Friday, July 03, 2009

I can see you!

There are six types of psychic abilities.

The first one will be the THIRD eye.

What can the third eye do?
Seeing ghost?

I'm sure you have friends, or relatives or you yourself born with the ability of seeing ghost.
I always hear people telling me that they see ghosts here and there.

I would not say that they have third eye.
This is just some supernatural ability, not psychic ability yet.

A person who has develop his third eye,
not only can see ghosts,
he can see the spirituals world, of all levels.
He can see the aura of a person.
He can see deities.
He can see different realms, some can even see the highest supreme realm
(like God, Buddha, or whatever you call).
He can even see into your eyes and know what you are thinking.

Before scientist found out the explanation about this, there are so many people against or support this THIRD eye concept.

Some say it is evil.
Some dying to achieve this ability.

Now it is a known fact that this so call THIRD eye is actually the Pineal Gland.
This Gland located right behind the root of our nose.

This Pineal Gland can be activated by light.
Or by meditation and visualization.

I think this is how it work.
Light shine on the Pineal Gland and activated it.
It is a connection between the spiritual world and the physical world.

It is found that it will go into hibernation during our sex development.
If we have strong sex desire, all the more it will be deactivated.

No wonder all religion do not encourage people to get crazy over sex, especially buddhism.

It is active when we were small like children.
Until when we reach teenage, and started to develop our sex desire, it slowly shrink.

That's also why normally baby and small child can see ghost.

When we do meditation, we will generate different frequency in our brain, producing some magnetic field that will vibrate and activate this Pineal Gland.

Sometimes a head injury can also activate it.

We can also activate it through hypnosis.

This is the ability that we have.
Everybody has it.
Just how much you can activate it.
You need to clear your karma, which is some heavy frequency that burdening your Pineal Gland.
Once you clear this heavy frequency, you can activate it easily.

So we should keep our mind open to the religion knowledge.
And continue to improve ourselves.
Live each day better than yesterday.

Science end where religion start.

Have some good wisdom.
We will understand more.


vincent said...

oh, it will fade when we reach teen.
i dunno that be yellow minded can deactivate it @@

::. Anton ::. said...

I'm damned, coz I love both spirituality and sex! :(


Medie007 said...



Jerry said...

No wonder I can't have it, cause I have freaking strong sex desire.... But then,if you are saying this, that means we humans have supernatural abilities just that it is sealed off, and it can be activated when we want to??

pikey said...

Interesting but really... rather not to have the ability to see the spiritual world.... rather scary.

A Common Singaporean said...

Sometimes knowing more means suffering more? I believe for one to obtain such ability, there should be a reason to it. The person must be able to digest what he knows and live his life as normally as possible.

Interesting article.

I once read a story written by Roald Dahl, "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar". It is one of the best short story I ever read. The person who can see through things are mention as "Yogi" in this tale, those who practise Yoga. I wonder if there is any link to what you wrote.

the happy go lucky one said...

oh this explains something, last time someone used to tell me abt developing the eye of yin-yang by absorbing the energy/light from the sun and moon during certain day/time. but according to him, the experience was kinda scary when u slowly start to see 'things'

Bengbeng said...

this is interesting n explains a lot of things to me n helps me to understand. for me, i try to suppress this ability as it does me no good

tikno said...

It seems some of your posts are related to something that so called "supernatural".
Did you have these ability as well?

MiChi said...

quick, go drink some dynamo ... heh heh!

haha... that's good ... take the middle path.

yeah, every human got the psychic abilities, we can activate it as you said.

Who knows you maybe able to help them?

A Common Singaporean:
Really? must find out about it .... interesting.

the happy go lucky one & Bengbeng:
haha ... time will tell

hmmm ... guess it

tikno said...

MiChi... I'm not dare! :)

Jasin Ker said...
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Jasin Ker said...

A good sharing.
I see that those having such supernatural actually sufer, believe they need time and experience to take on the challenge in stride.

A Common Singaporean said...

The above link is from wikipedia. Spoilers ahead. I recommend u get the book from instead if you are interested.

It is a story abt a greedy man turn good after gaining the ability to see through.

A Common Singaporean said...

I think the link somehow got chopped off. If you cld just key in "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar" at, you shld be able to see the descriptions.

foongpc said...

No sex? That's way too much sacrifice for the ability to see ghosts and the spiritual world! Haha!

No wonder children and those who do a lot of meditation have the third eye!

A head injury can activate it? No wonder some people who got knocked on the head suddenly experiences weird things when they recover : )

日月神教-任我行 said...