Sunday, January 25, 2009

Family surname - keep it on~~!

The importance of our surname.

I mean, really surname from ancestors.
How many races in this world will keep their surname up to ancestors...?
Up to their great great great great great grandfather?

A few did.
I know Chinese did...
Mat Salleh did ...

Others only keep until the father's name.

I am not being racist here.
Why it is so important to keep the family surname like Chinese or Mat Salleh?

Please tell me,
What happen if close relatives get married?

They will give birth to abnormal child right?

So, when we keep our ancestor's surname,
it is also keeping the genetic line~~!!

In the Chinese practise,
same surname cannot get married!

Because same surname means they might carry the same genetic line.
Too close genetic line get married, what will happen?
That's right, might give birth to abnormal child~~!!

So, it is not being male-chauvinist for Chinese to keep their surname...
It is also not "old-fashion" to share the same surname as their great great great great grandfather.
It is a very scientific practice indeed!

Another thing is,
In the Chinese practice,
Only boy can continue the surname.
Meaning, when a boy get married,
his children has to follow his surname, and not to follow his wife's surname.

most of the genetic diseases will be inherited by male gen only~~!!

You see,
Male will get colour-blind from the father.
Male will get heart-disease from the father.
Whereas daughter hardly get all these inheritance-diseases.

If the Chinese really follow the rules of same surname do not get married, the chances of giving birth to abnormal child is very very low.
(I am sorry that I only mention about Chinese, because I only know the Chinese culture. If you know others' culture that have the similar practise, please share with us here.)

Isn't that the family surname system is incredible?

This is just my own theory.
I didn't really conduct a research to prove this hypothesis.
If you happen to read somewhere, that say the same thing, please please please let us know.
I really hope that the scientist will use surname system as one of the method to trace the genetic line.

I am sort of sad when the China government set the rules that every couple in China can only have one child.
This may cause the surname system to go haywire.
Because some couples started to let the child follow the mother's surname.

Maybe we have lost the scientific knowledge of this surname system after a few generation.
People only think that why Chinese so old fashion.
Only boy can carry the family surname.
So male chauvinist...
As a scientist, before we decline or reject some old traditions or believes,
we must think of the reason behind it first.
And not to simply discard it.

Find out the reason why the traditions or the cultures were formed.
There must be a reason.
And the reason must be good enough that enable the tradition or culture to continue for so long.
Chinese culture has got at least 5000 years of history.
It has come a long way.
And China is one of the countries that has the longest recorded civilization history.
Meaning, when they formed all these cultures, they were already a civilized people.
A civilized people will not simply create nonsense to ask people to follow right?

So, if you are a Chinese, I hope you will respect your culture.
Let's keep the good culture moving on!


Mohammed Ali said...

I agree that Chinese seldom have abnormal babies. I am Malay.

[SK] said...

hehe, finally the last one belongs to mine :)

vincent said...

haiyo~ mine is 温, not many ppl hav this lolx

tom said...

mine is 黃。。。哈哈
happy new year....

MiChi said...

Mohammed Ali:
Haha... Really? I didnt know that...

So Sam Hui is your relative?

Ya, quite a rare surname. So you must have many many children so that more people carry this surname...hehehe

Oh, you have the same surname as lifebook.... happy new year to you too.

Anonymous said...

my 2 pastors had the same surname "Chin", they got married and the wife has a double chin now...lolx...they're living happily now and no disease...nothing...hey, if you say girls don't inherit those hereditary diseases, do you mean such things like cancer and serious stuff like that?

~Just wondering

Anonymous said...

mine isn't as rare, just very's bleu...

MiChi said...

Haunting Angel:
Maybe they are very very far below in the ancestor line, so the effect not so strong already.

foongpc said...

I am sure you are right! If Chinese could come out with feng shui and astrology, I think we better give the Chinese culture some respect!

It's true before we reject something, we must think carefully about the reason behind it.