Friday, December 11, 2009

Do you have the same headache?

When you urinate, do you sit? or squat? or stand?
If you are a female, do you sit or squat?
If you are a male, do you sit, or squat, or stand?


Really curious ....

Ok, ok....
If you are the person that have to sit when urinating, whether you are a guy or a girl,
but the toilet bowl has got some urine droplets like this:

Or got piece of "shit"

will you still sit?
Or you will wipe with toilet paper first... then sit?
or you will rather squat?
Or stand?

Next question is .... public toilet has got so many people use the toilet bowl, if you still sit, will you sit on all the germs on the sit cover?

Or your size does not allow you to squat, will you still squat when the toilet bowl is dirty?

This photo has been circulating around showing the outcome of a girl squat on toilet bowl:

ok.... now you may choose a flat toilet to use instead of having a bowl.

But normally guy will not aim accurately to the hole... (hei hei.... what hole?)
So the urine normally spill or jump on the floor here and there... and dirty the toilet.

I think maybe guy can use this to help them to aim:Or
the public toilet should provide a bottle for those who need it.

Or using this will be most accurate?

I'm just so curious how you guys urinate while trying to maintain the cleanliness of the toilet...


this is a crazy post.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What make a good teacher?

Found this article:

by Laura Greene, Augustana College
from "The National Teaching & Learning FORUM"
Volume 14, Number 2, February 2005
I sometimes think that students must feel as though they live in a world of questions not their own. Teachers often provide students with questions for a reading assignment in advance ("Here are some questions I'd like you to think about for next Wednesday's reading"); even more regularly, they assign questions to be answered in papers or on tests. Reasonably enough, most students conclude that it is the teacher's job to ask, and their job to answer. And if they get the answer right, they've learned something.

Most of us who teach make pretty different assumptions. We know that inquiry lies at the heart of every academic endeavor. The best professors don't want to teach their students the "facts" of the discipline so much as they want to help them construct knowledge by asking interesting questions within that discipline. We want our students to inquire - with energy, commitment, and passion.

Research shown that, by asking question, student's brain will be stimulated.

Questions asked by the teacher will guide a student into thinking and the student will be able to learn on his own for the rest of his life.

But, some students hate the teacher for asking questions on the topic they are learning.

They prefer the teacher to give them the answer directly.

What do you think? Should the teacher compromise or stick to the method that the teacher know best for the student?

Did you come across any good teacher in your life?

What is a good teacher to you?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I have got it~!!


I've got my certificate in
Clinical Hypnotherapy!


What made me take up this course?
(Thanks to twilight for the sponsor!!!)

First of all, I personally experienced the benefit of hynosis.
It helped me and the effect last until now.

Secondly, nowadays most people have mental problem.
What I mean is,
Not retarded or crazy people, ok?

They are just too stress over life.

And mentally weak towards things.
like... too addicted towards something...
Have phobia over certain thing....
Run away from reality....
Living in fantasy....

I wish that I can help this people.

They might be people with high IQ

But when emotion kick-in ... no matter how smart the person is, he will somehow surrender and let his emotion control him.

That's why people said, have good IQ, not as good as have good EQ.

For me, have good EQ, not as good as having good MQ....

Having good Moral Quotient, is much better than anything.
You may have good IQ, but when you are angry over thing, you may do something stupid...

And when you manage to control your emotion successfully, but when there is some moral issue, you just keep your emotion cool and ignore it, which is not the highest attainment yet.

We should be able to control ourselves.
Control our emotion.
Control our mood.

Otherwise, please look for me.
Let me hypnotise you....!


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Healing hands part 2

I have a friend.
She has been having low blood pressure all this while.

One day...
Her pressure suddenly shoot up,
and she fainted.....

She was sent to a famous hospital in KL, where the husband is a famous specialist there....
After weeks of checking and scanning, no doctor know what's wrong with her.

Everything seems normal for her.
So, in the end, doctor suspect that one of her organ secretes funny hormone.
To test that organ whether really secretes that funny hormone, the hospital has to order the tester from oversea.
And it needs 3 weeks to deliver to the hospital~~~!!!!!

Poor friend...
Has to suffer and stay in the hospital....
Because when the attack comes, she will just have to bear with the high blood pressure and fainted.

After 3 weeks,
the tester finally arrived...
the result shown normal~!
Nothing is wrong with her hormone...

Wow... with a doctor husband and all professional doctor friends checking for her, no result ...

She visits Chinese doctor for treatment and acupuncture.
She felt frustrated... But she really does not know what to do.

Well.... I am not trying to say that modern medicine is not good.
But the knowledge of traditional medicine has been accumulated for thousands years, we should acknowledge it's effectiveness and contribution too....

Anyway...Again, I just hope that doctor can have wide and deep knowledge about every sickness...
Human life...
Not play play one....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Healing Hands

During this trip went back to Penang,
Dad got a good masseur to carry out some rigorous massage for him.

The masseur found a few points where the "chi" and blood got blocked.
He tried to push and clear the blockage for dad.
While pushing hard, he explained to dad about those points.
And what can those acupuncture points meant. If any blockage existed,  what would be the consequences.

Dad was sooooo AMAZED with dropped jaw!
The masseur told dad that if he had gotten good massages many years ago, cleared the blockages on and off, he need not undergo for his triple heart's bypass!!! Dad was speechless!

Dad was further shocked!
He being a western forensic chemist, Dad used to believe with bias in western medicine only, after I learnt Chinese Medicine, me and Twilight slowly explained to him about the benefit of Chinese Medicine.
He gradually accepted slowly but with doubts somewhere.

This time the masseur really could precisely point out his health problem to him, so dad really had to believe in these type of traditional massage.

My thoughts pondered a while,
also thinking of those cardiac surgeons we know well.
How would the surgeon feel if he knew that actually he does not need to perform operation for dad?
Would he feel guilty?
Would he feel that his knowledge is not broad and far enough to give the best benefit to his patient?

I have lots of funny experiences with western medicine.
Because since small, I'm already a "medicine can" (mandarin description, meaning I was weak and always have to take medicine, just like the medicine can keeping all medicine inside)

There was once, I got some inflamation on the skin of my stomach, and the "nanah" puss accumulated like small hill.
I went to general hospital.
The doctor who treated me was a trainee.
Instead of looking into my problem...
he asked me to go to another building,
to check my eye-sight first~~!!!!

I was sooooo disappointed.

Then, another time I had really high fever.
Told the doctor that I am allergic to aspirin or any analgesic.
He still gave me ASPIRIN!!
My eyes went swollen until like gold fish that night,
added with severe asthma attack.

I got so feddaaaap....
And went to learn Chinese medicine myself from Beijing's professors.
Hoping that I could be a Chinese SinSeh and help sick people to find the right treatment.

During my course, I learn that:
Western medicine is like, see the leaf yellow, they just pluck the leaf away.
Whereas Chinese medicine, see the leaf yellow, they know that the root problem is, the tree has got not enough water, so they will water the plant.

The effect may be slow.
But it is treating the root problem.

That time got one patient came to our clinic, and complained that he had stomach ache for many months, modern medicine could not help.
The doctor only gave him gastric pills.

When my lecturer checked his pulse and everything, found that he suffered from liver problem and suspect it was liver CANCER!!
True enough, the patient in the end died of liver cancer due to late treatment.

But then, Chinese medicine is not everything too.
I coughed for 4 months plus, visited so many Chinese doctors, still not cured.
In the end I went back to modern medicine and get some antibiotic and cough mixture, still could not cure~~!!

So Granny Twilight fed me with Yoh-mei-shu, I recovered instantly! Since that day I have stopped coughing after 5 months.
By then, I realized that my lungs were extremely weak to zero.

I am relieved that I never made it to be a Chinese sinseh.
Because I felt that to be a doctor, the knowledge have to be wide and deep.
Because it involves human life!!!
Cannot play play la...
It is nothing glamorous to be doctor, but have to be humble and really serve the people.

People has been talking about globalization.
I think doctor also have to globalize their knowledge.
Not to stick to one method only.
Maybe should explore about ayurveda.

chinese acupunture....

Combine with aromatherapy....

and hypnotherapy...

Doctors should not just treat the body,
but also treat a person's mind and soul too. become a doctor, it's not easy.
Morality still comes first.
I wish all the doctors have healing hands and bodhisattva hearts.

Monday, September 07, 2009

The Seven Days of Thai Buddhism

For those who are born on Sunday:
Sunday is the Day of Restraint with red being the color of those born on this day of the week.
The image of the Buddha for Sunday is shown below:

A person born on a Sunday is respectable, wise, loved by friends and family. He is likely to be in a professional occupation. His lucky day is Wednesday and lucky color is green while the unlucky day is Friday and unlucky color is blue.

For those who are born on Monday:
Monday is the day of Making Peace.
Those who are born on Monday have good memory and love travel. He may be in a skilled occupation. His lucky day is Saturday and lucky color is black. His unlucky day is Sunday and unlucky color is orange.

Buddha image for Monday:

Tuesday is a Sleeping Day.
The image of Buddha for Tuesday is shown below:

The gesture represent complete peace and detachment from the world. It was believed that the Buddha entered Nirvana on this day of the week.

For those who are born on Tuesday, they are serious, brave and active most probably in the services. HIs lucky day is Thursday and lucky color is yellow. The unlucky day is Monday and the unlucky color is white.

For those who are born on Wednesday, it is divided into day and night.
For those who are born in the day, he is protected by the below buddha:

The person born on Wednesday morning is polite, artistic and emotional. He is most likely working creatively. Wednesday night is their lucky time and the lucky color is green. His unlucky day is Tuesday and the unlucky color is pink.

For those who are born in the evening of Wednesday, they are protected by the below buddha:
It shows the respect of all living things for the Buddha.
If you are born in the evening of Wednesday, you are most likely to be hard working and honest, and most probably employed in a profession.
His lucky day is Monday and the lucky color is white. His unlucky day is Thursday and the unlucky color is yellow.

Thursday is the day of Meditation.
For those who are born on Thursday, they can go into meditation easily.
So, if you are born on Thursday, you are peaceful, calm and honest, and are protected by this buddha:

Your lucky day is Sunday and the lucky color is orange. The unlucky day is Saturday and the unlucky color is black.

For those who are born on Friday, they are protected by this Buddha:

He is a fun loving, friendly and ambitious person, most probably an entertainer or public figure. His lucky day is Tuesday and the lucky color is pink. The unlucky day is Wednesday and unlucky colour is light green.

For those who are born on Saturday, they are protected by this Buddha:

This person is calm, logical and a bit of recluse.
He is likely engaged in manual work ofa skilled nature. The lucky day is Friday and the lucky color is blue. The unlucky day is Wednesday during the daytime with the unlucky color of green.

So, is it true describing you?

The above information can be viewed from:

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Which day you were born?

I went to Wat Chalong during my stay in Phuket.

I didn't know the history of this temple. Just felt that it is so nice and so glory.
It's actually a temple to commemorate a monk who has help to protect Phuket in the 1800an.

The temple has many Buddha statues. Some are lying down, some are sitting with different positions, some are standing.

My Thai friend told me that different position represent different form of the Buddha who protect the human being who born on different day.
For example, those who are born on Thursday, will be protected by the one lying down. Those who are born on Monday, will be protected by the Buddha which is sitting right up....
I forgot which position is for which day.

I only know that I'm protected by this form:

Because I was born on Saturday

Do you know which day you were born?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Body and Mind

Blue sky ...
Cotton-white cloud ...
And crystal clear sea-water ...

Phuket, I like it!

Before I go, I thought Phuket is a well-developed city like Penang...
But when aeroplane touched down Phuket International airport on Sunday night, I see darkness everywhere.
My eyes were wide open, seeing all the small small light here and there ...
Only I realise, Phuket is still having natural and simple lifestyle!

I mean, it's an international tourist spot, yet it is still quite tranquil ...

This is Patong Beach, where I stayed throughout my holiday here.
It rained almost everyday, but all are short term rain.
Like someone in the sky water flower...Heavy rain just sweep through the town, then sunlight come out again.

My first aim for this holiday is go snorkeling ... Yes, I did it! But when I went inside the sea, I suddenly chicken-out ... end up only manage to see fishes, not coral :(

Beside sea-water, Patong Beach is famous for its night-life.
I went to a club with some friends, it's really a crazy night and I enjoyed it so much~~!!

Vodka lime, Kaloa Coke, dancing girl ... crazy dancing on the floor ...

During the day, we went sight-seeing ... Visit the beach for suntan..

At night, we see different scenery...

Pretty girl? They are man le....! so lady like until I felt shame of myself...

They will smile sweetly and wave to you, ask you go over and take photo with them.
If you reject them, they will shout at you!
I got a shock....
Better don't disturb them wey..!

Going for vacation, most importantly is to have good company.
I had a group of friends who really made a good company for this trip.
I laugh so much...They are all crazy people~~!!
6 friends: 4 Thai-friends, 1 Penang-friend, and 1 from England...
Nok, Noi, Prim, Mumi, Christine and Tina... We will meet again!

I realize, to have good holiday, not so much of the surrounding.
It is about our mind, whether we are relax, prepared and enjoy it.

Life is short, just enjoy whenever we can, right?

Monday, August 10, 2009

I met with a historical man

I was assigned to fetch this patient to Hospis the other day.
Along the journey from his house to Hospis, he told me about his history.
I was like, wow~~! I bumped into a historical man!!!

(See the photo above)
His name is Mr. Loke.
He is 85 years old!
And he was one of the many labourers who built the death railway in Kanchanaburi~~!!!!

When he told me: Do You know the death railway on River Kwai?
Me: Yeah~~~ I had been wanted to visit it.
Mr. Loke: I was one of the many who built it.
Me:! Why did you want to work there? Better money?

hahahah...... so silly la me~~!!!

I thought he wanted to "jump aeroplane" and earn good money~~!!!

He replied: Not I wanted to work there! The Japanese soldiers caught us to work there~~!!!
He: all the healthy teenagers were sent there to build the bridge.
He: That time Japanese wanted to attack India, but they cannot use the sea-route, because on the sea, they got no where to hide, the British will sure be able to bomb them.
He: Therefore, the Japanese think of building the railway to connect Thailand and Burma, and then from Burma, they can enter India and attack that country.

It was so tough to build the railway track, because everyday at 1pm, the British warplane will fly to Kanchanaburi and drop bombs to break the bridge.

When the planes come, all these labourers and POW (prison of war) will have to hide in the thick jungle, so that they will not get bomb.

After the bomb over at around 6pm, they have to quickly climb down to the valley and collect back all the woods, so that they can continue to build the bridge and the railway track.

So many Mat Salleh were being caught and sent there to build the railway too.

They are all prisons of war....

Even if they are sick, having high fever or terrible cough, they still have to work.
No MC, no rest day ....

The Japanese everyday will patrol around, checking who was lazying.
If they found anyone not doing their work, surely the ass will get hot and spicy treatment.

Mr. Loke was telling me how much he had gone through during that three-and-a-half years.
He said there was always repair work to be done as the British fighter planes from India had bombed bridges and railway stations along the Siam-Burmese border. They had to work under the scorching sun to repair the damaged tracks.

The workers also had to go down the river to remove the wooden beams of the bridges that had been bombed, to enable new structures to be erected. It was exhausting work. They had to work late into the night. Though they were exhausted, they had to keep working, otherwise the soldiers would beat them with sticks. Many workers fell ill and died. Each camp had 500 to 600 workers, but the number dwindled as the workers succumbed to malaria and dysentery. However, new workers were brought in to join them.

After the war was over, he still could not go home yet, because all the railway tracks were damaged!
They had to spend months to repair the railway, so that the train can come to their camp and pick them up.

Then Mr. Loke was sent to Bangkok, and waited there for 7 months, for the ship to come and send all of them to Singapore.

It was a long journey home.... When he told me finally he manage to board a ship, and reached Singapore, he still cannot go home yet.... The government quarantine them for one week, then only allow them to take train home.

When I hear until the part that he managed to take a train home, the government some more gave them $5 each, I cried~~!!
I felt the feeling of being home... It is so nice to be home....

It's a touching story...
We are so fortunate to live in a peaceful day.
But yet let all the human problem bother us.
Friends don't "friend" us la... office politics la... parents problem la ...
It all looks so small matter now....

(More info and photos can be found at: