Thursday, January 31, 2013

Déjà vu

I first heard about this word was from "The Matrix".

Keanu Reeves was running up a staircase trying to escape from the enemies, and he saw a cat at the corner of the stairs again and again when he ran higher and higher up the stairs. He mumbled: "Déjà vu!" ... Ya, that's where I learnt it.

If you google about this word, you will know that it is describing a situation whereby you have a strong sensation that the particular event or experience you are currently experiencing had been experienced in the past.

For example, this morning you went for breakfast. When you reached the particular coffee shop, you walked to a hawker and told the hawker something about yourself... And "deng~~!!!", you realised the whole picture was like happened before! But that was something new that you are telling the hawker!


I always have this kind of experience, as if I dreamed about it before... Or it happened to me before...

Another phenomenon is that, we keep our thinking pattern the same at all time...

For example, when I write my blog or diary, many times I tend to repeat the same topic and the same content that I have written before again and again.

There is this really experienced brain surgeon found out that, every one has their own thinking pattern, no one has the same; and.... whether you are at your baby time, or as old as 90 years old, your thinking pattern never change!!

Does that explain why we keep thinking the same way? Why we keep giving the same answer to the particular question? Why we keep doing things the same way? Why we maintain as stubborn as when we were young? Deja Vu?

Does this explain why we keep reincarnate again and again, and hardly able to jump out from this cycle?

We are living in an illusion world. Therefore, every information we get are repeat information ...Break your thinking pattern, break the "Déjà vu"... Who knows, you have new discovery!?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


There are information floated and most people had already knew the differences between the left and right brain. Of course, for the neurologist, they might still busy finding proves for all these differences.

One of the differences that shaken me for a while is that, conscious mind is a sequence mind.

Sequence mind meaning that we know after sunset, then it will be dark night, follow by dawn, bright morning, hot afternoon, relaxing evening, dawn ... and the sequence repeats.

Or we know the counting of 1 to 10 by sequence...

We know yesterday has passed and tomorrow is coming after today...

But, our unconscious mind has no sequence!

Which is real? sequence, or actually there is no sequence in this world?!

When we dream at night, we think that our dream is real. Only when we had woken up, we realized it was just a dream...

Who knows, we think we are in a real human world with all the touchable solid objects around us, but we are still in another level of dream?

The unconscious mind may have the answer, just that, it was being filtered by our consciousness...

So, what is real to you?