Monday, March 02, 2009

Love your kidney

He created a real hot news.

Human is born through the combination of the father and the mother.
Which in short, means,
we were born from the sex desire of our parents.
Hence, it is just natural if we also have sex desire.

Don't think that small child do not have desire, they have too:

Just that they don't know how to hide their desire like adult.

My last visit to Singapore was December 2008.
Because of a friend's "clever" arrangement, I got the chance to walk pass Geylang.

Since prostitution is legal in Singapore, you can see prostitutes standing at the street, seducing any guy that walk pass them.
Anytime, during the bright day...

or dark night...

And even old man also can't stop his desire!
Sigh ... live until this age, still ...

I have a relative, love finding prostitute since he was at his 20.
He can go to Haadyai every weekend to enjoy himself and let go his desire there.

In the end he got kidney failure at the age of 30+, and passed away early 40.

He has sex too much, causing his kidney failure.

Yes, having too much sex can lead to kidney failure!
According to Chinese Medicine, kidney in charge of hair and sex organ.

When your hair is not healthy, maybe your kidney has not enough "Chi" to maintain the good condition of your hair.

What are the causes of the not-so-good condition of your kidneys?
The main reason for man: Having too much sex.
The main reason for woman: Having too much sex + losing blood every month.

If you observe, those who has strong sex desire and always make full use of it, his hair turn grey at the very early stage of his age (except genetic reason).
Besides, he also grow old faster, which he will look older than his actual age.
Or, his head has not much hair left.

Release too much of sex desire, losing too much of "sperm" or "blood (for woman)", will lead to the exhaustion of kidneys, and later causing kidney failure.

Look older compare to actual age.
So, if for girls, when you want to choose a boyfriend, make sure that his face look younger than his actual age... heh heh, that's mean he is still innocent or still a virgin.

There was a Chinese practitioner, found it amazing that a man can live until 92 years old and still look like 60+, fit and healthy.
Chinese practitioner: Hey, could you share with us your secret of being long life and healthy?
92 year-old man: I married an ugly wife.

Haha ...
It may sounds like a joke to you.
But it's true.
Want to live a longer and healthier life?
Love your kidneys.
Control your desire.

Do not let loose our moral value.


~LeuMaS~ said...

i'm still a virgin :)

Rad Sujanto said...

Wow thanks a lot for the info. It was very informative. Now I know what I should do to keep my kidneys healthy.

Thanks a lot for sharing with us!

Anyway I've stayed in Geylang for one month and got used to "couples" walking in and out the hotel where I stayed. lol

Perky said...

Hmm... I don't think having too much sex is a direct contributor to kidney failure though. I mean, just look at Hugh Heffner, Gene Simmons & those who are like them. They've had sex with hundreds of women but are still healthy (& not to mention really old! lol).

MiChi said...

Well, who knows they do botox, or if they take a lot of supplements or "bird nest", they maybe able to safe their kidney, that's why they can maintain le....but it's really a fact le...too much sex can lead to kidney failure... all chinese sinsei knew la....

Tekkaus said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing! =) So we have to keep the banging to minimum huh! =)

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Ops...Am I looks younger than my actual age? Kidney or Sex, pick one. But if you have $$ for bird nest, you can have both!! I'll go for...ahem..:)

Twilight Zone said...

OMG KEENYEE! You really cartoon lah. LOL...

vialentino said...

wow...this is a nice post....i din kidney related to our sex life also....

why people look for paid sex? dun understand ler...aihhh....make love with ur partner better....need to travel to haadyai sumore for cheap sex....pity ur friend.

vialentino said...

back to ur reply in my post for maxis family day, it is open to maxis staff family only...can bring friends and relative too....but not for public.

A Common Singaporean said...

I can't declare I am a virgin like Leumas because I have a baby daughter. But the male species is born with "SEX" on his mind all the time. So what can we man do to go about this problem? None. We are screwed.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Michi, now you mention 'sex too much can cause kidney failure'?
Eeeeee, lucky I retired, ha ha. Lee.

MiChi said...

Are you sure? Haha.... I know you la...

Rad Sujanto:
Interesting scenery in Geylang yeah?


Hahaha.... Kids don't take bird nest

haha...His desire like volcano only. Ok, next time bring me, tell them I'm your blogger friend...hahah

A Common Singaporean:
Hei hei ... you can use rubber band

Uncle Lee:
Retired? hahaha....

foongpc said...

Are you sure having lots of sex will lead to kidney problems? And get old faster? And go bald? No wonder so many men going bald! Haha!

But I thought having regular sex is good. I think I read somewhere men who have sex regularly will cut down his chances of getting prostate cancer. And not to mention it's good for the heart and great for a good night's sleep too.

So to f*** or not to f***? That is the question : )

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you're blog is suppose to be a joke, because I stumbled on it during a Google search, but there is no link between kidney failure and sex. If that were the case, children wouldn't get it, (and believe me they do, sadly enough) and well, me for that matter. I'm practically a kidney dialysis veteran, and in all my years of being on dialysis I never heard of anything so preposterous in my life. The leading causes of renal failure, are diabetes, renal diseases and hypertension, so if you want to properly inform people about prevention, tell them to watch their sugar and salt intake. Again, if this is a joke I apologize, but I would hate for people to really take you seriously, because kidney failure is an awful thing to happen to somebody...I should know.