taipa island~!!!

We missed the pork-chop bun, and the Venetian casino ... :(

Anyway, we still have lots of fun~~!

From airport to Macau island, you will see this ferry terminal...
and it's actually about 15 minutes bus ride from the airport to Macau island.

You can keep your luggage at the ferry terminal, then go to the Macau town ronda-ronda.
It can fit in big luggage as all.
Again, you have to prepare loose change ya!

We bough the ferry ticket first, then only went to the town ronda-ronda, at least has a peace of mind that we got the ticket to go to HongKong...Scared last minute no ticket to HongKong, then we will be stucked in Macau.

After we purchased the ferry ticket, we found out that it was cheaper to put our luggage in a luggage service shop:
Big luggage: HK$20 for the first 6 hour.
Small luggage: HK$10 for the first 6 hour.

heh heh....quickly went there and dumped our luggage.

This was the ferry we were taking to HongKong from Macau.
It takes more than 1 hour to reach HongKong!

And the ticket is about HK$150 per person.
It can takes you to KowLoon or HongKoong island.
Again, it's different island, ok?!
Anyway, you can choose any one terminal as the transport in HongKong is very convenient.
Find out whether your hotel is in KowLoon or HongKong island ya?!

If you leave Macau after 5pm, the ferry ticket will be more expensive, costs about HK$200.
That's why we were taking 4.30pm ferry.
And that was why we got no time to go back to Taipa island for the pork-chop bun and Venetian Macao Resort Hotel...
We only have 12pm - 4pm, 4 hours to walk around Macau island!

Unless you plan to stay a night in Macau, which we think it's not our priority.

We still tried a pork-chop bun in one of the shop near the Senado Square:
It costs HK$20 (about RM10)...
And....Malaysia one much nicer la.....!

Then we tried the portugese tart:

HK$ 7 each!!!

I suggest you buy from Malaysia and eat here....heh heh....Malaysia one nicer.

Then we tried the steam milk and steam egg....
This is really yummy~~!

But look at the price list:

It costs HK$16 per bowl for the steam milk.
and HK$18 for the steam egg~~!!!

Next: Look around Macau... ... with my heart


{SK} said...

steam milk with ginger (薑汁撞奶) is always my only item there in that shop.. :p

straight a student said...

You looked so happy in 1st picture!

Twilight Zone said...

After HKG & Macau - Where is next place?

William H said...

nice.... can go travel....
i want also.....

steam milk with ginger... yum yum and very refreshing ar...

enjoy your trip

MiChi said...

sk - haha.... i didn't know that shop famous for the steam milk.....but hoh, a bit too expensive leh... ...

Straight a student - ya ya! I was very happy to be able to go to Macau and Hong Kong la....feel so at home to see chinese everywhere

twilight zone - after this i may go to europe.... take one month train to tour around the beautiful countries..... want to join?

william h - u got the chance to see star by the beach, i so jealous too...~!

Bruce said...

Very useful information you have here. Next time shall plan better so that can eat the best pork chop bun and visit venetian.

HF said...

Great post!
Macau is such a wonderful place. Like they say in Portuguese, “não há outra mais leal” (there is no other more loyal).
Helder Fraguas