Friday, December 11, 2009

Do you have the same headache?

When you urinate, do you sit? or squat? or stand?
If you are a female, do you sit or squat?
If you are a male, do you sit, or squat, or stand?


Really curious ....

Ok, ok....
If you are the person that have to sit when urinating, whether you are a guy or a girl,
but the toilet bowl has got some urine droplets like this:

Or got piece of "shit"

will you still sit?
Or you will wipe with toilet paper first... then sit?
or you will rather squat?
Or stand?

Next question is .... public toilet has got so many people use the toilet bowl, if you still sit, will you sit on all the germs on the sit cover?

Or your size does not allow you to squat, will you still squat when the toilet bowl is dirty?

This photo has been circulating around showing the outcome of a girl squat on toilet bowl:

ok.... now you may choose a flat toilet to use instead of having a bowl.

But normally guy will not aim accurately to the hole... (hei hei.... what hole?)
So the urine normally spill or jump on the floor here and there... and dirty the toilet.

I think maybe guy can use this to help them to aim:Or
the public toilet should provide a bottle for those who need it.

Or using this will be most accurate?

I'm just so curious how you guys urinate while trying to maintain the cleanliness of the toilet...


this is a crazy post.



omg, that girl is seriously hurt...ouch~

Medie007 said...

haha. it requires a lifetime to train to aim lor. :P but sometimes it's hard to control because it chooses to sprinkle head instead of a normal hose. lmao. but that also requires lots of practice to revert it back. hahhahhaha.

ok this is a crazy comment.

Twilight Zone said...

OMG I'm shocked to read this post....

Hey, Dr Medie, I will take you to the sharp-shooting range to train ok. Yours so Bong meh? LOL Muahahaha...

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

OMG...that girl is really hurt! By squating eh?

Gratitude said...

OMGawd OMGawd OMGawd .... granny twilight needs toilet training. That poop looked like granny had too much Yuen's choc icecream! lolz

Unlike YAB Tun Dr Kacip Fatimah Twilight, I aim well! hehe
I tend to do my duty 1st before leaving home or the office to avoid using public toilets, esp big poopies.

Wei , strange post la! :P

SJ said...

pity the girl...squat also bcome if she sit then? more germs rite

A smile from SJ =)

the happy go lucky one said...

errr... i find it true that guys will have this problem, so my best advice is to ask the guy to flush with water around the bowl after they use the toilet.
for the flat toilet bowl, becoz of the height, the urine will splash out right after hitting the bowl, so there will b some residue around.
as for the sitting toilet bowl, must drift up the lid before urinate lah :)

TZ said...

i don't use public toilet to do big biz unless it's an emergency case. So i will do all my big biz @ home.

Hmmm... aiming correctly, i think really need lots of toilet training since young... :p

Tekkaus said...

A real damn crazy post. Well..I stand. :p

KY said...

If urinate, of course stand lo.
But if doing big business, I will prefer using the squat type unless the sit one is clean. But still, would wipe and/or cover the bowl with toilet paper 1st lo.
And yeah, never ever squat on top of the toilet bowl as it's very dangerous!!

MiChi said...

Dear all adventurers upstairs:
Thanks for coming by. Yes, it is a crazy post. Sometimes we need to let our mind run wild... haha, but not our heart.

A Common Singaporean said...

yeah.. this is a crazy post.

athough seemingly an easy task for a guy to urinate, sometimes we still misalign.

my dad for instance cant aim well becos he has a big tummy that blocks his view, hahaha.

alright, i better dun talk rot abt my old man.

i want to wish u and twilight a happy new year, and a christmas greeting that comes 2 days late, hahaha.

May all the good befall on both of you! :)

日月神教-任我行 said...