Sunday, February 22, 2009

What is your hair colour?

2009, what is the trend for woman's hair?

If you like short hair,
then try this: The cropped bob

For long hair, straight perm is still the trend.

or long flowing wavy hair.

In terms of colour, peroxide blonde is in trend.

I'm sure many people love colouring their hair...

Even my dad also colour his hair into so black at his age of 81, so people thought that he is only 60 ...

But there is always a price to pay for man-made beauty.

Colour your hair too much, not only causing your house messy (for those who do it themselves)

You can spoil your kidney too!!!

Yes, you heard me right.

Colour hair can pollute your kidneys~~!!!

In Chinese Medicine, Kidney in charge of hair.
So when you dye your hair with chemical colour, the chemical will somehow get to the kidneys, and pollute it.

Want to look pretty or want to be healthy?
You choose....

I got my secret way to look pretty in healthy way...haha ... want to know?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

100 Monkey Theory

Whoa! I found out people have mummified monkeys too~~!!

Eeww~~! Why they want to do this?

Today I'm going to tell the story of 100 monkeys.

Long long time ago...
There were 2 islands.
This 2 islands were separate so far away, cannot even see each other.

On each island, lived 100 monkeys.

Those days, monkeys ate bananas without peeling the skin.

One day, one of the monkeys of one island started to eat the banana by peeling off the skin.

Then, funny thing happened..

On another island, the monkeys started to peel off the skin before they ate the bananas~!!!

Scientists call this phenomenon as
100 Monkey Theory

That's mean
When a person think of something, sure got somebody else at the other side of this world will think of the same thing.
You can call this as telepathy effect,
or scientist called it 100 monkey theory.

One person think of something,
sure will influence another person to have to same thought.

Maybe that's how the fashion world created the trends.

Like, one designer will think that gold is nice, then he will start dye his hair gold colour.
Then maybe another group of designers think of the same thing, in the end they will say that now is the season for gold... gold is in trend....

I tried this in my school.
I started calling one of my student with her actual name instead of her English name.
Amazingly, now other teachers started to call her with her actual name~~!!!

I think it really work.

So, lets use our mind to create this 100 monkey effect.

Let's think that the world is going to get better.

No recession, no retrenchment, no jobless.

Economy is going to get better!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What an idea!

Heh heh... something related to death again...

Well, olden day Chinese look at coffin as luck and wealth le.. so no pantang yeah!

I'm sure everybody know about Egypt and the famous pyramid.

Maybe you also know how the internal look like....

Of course inside the pyramid are the mummies...

Basically most Kings and Queens or Pharoahs will be mummified after they passed away.
If you are just an ordinary people, but rich, you can also mummified yourself after you passed away.

Of course mummies is not something new, but what shock me is...
I didn't know that the canopic jars around the pyramid are used to store the organs of the mummies!!!!

The organs will be removed from the dead body, like the intestines, liver, stomach and lungs.

Then these organs will be embalmed, wrapped individually and placed in the canopic jars~~!!
The lids of these jars were fashioned after the four sons of Horus, who were each entrusted with protecting a particular organ.

They believe this will help the deceased in the life after death...

Maybe I should mummified a rat, to see whether one day the rat will come back alive or not yeah?

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Building power afterlife

There is a saying:
No matter how strong, how powerful and how talented you are,
you can never beat this thing:

By knowing this fact, the first Emperor of China, Shi HuangDi decided to find way to keep his life immortal.

But at the same time, he also start building his Mausoleum,
at the age of 13~~!!

13 wei~~!!
What were you doing when you were 13?

Just finish UPSR, going to start new life in secondary school?
Still playing game, watching cartoon and munching sweet?

At the age of 13:
Shi HuangDi already started planning and building his grave.
Yue Fei has already defeated the Jin soldiers and return with victory.

People were so matured and contributed to the society since so small in those days.

Shi HuangDi built a terracotta city, hoping that those soldiers can assist him to conquer the world afterlife.

He hired craftman to mould so many soldiers with different faces and facial expression.
But some believed that he actually mould the soldiers alive.
Meaning, putting cement or earth on the soldiers and cover them directly.
If not how to get so many types of different faces?
Well, nobody will knock the terracotta to find out what is inside, so it remains as a rumour and mysterious.

Those days, people are so intelligent, not only good in art, but also astrology, geographical, medicine and fortune-telling.

Shi Huangdi even knew how to use mercury to build his tomb!
It is believed that there are many many jewelry and treasures inside Shi Huangdi's tomb.
But nobody dare to open his tomb, because he has filled his tomb with mercury.
If people open up his tomb, the mercury will react with the oxygen and melt everything away.

That's brilliant!
First of all, how did he know that mercury got this property?
How the people inject the mercury into his tomb and seal it without letting the oxygen react with the mercury? Or without letting the mercury diffuse out from the tomb?

Not only Shi HuangDi.
Actually all the emperors in China (including those kingdoms before China was formed), planned and built their tomb since many many years ago before they turned old.

I went to Ming tomb few years ago.
This tomb belongs to an Emperor, who played and get drunk everyday,
until people didn't know what to write to praise him on his gravestone.

(All the Emperors' gravestone will have words on it to praise what he has done during his lifetime, what has he contributed to the country and bla bla bla.... )

Thus, his tomb is the only tomb with no word on the gravestone at all.
Chinese called it "no word stone"
Takkan people write there: this Emperor only know how to enjoy his alcohol and woman everyday. Right?

So, when I enter the tomb, I got a shock of my life.
I didn't know that coffin can be so big~~~!

Taller than a human!!!
Another two shorter coffins beside were the West Empress and East Empress
(Mandarin: 东宫娘娘 and 西宫娘娘).
As every emperor will have two empresses.
Each in charge of one female palace, which are the east palace and west palace.

The coffin is so huge because it was being layered with jewelry, jades, crystals and all sorts of treasures, then only lie the body of the emperor on top of all these things.

So, imagine how rich the emperor was!!

See the candle in front of the chair or not?
This candle is being lighted for at least 300 years since the day the emperor being buried inside this tomb.
The fire never put off.
The candle never finish burnt.
Until the day archeologist open the first hole of this tomb, then only the candle was being put off!

Amazing amazing amazing!
How the emperor can design in such a way that the candle can light up for so long?

Well, there are more shocking stories about emperors' tomb...
But by having such a great tomb, will it help to reduce their sin?

How do you want to design your own grave?