Friday, January 29, 2010

Good or bad?

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My friend emailed me this.
At first I was thinking: Wah, this man is so clever... ... !
But on another thought ...Is he manipulating thing?

I think it is sinful to stir the shit up among people, just to get what we want.
This might be a short-cut, but ...
Sometimes in life, the faster we climb, the faster we fall.

Better be honest and do things step by step.

What do you think?


the happy go lucky one said...

hmmm yeah agree with u, dont think its good, and dont think things can turn out as smooth as the story lah, and sooner or later, the son, Bill gates, and world bank president will realise that he lied to everyone!


only psycho ppl will use others name to praise himself in his own blog~

fufu said...

obviously not good la! lol anyway gong xi fa cai

Johnny Ong said...

there are many opportunists out there