Monday, September 21, 2009

Healing Hands

During this trip went back to Penang,
Dad got a good masseur to carry out some rigorous massage for him.

The masseur found a few points where the "chi" and blood got blocked.
He tried to push and clear the blockage for dad.
While pushing hard, he explained to dad about those points.
And what can those acupuncture points meant. If any blockage existed,  what would be the consequences.

Dad was sooooo AMAZED with dropped jaw!
The masseur told dad that if he had gotten good massages many years ago, cleared the blockages on and off, he need not undergo for his triple heart's bypass!!! Dad was speechless!

Dad was further shocked!
He being a western forensic chemist, Dad used to believe with bias in western medicine only, after I learnt Chinese Medicine, me and Twilight slowly explained to him about the benefit of Chinese Medicine.
He gradually accepted slowly but with doubts somewhere.

This time the masseur really could precisely point out his health problem to him, so dad really had to believe in these type of traditional massage.

My thoughts pondered a while,
also thinking of those cardiac surgeons we know well.
How would the surgeon feel if he knew that actually he does not need to perform operation for dad?
Would he feel guilty?
Would he feel that his knowledge is not broad and far enough to give the best benefit to his patient?

I have lots of funny experiences with western medicine.
Because since small, I'm already a "medicine can" (mandarin description, meaning I was weak and always have to take medicine, just like the medicine can keeping all medicine inside)

There was once, I got some inflamation on the skin of my stomach, and the "nanah" puss accumulated like small hill.
I went to general hospital.
The doctor who treated me was a trainee.
Instead of looking into my problem...
he asked me to go to another building,
to check my eye-sight first~~!!!!

I was sooooo disappointed.

Then, another time I had really high fever.
Told the doctor that I am allergic to aspirin or any analgesic.
He still gave me ASPIRIN!!
My eyes went swollen until like gold fish that night,
added with severe asthma attack.

I got so feddaaaap....
And went to learn Chinese medicine myself from Beijing's professors.
Hoping that I could be a Chinese SinSeh and help sick people to find the right treatment.

During my course, I learn that:
Western medicine is like, see the leaf yellow, they just pluck the leaf away.
Whereas Chinese medicine, see the leaf yellow, they know that the root problem is, the tree has got not enough water, so they will water the plant.

The effect may be slow.
But it is treating the root problem.

That time got one patient came to our clinic, and complained that he had stomach ache for many months, modern medicine could not help.
The doctor only gave him gastric pills.

When my lecturer checked his pulse and everything, found that he suffered from liver problem and suspect it was liver CANCER!!
True enough, the patient in the end died of liver cancer due to late treatment.

But then, Chinese medicine is not everything too.
I coughed for 4 months plus, visited so many Chinese doctors, still not cured.
In the end I went back to modern medicine and get some antibiotic and cough mixture, still could not cure~~!!

So Granny Twilight fed me with Yoh-mei-shu, I recovered instantly! Since that day I have stopped coughing after 5 months.
By then, I realized that my lungs were extremely weak to zero.

I am relieved that I never made it to be a Chinese sinseh.
Because I felt that to be a doctor, the knowledge have to be wide and deep.
Because it involves human life!!!
Cannot play play la...
It is nothing glamorous to be doctor, but have to be humble and really serve the people.

People has been talking about globalization.
I think doctor also have to globalize their knowledge.
Not to stick to one method only.
Maybe should explore about ayurveda.

chinese acupunture....

Combine with aromatherapy....

and hypnotherapy...

Doctors should not just treat the body,
but also treat a person's mind and soul too. become a doctor, it's not easy.
Morality still comes first.
I wish all the doctors have healing hands and bodhisattva hearts.


Medie007 said...

indeed indeed! totally agreed!

A Common Singaporean said...

Medie sounded it up for me too.

I also had the similar frustrations. Some by the methods of Chinese doctors worked, some of them worked by the Western methods. Which is which? I am really frustrated.

Perhaps someone should come out and revolutionized this fusion thingy, the blend of western and chinese methods of treatment. Although this is going be as tough as making pigs fly, as 2 schools of thoughts cannot gel together. They might be best left alone in their own practices, leaving the patients to their own choice.

Jerry said...

Well, they say that doctor "wished" their patient never return to their room again after seeking consultation... But with their cincai "No problem one, jus a small matter" attitude, never take anything seriously, how do they satisfy patients and leave patients unworry....

Feels like when it comes to illness, we should be the one who know what is our own illness before we go to the doc and get the correct medicine... Leave it to doctor to diagnose the symptoms, that's gonna take forever for some of them to find out...

Tekkaus said...

Well...sometimes the oriental methods is better than the ones we have in the western countries. So we should give oriental methods some try, after all it has been around for ages. :)

Gratitude said...

You are most correct! Many doctors are in the profession bcoz of the prestige of hvg a "Dr" in front of their names. I suppose all other profession have their bad apples too, but being a medic carries a huge responsibility of hvg peeps lives on their hands. I shudder to think how staying with that "famous" SJMC oncologist wld hv caused my late-Dad so much of pain. I wuz so glad that we went for a 2nd opinion.

It's not money nor glam, but rather the compassion and loving kindness to heal that sld be the motivating factor.

KY said...

True enough, it's not easy at all to become a good doctor (No matter chinese or western).

doc said...

well said.

medicine is so, so over-rated, it makes me wonder why brilliant young minds, & not-so-brilliant ones as well, gravitate towards it. with rapidly increasing numbers, all that glamour has since dimished. & with med schools mushrooming from nowhere, you sometimes wonder if the students go thru proper & complete training.

as for (traditional)chinese medicine, i believe there is much to learn from the sinsehs & all those herbs & "secret ingredients" may have healing powers that western medicine has yet to discover & believe.

日月神教-任我行 said...