Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Which day you were born?

I went to Wat Chalong during my stay in Phuket.

I didn't know the history of this temple. Just felt that it is so nice and so glory.
It's actually a temple to commemorate a monk who has help to protect Phuket in the 1800an.

The temple has many Buddha statues. Some are lying down, some are sitting with different positions, some are standing.

My Thai friend told me that different position represent different form of the Buddha who protect the human being who born on different day.
For example, those who are born on Thursday, will be protected by the one lying down. Those who are born on Monday, will be protected by the Buddha which is sitting right up....
I forgot which position is for which day.

I only know that I'm protected by this form:

Because I was born on Saturday

Do you know which day you were born?


Twilight Zone said...

In case you dunno, I was born on Thursday. Maybe can ask Anton Monk google for "Buddha Positions".

Medie007 said...

ha... forgot lar...

Medie007 said...

but i know i'm under the watchful eyes of Buddha Manjushri tho.

Danny said...

i was born on Friday, the thirteen ...geng lerr? ;p
btw, finally now i can recognise u.. coa thta day was really blurr.. with so many faces..
nice meeting u :)

Jerry said...

Oct 26 1988... So I decide my Buddha base on that day??

What should I do for my Buddha Position??

the happy go lucky one said...

i dunno what day was i born wor... nvm i shall assume all buddhas protect me kekeeee :P

Leu said...

i was born in Sunday, so wats mine?

foongpc said...

That's interesting. So how many days you stayed in Phuket?

Gratitude said...

Granny Twilight ~ pls dun bully me juz bcoz I dun hv a tongkat to protect myself :P

Michi ~ Weird, but I've never known which day I wuz born. But i wuz told my chn date and time coincided with an arhat.

Tekkaus said...

This is certainly a great temple. Glorious from the outside...awesome in the inside. =)

Tekkaus said...

Ouh...different form of Buddha protect those who were born on different days? Very interesting! :p

A Common Singaporean said...

Such a simple question yet I cannot answer!!

I'll go ask my old mother. I bet she wouldn't remember.

[SK] said...

i am born on a Friday woh.. which one will protect me??

TZ said...

wait wait ... I need to ask my mom... or have to go back to the year i was born. Need some time to search... :p

Elly with the half said...

mummy told me i was born on one of the day in the 7 days.

TZ said...

I found already... my birthday is on Wednesday :) Any comment?

MiChi said...

Then you must be full of wisdom

You left so early, no chance to talk to you le... :(

So you were born on Wednesday... but day or night?

the happy go lucky one:
hahaha....you are really happy go lucky

Sunday?!! Means you should be a monk la....

I stayed for 5 days le.....but still not enough

yeah...I was also just found out about this.

Check my latest post of the Buddha for Friday ;)

Elly with the half:
You are so funny

Wednesday morning or evening?

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

I dunno what day I was born wo..;(