Tuesday, January 06, 2009

That's how it works!!!

I was telling my students about people who can read with their eyes closed.

Some of my students find it hard to believe.

I told them Malaysia has got such training, but only for children who are 12 years old and below.
And KL alone has got a few centres that do all this type of brain development training.

I was curious to find out how the centre trains these children to be able to read with eyes closed
The children really can do it after being trained for one and a half day.
One and a half day only~~!!

Finally, I got the answer.
One of my student went for the training when he was 14.
His case is exceptional, that he can go at the age of 14.

He said,
the training started with listening session.
The centre will play a type of CD, which has strong frequency that will sort of like brain-wash the students.
I think it meant to 're-format' the brain, so that their conscious mind will be erase.
Subjective thinking will be erase.
Then they will start the learning all over again like a new empty cup.

After that they will be enhance with another CD.
That is like programming the brain with better frequency.
Thus, awakening their subconscious and inner strength.

The rest of the training will be practising on visualization.
Students have to visualize with their eyes closed.
Visualize that there is a light going into their third-eye (something like meditation yeah?!)
Amazingly, they will be able to read with their eyes closed after this two methods applied on them.
Whether they use their sense of touch or smell....
The other senses will be developed to take over the sense of vision.
So, they can "see" by feeling the paper.
Some can "see" by just smelling the paper!

Of course they have to practise always ...
My student didn't practise after the training, so the ability is like faded off now.

I believe adult also can be trained.

Share with me if you know any method.

I will also share with you more about this in my later posts.

Have a good day!


vincent said...

i saw this on tv b4 and i wanna learn it~~~

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what happen when we close our eyes and go to sleep. can we still see the celing fan spinning.... ;)

thats the inner untap sight...

i would have to say "Wow"....

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