Thursday, July 30, 2009

My bucket list

I had been hearing so many people passed away recently.
All are like sudden death.

My friend's wife was walking around in her home when she fell down.
And just like that, she is gone.
My friend reached home at 12 midnight after work, then only found out that the wife fell down and died... No one was at home to help her, or rescue her.

Another friend's sister, she was pregnant, and had a loving husband.
Every morning they will brush teeth together, then the wife will change to working dress and sit at the living room sofa to wait for the husband to get ready and fetch her to work.
One fine morning, they as usual, brush teeth together, and then the wife sat on the sofa and waited for the husband....
And, she just gone like that ... no reason, no sickness.... pregnant 8 months.
The husband cried like mad.

I was telling my student about all these deaths.
I felt so down.
Then my student was trying to cheer me.
Asked me to write down my own bucket list too...
Not that I'm dying, but just write something for me to look forward to.

I was holding my pen, and thinking for so long...

What do I want to achieve in this life?

I suddenly realised that I've no desire, nothing for me to look for...
I've no more regret in life, and if I were to go now, I'm prepared.
I suddenly lost my reason of living.

To have big house in my life? That's not really what I wanted, and desire for.

Have lots of children and see them grown up?
No... No... No...
That doesn't bring any meaning to me.

Have lots of saving?
If I don't use the money, it's not mine too...
So, not also...

I really was thinking so hard, and so long...

Finally I wrote one line in my bucket list...

I wish I can be a nurse, and have the chance to take care of dying patient

That's all I wish...

What's your bucket list then?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Toughest job

I just watched Transformer - Revenge of the Fallen
Wow.... !
That's a really nice show~~!

Never loved a show so-so much....!

In the show, you can see lots of war planes flying beautifully in the sky.

These aircrafts taking off from aircraft carrier:
When you watched the war plane take off from the aircraft carrier, did you notice the tiny human on the left that wore a yellow shirt in the photo below?

I think this is one of the toughest job in the world.
They are the flight deck crews.

Who has to assist in the taking off and landing of the war planes?
They risked their lives to get sucked into the fight jet engine every time a jet takes off or landed.

They have to fully assist to navigate the planes to position itself.

They have to help to monitor the pressure precisely in the catapult cylinders, so that the plane can take off while the carrier is not being harmed by the deadly pressure.

This steam pressure can rocket the plane from the speed of 0 to 165 miles/hour in 2 seconds! Imagine the crews have to work in such high temperature steam .. it is so-so dangerous.

They have to wear heavy thick protective uniform and work under the perspiring hot sun everyday.
Their uniform is heavy because they have to wear so many layers of clothes plus safety jacket.
They sweat so much and yet cannot take off their sauna-like uniform until off duty.
Some of them developed skin disease due to long hours of sweat.

When the plane takes off, the noise can deafen their ears even with ear-plugs worn!

The explosion from jet exhausts emit dangerous radiations TOO ....

I salute those who work as the deck crew.
It is such a difficult job.

I also salute the whole team of movie makers of this show ...
Even though they may have earned tons of money...
But all belongs to their intelligence of work, and lots of hard works too.
(support original movie :) protect the intelligent property ... heh heh!)

There are also some other tough jobs that I respect a lot.
Like those who mould the future generation:

and evoke the wisdom and benevolence in every human:
For those who work for others, and sacrifice for human's well being.
For those who work for no name, no fame, solely working for the goodness of others ...
I really salute and respect them.

Friday, July 03, 2009

I can see you!

There are six types of psychic abilities.

The first one will be the THIRD eye.

What can the third eye do?
Seeing ghost?

I'm sure you have friends, or relatives or you yourself born with the ability of seeing ghost.
I always hear people telling me that they see ghosts here and there.

I would not say that they have third eye.
This is just some supernatural ability, not psychic ability yet.

A person who has develop his third eye,
not only can see ghosts,
he can see the spirituals world, of all levels.
He can see the aura of a person.
He can see deities.
He can see different realms, some can even see the highest supreme realm
(like God, Buddha, or whatever you call).
He can even see into your eyes and know what you are thinking.

Before scientist found out the explanation about this, there are so many people against or support this THIRD eye concept.

Some say it is evil.
Some dying to achieve this ability.

Now it is a known fact that this so call THIRD eye is actually the Pineal Gland.
This Gland located right behind the root of our nose.

This Pineal Gland can be activated by light.
Or by meditation and visualization.

I think this is how it work.
Light shine on the Pineal Gland and activated it.
It is a connection between the spiritual world and the physical world.

It is found that it will go into hibernation during our sex development.
If we have strong sex desire, all the more it will be deactivated.

No wonder all religion do not encourage people to get crazy over sex, especially buddhism.

It is active when we were small like children.
Until when we reach teenage, and started to develop our sex desire, it slowly shrink.

That's also why normally baby and small child can see ghost.

When we do meditation, we will generate different frequency in our brain, producing some magnetic field that will vibrate and activate this Pineal Gland.

Sometimes a head injury can also activate it.

We can also activate it through hypnosis.

This is the ability that we have.
Everybody has it.
Just how much you can activate it.
You need to clear your karma, which is some heavy frequency that burdening your Pineal Gland.
Once you clear this heavy frequency, you can activate it easily.

So we should keep our mind open to the religion knowledge.
And continue to improve ourselves.
Live each day better than yesterday.

Science end where religion start.

Have some good wisdom.
We will understand more.