Saturday, January 03, 2009

Practising REIKI

I went for a two days training course:
"REIKI Level 1 and Level 2"

So, I'm now a REIKI practitioner, an energy healer~~!!!
:) heh heh...

After I attended the course, then only I realized that there are so many things for me to explore. So many things that I still don't know~!
Just like the chinese saying: There is always another mountain taller than the one you are standing at.
It makes me humble and decided to explore more in these holistic knowledge.

We focused on the physical world so much, until we neglected the invisible dimensions.
Energy, wave, frequency ... all are invisible, but they do exist, and they can help us tremendously if we know how to utilise them~!

After learning REIKI, I really can feel energy with my two palms.
I learnt to call any energy to me, and feel it.
I learnt that we can make the energy surrounding us positive.
My REIKI teacher, Ms Susie, said she charge everything in her house with REIKI energy.

She charges her electrical items.
She charges her food with energy, so that the food she eats is healthy and full of energy.
She even charges her car battery! Both her cars' battery last for 4 years~~!!
That is real ... ...

I believe,
Jesus is the Master of REIKI, who did miracle healings and distance healing.
Mohammad, was also a REIKI master, performed miracle healings.
Sakyamurni, the great Buddha, was the Master of REIKI, done lots of healings, and even break the boundary of time and distance!

I'm practising REIKI everyday, hopefully can utilise the energy from the Universe and master it one day.

Do you have any healing request?
Let me know, let me try my REIKI to fulfill your healing request.
Happy 2009!


stephanie said...

Wow i sure think that is one thing to learn to improve our health and re energise those who are weak.

May you have all the blessing from the above to help others too.

Thanks for letting us know on the power REIKI,the inner streangh that is untap by most man kind, do show me how its done yeahh...

Wisshing you,your love ones and our friendly blogers A PROUSPRIOUS & HEALHTY NEW YEAR.

vincent said...

wow~ sounds awesome! can u teach me XD

Emily said...

Wao wao!! tis is sounds so Interesting leh....hopefully one day when u r free can share more with me..hehehe..i wanted to "8" more about tis...Happy New Year!!

straight a student said...

I want to look more handsome! Can do it kan?

MiChi said...

Yes, it is the strength that everybody has. I will practise REIKI everyday, so that my REIKI ability will build better each day

I can teach you, but not through cyber space le :)

haha... sure! REIKI can help to slim down also! More interesting right?

straight a student:
wow~! more handsome ah? I think nothing is impossible. But I think I can only do until your face became more radiant. Anyway, you are already a very handsome guy

Deepak Hardikar said...

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Anonymous said...

hi,I belief you , and I need your help. My father has lungs cancer,and I trey to help him with reiki,but a help is always needed.Hi's name is Vasile,we are from Timisoara, Romania.I have gr.1 and 2 in REIKI, and I do every day a sesion to him,and with extra help willbe beter.Thanks, Teodora

日月神教-任我行 said...