Wednesday, December 10, 2008


US is a very well developed country.
Its is one of the science leading countries.

But, I was still a bit shocked to see this on TV:

Psychic talking to the dead~~!
They also believe in psychic ability.
Believe in medium.
And talking to soul!

What do you know about psychic ability?


vincent said...

what do i know about phychic?
erm, maybe foresight future? or move things with mind? but, talking to dead is quite ridiculous actually...

vincent said...

no, not ridiculous, just isn't that is a little bit too powerful?

Perky said...

I can't say i trust them psychics but sometimes the things they say/know is beyond me.

MiChi said...

I knew people who can predict future...talking to the dead? I'm also wondering whether that is the real soul that they are talking about.

I believe in psychic as I personally know many people who have this ability...I have to believe le

vincent said...

actually, when i was a kid, i can predict the future and see the vision from future. this special ability seems to be weaker when i getting older.

vincent said...

i hope i can know the ways to improve this ability~ cuz i wan to know more about the future~

Twilight Zone said...

vincent - I hope you can tell me my future too!

vincent said...

twilight zone:
haha~ if i can be that powerful :D