Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fengshui vs Physics

In the physical world, different shapes would cause different impacts on different things.
For example,
we knew that the shape of the pyramid could gather infinite energy:

That is why when someone falls sick, for those who knew this, they would imagine that they are sitting inside the pyramid, gathering all the healing energy, and they can recover at faster rate  compared to those who didn't adopt this mental healing.

Another example:
Magnifying glass can capture & magnify sunlight and igniting to burn paper or leaf, or any flammable object.

Why do I share this two examples?
Because I'm trying to explain, the shape of the house will affect the house fengshui.
Whatever shapes will attract whatever relevant frequency.
So you may be surprise, that tortoise-shaped grave can really influence the next generation to have longer life as mention in my previous post!
Of course we have to consider other aspects like a person's karmas.
But Fengshui is one of the great elements that we should not overlook or under estimate.

Today just share one simple tip with you all.

If you are planning to buy a condominium to stay,
make sure that the car park is not right under the staying unit like this:
It is definitely not a good fengshui.
Because when the car turning up and down in the car park, that's mean your unit underneath always got turning is not a stable energy at all.
So, any good luck come will get swirled away...!

Will find time to write more simple fengshui tips...

Hope my workload can over soon...


[SK] said...

but nowadays most are built with basement carpark woh.. anything that can overcome this, sifu??

foongpc said...

SK is right, most have basement car park underneath, so not good to stay at such condos?

A lot of shopping complexes also like that, does that mean business will not be good?

Must try the pyramid thingy to rejuvenate my energy! : )

Hijackqueen said...

this one I cannot agree with you leh. Meaning all the one thousands residence will get bad teng shui? If roof top car park also no good wat. Everyday will get headache. For developer, if don't build basement carpark then there will be a lack of parking space. Then meaning less buyer. Then feng shui ma no good. Aiyoh. Maciam ni i lagi. Headache.

Bengbeng said...

fengshui is relevant but sometimes we cannot afford to follow it too closely like this parking under the condo thingy.

A Common Singaporean said...

Seems like a lot of bloggers are against u? hahaha.

I am sure there is always a way to counter bad fengshui, which makes a difference for ppl who believe in fengshui and those who does not. which u will probably dicuss in yr future posts?

I am just thinking, out of the blue. So that is the reason why meditation (yoga, chanting etc) sits in the pyramid position, cross legged?

::. Anton ::. said...

The pyramid reminded me of a retreat in Pahang that I went to a couple years ago. It used to belong to Falun Gong and they built a pyramid structure for participants to meditate and chant. Wonderful place.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Michi, feng shui is a facinating subject...and I enjoy reading about it too.
Interesting post this.
Best regards, Lee.

MiChi said...

SK, foongpc, Hijackqueen, Bengbeng:
heheh... it's ok if you cannot agree to it... just look at it as some knowledge that you read, then forget about it.

A Common Singaporean:
haha... I don't look at it as against le... It's a discussion and everybody is free to say anything. That's how I improve myself...

Yes, there is always a solution for every problem... Will sure discuss about it in future.

I never think of meditation post is pyramid shape, you are really observant.

Wow!!! I'm not "Fa-Lun-Gong" member!! haha... seriously not la.

I'm a Tibetan Buddist...

This pyramid healing method is from the westerm people one... don't how fa-lun-gong apply into their own meditation.

Lewis N. Clark said...

In the physical world, different shapes would cause different impacts on different things. fengshui