Friday, March 27, 2009

Chew your teeth out

Do you love this?

I used to love chewing gum like crazy~~!!
All because of advertisement ...

When Doublemint first came out with chewing gum advertisement,
they used a pretty mat salleh girl.

The advertisement showing the pretty girl went jogging to exercise her body.
Then after she finish her jogging, she will meet up with her boyfriend and both started to chew this bubble gum together, to exercise the face!

Haha.... I was so small and stupid... thinking that by eating chewing gum can slim down my face and turn my face into mat salleh face ...
then attract a handsome boyfriend.

heh! So.. ya... those stupid day.

Sometimes I chew until get carried away, and swallow it.
My parents always frightened me that if I swallow the bubble gum, all my intestine will stick together.

Hei-yah... another crap huh?!

But I think if you accidentally swallow chewing gum, it will be good when you fart.
Cause you got free pilate ball to use:

heh heh....

Chew bubble gum sure must blow it.

Then whenever I blow it, my grandmom will threaten me that I will allow all the bacterias in the air to stick to my bubble gum, and chew together into my mouth later.

Why old people so against chewing gum ah?

And when I was trained to do speed reading, I have to eat chewing gum.
The theory behind it is:
When you eat chewing gum, then you won't tend to read the text, but photograph the text with your eyes.

If you don't believe, try reading a book silently, you will realize you actually will read with your mind or still pronounce the word in your mouth quietly.
So we need to stop this habit if we want to do speed reading.

That time I was thinking: hmm.. bubble gum is so useful...

Later I started to hate it.

Of course mainly because it will cause this to happen:

If you are wearing a Gucci shoes, wah! you will curse the fellow who simply throw the bubble gum.

And the next side effect is, it may stick your denture out:

haha... so if you are wearing denture, then too bad la.

But the worst thing to happen when you eat chewing gum is:
It can slowly poison and damage your brain.

You see, our mouth or scientific term call oral cavity, is so near to our brain:

When we eat chewing gum, the rubber smell will actually stimulate the brain directly, causing the brain cells to die off slowly one by one, by the rubber smell.

Just like people take drug, they also smell rubber or glue or gum.

The effect is the same, just that the process is slower.

Since then, I never eat chewing gum.
But I still think that it is good to chew something.
Cause research found that chew something in your mouth can help to release stress.
Not only that, it also relieve anxiety and improve alertness!

And by chewing something in your mouth, it helps you to do speed reading and develope your right brain!

Can you think of any food that you can chew like chewing gum, and don't have to swallow?
Otherwise have to keep eating it, swallow into the stomach ...
I don't want to be come fei-poh lah...

any suggestion?


*Anton* said...

I prefer to suck on something. Used to love those chuppa chups advertisements.


vincent said...

today stepped on chewing gum~~~
hate it!!!!!!!!!

Bruce said...

Start ban on chewing gums...

Anonymous said...

I think mentos or sugus would work well. Just don't swallow it la.

Adeline said...

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