Sunday, February 15, 2009

100 Monkey Theory

Whoa! I found out people have mummified monkeys too~~!!

Eeww~~! Why they want to do this?

Today I'm going to tell the story of 100 monkeys.

Long long time ago...
There were 2 islands.
This 2 islands were separate so far away, cannot even see each other.

On each island, lived 100 monkeys.

Those days, monkeys ate bananas without peeling the skin.

One day, one of the monkeys of one island started to eat the banana by peeling off the skin.

Then, funny thing happened..

On another island, the monkeys started to peel off the skin before they ate the bananas~!!!

Scientists call this phenomenon as
100 Monkey Theory

That's mean
When a person think of something, sure got somebody else at the other side of this world will think of the same thing.
You can call this as telepathy effect,
or scientist called it 100 monkey theory.

One person think of something,
sure will influence another person to have to same thought.

Maybe that's how the fashion world created the trends.

Like, one designer will think that gold is nice, then he will start dye his hair gold colour.
Then maybe another group of designers think of the same thing, in the end they will say that now is the season for gold... gold is in trend....

I tried this in my school.
I started calling one of my student with her actual name instead of her English name.
Amazingly, now other teachers started to call her with her actual name~~!!!

I think it really work.

So, lets use our mind to create this 100 monkey effect.

Let's think that the world is going to get better.

No recession, no retrenchment, no jobless.

Economy is going to get better!!!


vincent said...

that sounds great!

straight a student said...

I will call for lottery luck and it should reach me :)

~LeuMaS~ said...

cool~ i wanna try this too~

A Common Singaporean said...

When you hum a tune in your head and suddenly a friend hum the similar tune vocally, is that also call the 100 monkey effect?

I suppose the term "Monkey See Monkey Do" has got connection to this as well?

Twilight Zone said...

A Common S'porean - you got me LMAO!! wakakakaka!

Perky said...

Economy is going to get better and global warming can be reversed! :)

A Common Singaporean said...

Yo Twilight, I am such an online idiot I have to go to to find out what exactly is "LMAO". Now I know lah, LMAO wahahhhahha!!

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Hmm..How about yawn together? Is this considered "100 Monkey theory"? Haha. This is a very interesting theory indeed. Wondering somebody on the other part of world is planning for haircut tomorrow, as what I did. :)

*Anton* said...

Hello, 1st time here :)

Read few of your latests posts. Very very interesting. Btw, i love reading the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying too...especially Death and Dying. Ahhhh, the impermanent nature of everything.


MiChi said...

yeah, telepathy is amazing...

straight a student:
yes, yes, yes! I wish that your lottery wish came true, then I'll call you to give me all the money...hahah

after trying, let me know whether you can feel your lover not....heh heh...

A common singaporean:
That's more of telepathy. 100 monkey theory is more of something big the fashion trend thingy...
i think so

Twightlight Zone:

Yes, and Perky is getting prettier each day.

If i'm not mistaken, yawn is a psychology effect le

Hey, welcome! those books. And nothingness is just nothing.

foongpc said...

I think I believe in this 100 Monkey Theory! Because when we think of something, we send out brain waves. Other people who has similar brain waves will be attracted to your signal and catch on to it.

Maybe that's why when I sometimes think of a friend, suddenly I will receive a call from him! Or when I sometimes hope to hear a song on the radio, and that song comes on.

Also maybe that's why placing fengshui objects works. So many people already had like minded minds about such objects. No wonder when I try to substitute an object for example, a 'wu lou' with a vase, it does not seem to work. Why would the 'wu lou' give me good health and not the vase? It's all in the power of the minds of millions of people in the world who believes in the power of 'wu lou'.

Oh yeah, let's think the economy getting better. But this may not work, cos maybe more people think the economy getting worse! : )