Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Basic Kitchen Fengshui

We always neglect the invicible world.
There are so many things happening in the invicible space.
Of course I'm not only talking about the spiritual world.
But those invicible things that exist in our world.
Like infrared, UV, microwave, radiowave ... and etc.

For example, we don't know what is happening in the sky at all time.

Do you know that actually the movement of the air, can generate a big wave?

Let say there is a rain in one of the small village in Africa.
This rain can cause the air to produce wave. And the wave can travel all the way until Europe.
And along the way, it gathers more and more energy.

And causing Hurricane in Europe ~~!!
(The scientist recently found out about this)

Even a small activity in one end of the world, can cause some wave generated, and bring disaster to the other end of the world.

Fengshui is also talking about air movement.

Why it is not good to have your stove stand in the middle of your kitchen?
First of all, stove represents your food merits.
It needs to gather energy.If you put your stove in the middle, the air flow will always disturb the energy gathered around the stove:

Remember? Whatever shape gathers whatever energy?
Stove definitely will gather food merits.
When it cannot gather energy, your food merits will not be stable too.
The consequences is, your business or income may not be stable.

How to check whether your stove is ok or not?

Here are some simple tips for you to follow. Basically this is alright for everyone, regardless of what type of Ba-Zi (birthdate) you have.

Example 1:

Never allow your stove facing the water tap as shown in the picture above and below.I’ve seen so many cases, that, when the stove faces the water tap, the husband and wife always quarrel … and after 10 years, they divorce. For all the cases I seen, all happened.

Example 2: Water tap beside the stove also cannot.
Water carries cold energy. Stove carries hot energy.
Two different temperature energies mix together, sure create explosion.

Example 3:

Now, for the example above, the stove and water tap should be L-shape to each other.
But still not right.
Because there is no support behind the stove, how to gather energy?

Example 4:

This stove has got a wall behind, suppose to be good.
But it has windows beside. The air will be busy flowing in and out and disturb the stove energy!
No good … No good …
Make sure no windows behind your stove.

Example 5:

Can you tell me what’s wrong with this stove?
Yes, it is facing the water tap… Most condos have this type of design.
Another thing is, it is at the walk-way, or door-way …
Air will flow in once you open the door, and again, disturb the energy of the stove.

Example 6:

Stove beside the fridge or washing machine as shown in the photos above and below?
Again, fridge and washing machine carry cold energy (water element), definitely cannot put beside the stove.

Example 8:

Now, this one is ok.
Not facing the water tap.
Behind got wall to gather energy.
Not at the door-way.

That’s all for today.


A Common Singaporean said...

Thats a very good tip. And unfortunately our house stove is facing direct to the water tap, and there are 2 doors. One facing towards the tap, the other is just at the side of the stove. In this scenario, will the energies flow out from one door to the next?

::. Anton ::. said...

Waaaa, a lot of expensive mat salleh kitchens are bad then, since their design tends to put the stove and sink in the middle of the kitchen. Pity those small kitchens though, since there's not much they cld do due to lack of space.

I think mine is ok, although the stove is against the window (but never opened since we open the door instead).


Twilight Zone said...

So Anton cooks packet green curries and Japanese curries in a nice stove beside the window? LMAO!

Jasin Ker said...

Good knowledge sharing !

Between any solution to address those designs like placing something at somewhere ?

~LeuMaS~ said...

wow~ then very difficult to buy house wo~ coz mostly the design of the kitchen represent the bad fengshui~~~

if the fengshui in kitchen is not good, got any way to block the bad things frm coming?

[SK] said...

wow, that is so informative!! thanks for the lesson, i've learnt a great deal of feng shui knowledge now.. :)

Rad Sujanto said...

Hi hi!

Oh god, my stove is just one meter away from the water tap? and it faces a door. How would I be able to change it? I mean they're fixed there and can hardly be moved! :((

Medie007 said...

cool then! hehehe me house punyer kitchen feng shui is GOOD. :P hehehehe

nice to have met u MiChi. ;)

foongpc said...

Very informative. But I won't worry too much about things I cannot change.

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

I have one question lo, if the stove is facing toilet..then what's the best way to remedy it without having to renovate the kitchen?

Hijackqueen said...

Double phew! My kitchen design is exactly like the last picture. What is the best colour for kitchen wall? Heard that they have to be earth colour and cannot have red or blue. Betul ka?

MiChi said...

A Common Singaporean:
Yes, the energy will flow away. You have to change your stove to elsewhere, or shift away your water tap, that's the only way.

Yes, lots of mat salleh designed are not really good in terms of fengshui. Chinese's design is still the best. Look at olden day chinese courtyard, all good fengshui layout.

You cook nice spaghetti ... haha!

Jasin Ker, Rad Sujanto:
The only solution is to shift the stove or water tap away.

Nice to meet you too... next time be more talkative, me very key poh one... haha...

hhaha... ok...

You may have to use some bamboo blind to cover the toilet door... must be bamboo... best remedy to cut off bad energy from toilet.

Kitchen is fire element, so can use green colour to help the fire. But again, it depends on what direction is your kitchen facing...

Jaz said...

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Kitchen Cabinets said...

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