Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Follow the Flow - Journey of Surrender

3 months ago, husband came home with two complimentary air tickers to go to Japan. I was so excited as I never had enough of Japan.

Usually when husband invites me for trip, I would not be interested unless the trip comes with a purpose or it's a place of my interest. So, if the trip could evoke my interest, I would be the one plan for the whole itinerary.

There was no exception for this time too.

When I planned for itinerary, normally I would made sure every detail was set including what time to take what train and how much time to spend in each place. This time, I decided to follow the heart. I just prepared a few options, and asked husband to choose his preference first thing in the morning on each of our traveling day. I felt total freedom and I really enjoyed the trip. No pressure, not stressful on thinking of needed to chase after time and train.

I learned to surrender.

I learned that we can only try our best. As a droplet in the Ocean, we can only follow the flow and learn not to let situation affect our emotion. Keep our inner calmness and thing will fall into place.

Photo 01 - Title: "A man who is waiting"

I like the saying:
"I am on a road with no destination, I'm just driving with hope that I'll find a place that I like and I'll stay there. I'm not lost, I'm on my way."

We are all travelers of life. Why rush? Why only focus on destination? There is no real destination. There are just experiences and learning.

Photo 02 - Title: "Energy for the body"

Are we taking it as food? Or differentiating it as "Chicken"? When will we learn to have no judgment to every event?

Photo 03 - Title: "Witness"

This wall has witnesses the change of time. If you zoom-in to the explanation, you will understand how precious the wall is. But what I am thinking is that, if reincarnation did exist, and if I still have my past life's memories, and if I was the owner of this castle, how would I feel to see that I can no longer stay inside here? How would I feel that people do not remember me? How would I feel that I could not enjoy my own possession anymore?

Life is a learning process.
Learn to let go.
Learn to have no attachment.
Learn to be selfless.

Photo 04 - Title: "Appreciation"

This is the famous Hiroshima Okonomiyaki.
It was cooked by a youngster who runs a mini family restaurant for the mother.
He appreciate every single detail of the food, even though it might be ordinary to others.
It is about how you appreciate life. Not so much of whether others see the value in you or not.

Photo 05 - Title: "Brain Yoga"

How many would want to evolve their brain often?
Most people preferred to stay within their comfort zone.
Will you want to let go what you learned yesterday, and experience life all over again today?

Photo 06 - Title: "Self-worth"

Do you define your value with the number on the weighing scale?
Do you set your value by using others' comment?
Have we learned from the story of "father and son sell a donkey"?

Photo 07 - Title: "Gorgeous"

Himeji Castle is gorgeous. But so what? What do we gain by building this castle?

Photo 08 - Title: "Get old together"

It's such a good fate to get old together with your love one. The wife looking at the husband quietly, and support everything he does behind. The husband brings the wife along in his journey and I am sure they do enjoy their time together.

Love everyone around you.

Photo 09 - Title: "Jail"

The grill fence up the castle from the attack of its enemy, but at the same time it jails itself from the scenic view outside.

Photo 10 - Title: "Unique"

You want to be unique? Stand in the water. Come out from your comfort zone!

Photo 11 - Title: "Innocent"

If only we can be innocent like a child. Forgot about yesterday, be joyful at present moment, and have no worry to tomorrow.

Photo 12 - Title: "Bonding"

Sometimes wordless moment is more precious than thousand words. Learn to be with silence. Learn to be with "loneliness", and then you will realise everyone and everything is with you.

Photo 13 - Title: "Culture"

I personally like this photo the most. It represents good manner. It represents the preservation of good culture.
If we do not have any manner or culture, then who are we?

Photo 14 - Title: "Courage"
No fear of high tide. No fear of cold water. No fear of wind.
I will stand strong and firm.

Photo 15 - Title: "Guarding"
I hold on to my role in this life. Whether I am just a guard, or I am the emperor. It makes no different. Cause there is no purpose in life. It's all about learning.

Photo 16 - Title: "Appreciation"
Value your blessing. Each and everyday. Each and every moment. Each and every single thing you are enjoying NOW.

Photo 17 - Title: "Watching"
You think GOD is watching you?
Your conscience is watching you.
Your moral is watching you.
Your own perception is watching you!

Photo 18 - Title: "Far and between"

Far, but it makes a good picture. Sometimes it is good to see things from far.
Certain relationship is good to keep with a distance.

Photo 19 - Title: "Heaven"
Where is Heaven?
Do we always self-reflect?
I still fail to look inward before I judge outward.
Must remind myself: Buddha had never taught us to matter about others.
It's about how we refine our attitude daily.

Photo 20 - Title: "I bow to you"

It looks like the tree bow to the pagoda, stay humble in front of it.
How humble are we in front of ourselves?

Photo 21 - Title: "Different angle"

Husband taught me to take the pagoda from this angle.
Well, sometimes we must learn to see life from different angle. Learn to appreciate its beauty from other point of view.
Thank you, my dear.

Photo 22 - Title: "Low tide"

It's low tide.
It allows us to get close to the Otorii Gate.
We maybe having low tide in our life.
But so what? There is no right or wrong.
Low tide = Unhappiness??
Again, it's about how you view your life from another angle.
Every single moment in life is beautiful.
Even storm.

Photo 23: - Title: "Ray"

It's sunset.
The ray came from the same Sun.
But it gives us a different mood as compared to dawn.
Why is it so?
Same Sun, but different mood.