Monday, March 16, 2009

Witchcraft & McD

Witchcraft ...
I saw people doing it since I was real small.

There are so so so so so many ways to do it.
The most well-known method is Voodoo Doll.

If you hate someone, just *$%^~@ (want to know how to activate the charm?) ...
then you will be able to do anything you want on the person.

Other then Voodoo Doll, different people in different areas or countries will do different types of witchcraft.

Some people will go into trance,
in another word, they invite certain Gods to go into their body.
Then they can perform any miracles, like below:

How can you explain this in science?

So many unexplainable ritual performances.

Another one:
I'm sure you played this, or people around you played this before:

In Mandarin, we called this "Plate Deity".
Sometimes people will use coin or cup to replace the plate, but the method is the same.
They will first chant: ... ...??? ... ... to invite the spirit to attach to the plate.
then they will start asking questions or asking for guidance.
The "Plate Deity" will reply by moving the plate to the certain words on the paper.
Quite accurate one you know....!
I will tell more stories about this "Plate Deity" next time...

The most dangerous and scary whichcraft to me, is one of the tribe in China, that uses scorpion as the medium to control people's mind.

When a person kena this charm, you will see a scorpion shape protrude on that person's nose.
It is very very hard to clear the charm if you ever kena this ... ...
In that province of China, people knew who are witches in the village.
when the witch walks pass any restaurant, even just walk pass,
the people in the restaurant will throw away their food~~!!!!!
Because they scared that the witch has already put the charm in their food, just by walking pass only!

Scientists found out that all these charms did exist, and they believe that actually all these charms are eggs.

Yes, eggs.

Or bacteria... or virus ...

Scientists believed that witches use a special solution to rare these eggs, and let the people who they wanted to charm swallow the eggs.

Later when the eggs grow into worms in the person's body, witches will say some mantras to control the movement of the worms in that person's body. From there, witches will be able to control the person and do another on that person.

Ultimately the person will definitely die.

There was one time, when a dead body was being dissected, the pathologist found lots of worms in the brain~~!! The size of the worms are as big as the thumb~~!!

So, we better take the deworm tablet every 6 months, to get rid of any worm in our body.
Especially for those who love to eat meat, row meat like sushi.
You won't know how the worm get into our body.

My lecturer said if you see any shadow inside your eyes, maybe there are worms inside your eyes.
If you don't get rid of it, you may end up like this:


Scientists surveyed and found out that normally people who kena charm, their mental is not strong.
So they will be given vitamin B to strengthen their mental.
Vitamin B complex can strengthen a person's mental stage.
So, if you got friend cannot sleep, or too stressful, ask them take vitamin B complex,
and for what I know, especially vitamn B12 has the ingredient to make a person happy.

haha... To be happy is simple!
Eat more vitamin B12.

And the food that contain lots of vitamin B12 is potato.

That's why people call it:

FUN fries~~!!
It can really make you happy~~!!



Perky said...

Oh man... when i saw the pic of the worm being pulled out of that person's eye, I almost muntah!

Anonymous said...


that's a very good excuse for me to gobble up McD's fries without the guilt. am gonna forward this link to my friends..

how have you been doing?? i heard from the girls that you're now in Sri Garden. Ele, my house is just across the school! Along Jln Pria. i don't know how your working hours are like though.. i've been reaching my home at 9pm since Dec. *&^%$*&^

we'll find a day to meet up k!


Gallivanter said...

This post made me faint!

~LeuMaS~ said...

luckily i'm a fries lover :)

TZ said...

Errrr... the picture were so gross except the McD fries ... :p

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

The worm is disgusting le. Couldn't imagine such a big worm living beneath the eye. Vitamin B12 makes ppl happy. If overdose, can make ppl get HIGH????

*Anton* said...

The worm looks like the grilled wichety grub I had in Australia. lolz

Very interesting posts you have Michi. I'm sure many peeps dare not to offend you liao! LOLZ


foongpc said...

Wow! So you know how to activate charms? Wah, don't pray pray!

I believe in this witchcraft and black magic things. I've seen it happened to a relative of mine before. He got it from Thailand.

But I also know about karma. The person who inflict black magic and charms on others will end up getting their own medicine in the end : )

vincent said...

"Plate Deity"... my best friend played it when he saw small, and they forgot to summoned 'it' back...
someone near them saw 2 spirits touched his hand to move the plate wth!!!!!
then, he was illl for 1,2 weeks???
= =

vincent said...

i wan know more about this "Plate Deity"~~~~~~~ nt to play of course~~~

vialentino said... going to lunch now and saw this picture....hahaha, wat a starter for me

[SK] said...

hahaha!! then i should stock up more Vit B complex pills, so that i will be safe!!

p/s: btw, your blogging style is getting more and more twilight zone already, haha!!

A Common Singaporean said...

I want to get hold of those voodoo dolls to control my client..

No more text changes, no more color changes, just say yes to everything I submit and pay me more. Muahahahhahaah

I so evil lah..

Tekkaus said...

It's very, very real! In fact these people who can perform the witchcraft is living among us! Beware!!!

Rad Sujanto said...

Ewwwwwwwwwww.... that's disgusting. Ay ay ay ay ay yay.... I'm really disgusted by the worm inside the eye.....

I feel eerie

MiChi said...

Hey, I love seeing all this muntah stuffs...something wrong with me

Wah wah wah.... you are here! How to meet up? I leave my school at 3.30pm :(


Good, next time buy me fries

You are fries lover too?

Keenyee: to overdose?

hey, i'm not the witch le...
I only chant OM MANI PADME HUM

yeah, i believe in karma too. better do good.

yeer...dangerous le

vialentino: eat sushi with all worms inside also you don't know woh

wei wei....Twilight Zone copy me see carefully

A Common Singaporean:
Your merits must be higher than your client to do it...

You are one of them? greeewww

haha, you never see this in indonesia?

allthingspurple said...

the plate deity sounds scarey. I have seen classmates hiding in the library playing the red teacup deities instead, young time lar, like 15 years old or so.

日月神教-任我行 said...