Sunday, February 22, 2009

What is your hair colour?

2009, what is the trend for woman's hair?

If you like short hair,
then try this: The cropped bob

For long hair, straight perm is still the trend.

or long flowing wavy hair.

In terms of colour, peroxide blonde is in trend.

I'm sure many people love colouring their hair...

Even my dad also colour his hair into so black at his age of 81, so people thought that he is only 60 ...

But there is always a price to pay for man-made beauty.

Colour your hair too much, not only causing your house messy (for those who do it themselves)

You can spoil your kidney too!!!

Yes, you heard me right.

Colour hair can pollute your kidneys~~!!!

In Chinese Medicine, Kidney in charge of hair.
So when you dye your hair with chemical colour, the chemical will somehow get to the kidneys, and pollute it.

Want to look pretty or want to be healthy?
You choose....

I got my secret way to look pretty in healthy way...haha ... want to know?


foongpc said...

Yes, dye is toxic to humans. Destroys the kidney for sure. SO what's your secret to have nice hair?

Rad Sujanto said...

WOW that's very new to me! Well I've been changing my hair color (not so often though) since I was in Junior High School!

I have to stop this habit then... or not ;p

~LeuMaS~ said...

oh God~ i never knw tat this will spoil our kidney...i think i better stop changing my hair colour so frequently

Hijackqueen said...

Good thing I never dare to look different. Never did once I dye my hair. Tell us, tell us. What is your secret!

[SK] said...

oh i didn't know dying hair would harm the kidney.. anyway, the last time i dye my hair was more than 5 years ago.. am happy with my natural black here :)

*Anton* said...

Those kidneys really do look awful!


Twilight Zone said...

AAaarrrrrrrr! I won't dye my hair gold anymore.

straight a student said...

Aiyo I plan to dye my hair red for party this school holidays. Maybe use spray will do - Safe or not?

TZ said...

errrrrr..... really? so how u take care in a healthy way...???

vialentino said...

oh gross ler...the last picture

nice to meet u btw.

Perky said...

what? wear a wig is it?

After seeing this pic, I will never ever dye my hair ever again!

A Common Singaporean said...

I choose to color. Want face don't want life. OMG I am such a vain bastard!!

Color once in a while oni can?

Uncle Lee said...

I just love women with long black hair. Lee.

vincent said...

yuck! *pening*
cannot imagine...

to twilight zone:
omg, ur hair is gold? can u sell it when u don hav money lolz

MiChi said...

foongpc, Hijackqueen, TZ, Perky, straight a student:
haha... my secret is, I highlight my hair. I make sure the colour does not reach the root of my hair. This can reduce the amount of chemical polluting my kidneys, though not 100% safe, but better then dye hair le.

Rad Sujanto:
Ya, dangerous la..

Good boy~~!

Ya, we should be proud of our black hair le.

Scary to me...

Twilight Zone:
Gold? so ah beng ah?

heh heh.. you have a nice day.

A Common Singaporean:
Haha... wah, you really love beauty more than your life? Once a while is still not ok le.

Uncle Lee:
I have long black hair... haha...

luckily your school don't allow students to dye hair

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Hehe, luckily I didnt dye my hair. Great to know this.

Johnny Ong said...

that's a really yucky kidney to look at