Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Basic Kitchen Fengshui

We always neglect the invicible world.
There are so many things happening in the invicible space.
Of course I'm not only talking about the spiritual world.
But those invicible things that exist in our world.
Like infrared, UV, microwave, radiowave ... and etc.

For example, we don't know what is happening in the sky at all time.

Do you know that actually the movement of the air, can generate a big wave?

Let say there is a rain in one of the small village in Africa.
This rain can cause the air to produce wave. And the wave can travel all the way until Europe.
And along the way, it gathers more and more energy.

And causing Hurricane in Europe ~~!!
(The scientist recently found out about this)

Even a small activity in one end of the world, can cause some wave generated, and bring disaster to the other end of the world.

Fengshui is also talking about air movement.

Why it is not good to have your stove stand in the middle of your kitchen?
First of all, stove represents your food merits.
It needs to gather energy.If you put your stove in the middle, the air flow will always disturb the energy gathered around the stove:

Remember? Whatever shape gathers whatever energy?
Stove definitely will gather food merits.
When it cannot gather energy, your food merits will not be stable too.
The consequences is, your business or income may not be stable.

How to check whether your stove is ok or not?

Here are some simple tips for you to follow. Basically this is alright for everyone, regardless of what type of Ba-Zi (birthdate) you have.

Example 1:

Never allow your stove facing the water tap as shown in the picture above and below.I’ve seen so many cases, that, when the stove faces the water tap, the husband and wife always quarrel … and after 10 years, they divorce. For all the cases I seen, all happened.

Example 2: Water tap beside the stove also cannot.
Water carries cold energy. Stove carries hot energy.
Two different temperature energies mix together, sure create explosion.

Example 3:

Now, for the example above, the stove and water tap should be L-shape to each other.
But still not right.
Because there is no support behind the stove, how to gather energy?

Example 4:

This stove has got a wall behind, suppose to be good.
But it has windows beside. The air will be busy flowing in and out and disturb the stove energy!
No good … No good …
Make sure no windows behind your stove.

Example 5:

Can you tell me what’s wrong with this stove?
Yes, it is facing the water tap… Most condos have this type of design.
Another thing is, it is at the walk-way, or door-way …
Air will flow in once you open the door, and again, disturb the energy of the stove.

Example 6:

Stove beside the fridge or washing machine as shown in the photos above and below?
Again, fridge and washing machine carry cold energy (water element), definitely cannot put beside the stove.

Example 8:

Now, this one is ok.
Not facing the water tap.
Behind got wall to gather energy.
Not at the door-way.

That’s all for today.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Basic Fengshui

"Fengshui" is always an arguable topic, which not everybody can agree to it.

"Fengshui" is actually all about energy.
It is the science of harnessing energy.
It is all base on philosophical, astrological, cosmological, mathematical, geographical and physics concepts.
Fengshui is about how we balance the energy of the surrounding so that it became the supporting energy to us.
It is how we create a harmony surrounding so that we can balance our energy with the nature.
Fengshui has nothing to do with religion.
It is not magic either.

Fengshui is like the story of boiling a frog slowly, it takes at least 7 years to show the effects.
Please do not have myth that if you are staying in a not so suitable fengshui place, means you will fall sick instantly...
Or disaster have to fall on you... or your family will be broken in the very next moment ...

not so dramatic la.

It takes time to ripe.

Chinese has a saying: 一命二运

There are three elements influence our life: Birthdate, merits (luck), fengshui

The first one is our birthdate.
Well, we cannot choose when to be born.
So, we cannot do anything for the first element to change our fate to a better.

The second element is our merits, or luck.
It depends on how much prayer and charity we did.
This is within our control, but depends on how much effort you can put in.

The third element is fengshui.
This is the easiest element to change, to help our life to be better.
Why not we modify the "fengshui" arround us, and create a smoother path for us in whatever we are doing?

That is why we need to know fengshui.
So that we can change the unsupportive energy to become the supportive energy.
So that we can balance the unbalance energy in our home or work place.

In the example that I gave previously,
regarding the condominium carpark ...
Many developers nowadays try to squeeze every inch of the land, make full use of it, to earn the maximum money.
That is why they build the carpark underneath the staying unit.
There are still many condominium with carpark just surrounding the staying unit, instead of underneath.

Human is very tolerant.
They will just accept what came to them.
Like the modern world is changing such that the condominium have carpark underneath, human will just accept it as it is alright to be like that.

Well, if the carpark is underneath the condominium, and if it is not good, will it affect the thousand units of people who are staying there?

Definitely it will...
But if a person has strong merits, then he will not get affected so much.


If a person's work suppose to have lesser obstacles, he may have more headache after staying in this type of condominium.

That's all, nothing dramatic will happen.

Again, you choose the suitable energy for yourself.
So that your sailing is smooth.

Just like everybody is taking the same amount of food, some will get fat, some will fall sick, some will just be normal.
It depends on a person's immunity system, right?

So if everybody stay in the same condominium, some will get affected a lot, some little, some is fine, it depends on their good karma too...

But if you have a choice, why not eat healthily, so that you won't fall sick?
Same thing, if you have a choice, stay in a better condominium, instead of risk your luck.

But for business, they need to have moving energy, and not static energy.
Thus, it is fine for shopping complex or office building to have carpark underneath.

For places to stay and sleep, we need static energy, not so much of movement, so that we can tap into the good energy from the ground.

There are many aspects that we have to consider in calculating the energy.
What I share here is just a general guideline.

I personally saw many cases, where fengshui really affected their career, or family, or health, or wealth.
Like the example of the grave of my friend's parents, that affect him to have backache...

All are real cases.

Ok, Today share one more tip with you all.

Never have an island stove in your kitchen like this:

I will explain in my next post.
Meanwhile, you can argue or give your opinion, that's how we learn, right?

Fengshui ...
Believe it or not?
It is up to you...

I choose to believe, because I can see it myself. I can prove it with science.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fengshui vs Physics

In the physical world, different shapes would cause different impacts on different things.
For example,
we knew that the shape of the pyramid could gather infinite energy:

That is why when someone falls sick, for those who knew this, they would imagine that they are sitting inside the pyramid, gathering all the healing energy, and they can recover at faster rate  compared to those who didn't adopt this mental healing.

Another example:
Magnifying glass can capture & magnify sunlight and igniting to burn paper or leaf, or any flammable object.

Why do I share this two examples?
Because I'm trying to explain, the shape of the house will affect the house fengshui.
Whatever shapes will attract whatever relevant frequency.
So you may be surprise, that tortoise-shaped grave can really influence the next generation to have longer life as mention in my previous post!
Of course we have to consider other aspects like a person's karmas.
But Fengshui is one of the great elements that we should not overlook or under estimate.

Today just share one simple tip with you all.

If you are planning to buy a condominium to stay,
make sure that the car park is not right under the staying unit like this:
It is definitely not a good fengshui.
Because when the car turning up and down in the car park, that's mean your unit underneath always got turning is not a stable energy at all.
So, any good luck come will get swirled away...!

Will find time to write more simple fengshui tips...

Hope my workload can over soon...