Sunday, July 12, 2009

Toughest job

I just watched Transformer - Revenge of the Fallen
Wow.... !
That's a really nice show~~!

Never loved a show so-so much....!

In the show, you can see lots of war planes flying beautifully in the sky.

These aircrafts taking off from aircraft carrier:
When you watched the war plane take off from the aircraft carrier, did you notice the tiny human on the left that wore a yellow shirt in the photo below?

I think this is one of the toughest job in the world.
They are the flight deck crews.

Who has to assist in the taking off and landing of the war planes?
They risked their lives to get sucked into the fight jet engine every time a jet takes off or landed.

They have to fully assist to navigate the planes to position itself.

They have to help to monitor the pressure precisely in the catapult cylinders, so that the plane can take off while the carrier is not being harmed by the deadly pressure.

This steam pressure can rocket the plane from the speed of 0 to 165 miles/hour in 2 seconds! Imagine the crews have to work in such high temperature steam .. it is so-so dangerous.

They have to wear heavy thick protective uniform and work under the perspiring hot sun everyday.
Their uniform is heavy because they have to wear so many layers of clothes plus safety jacket.
They sweat so much and yet cannot take off their sauna-like uniform until off duty.
Some of them developed skin disease due to long hours of sweat.

When the plane takes off, the noise can deafen their ears even with ear-plugs worn!

The explosion from jet exhausts emit dangerous radiations TOO ....

I salute those who work as the deck crew.
It is such a difficult job.

I also salute the whole team of movie makers of this show ...
Even though they may have earned tons of money...
But all belongs to their intelligence of work, and lots of hard works too.
(support original movie :) protect the intelligent property ... heh heh!)

There are also some other tough jobs that I respect a lot.
Like those who mould the future generation:

and evoke the wisdom and benevolence in every human:
For those who work for others, and sacrifice for human's well being.
For those who work for no name, no fame, solely working for the goodness of others ...
I really salute and respect them.


::. Anton ::. said...

Michi, with all honesty..... I salute you too! ^_^


Medie007 said...

it's tougher for anyone to appreciate what's tough.

Jasin Ker said...

The glamour side is to see any man or woman executing their duty and responsibility with full concentration and great passion.

I will say at this moment, they are attractive and oozed sensuality !

tikno said...

In Indonesia, there is a tribute for teachers within an expression, that is "teachers is the heroes without service medals"

A Common Singaporean said...

I second Anton.

You are also doing a respectable job. Not everyone can do it. I know I can't.


[SK] said...

haha.. high five to Anton, i salute you too Michi, for being the fengshui master.. :p

vialentino said...

hey and wife also enjoy the movie...i wonder how much job to do this kind of animation ler...

for the ayam penyet...u can try once...not sure u will go back there again after dat.

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Maybe I have higher expectation on the movie, and ended up being dissapointed though. Anyhow, it's a nice movie to watch.

Elly with the half said...

tak ajak me for transformers.:(

Carmi said...

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Johnny Ong said...

good observation on those flight crews. they are unsung heroes of a war or battle

MiChi said...

Anton, tikno, a common singaporean, SK:
Salute me pulak.... I did nothing la... make me feel so bad

hmm... i think so.

Jasin Ker:

heheh... will try at least once. I tried in food heaven after seeing your blog, impressed with the food presentation

ok la... i'm still high over the show... hahah

Elly with the half:
you so lenglui... paiseh to ajak you lah


Johnny Ong:

Hijackqueen said...

Teacher! But did you know hor, in movie making, they don't have to sacrifice so many people doing the hard work wan. Just use Autodesk Inferno and Autodesk Maya during the editing. hahahaha!

MiChi said...

hahah.... I know le, I'm talking about real life, how the fight deck crews work...

As for the movie, they may spend less effort than we see from the show, but still their creativity to come out with this type of movie, the person got to be very imaginative le