Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hypnotise... What do you think?

When you first heard of the word
What do you understand about it?
What reaction you have?
"Huh?! Hypnotise? Don't blur me and take away my money!!"

Right? Is this the impression you have on hypnosis?

Well, you may have to change your perception on hypnosis if it is so...

Hypnosis is not somebody took over your mind and control you.
Hypnosis is not falling asleep.
Hypnosis is not becoming unaware.
Hypnosis is not faint.
Hypnosis is not forget something for a moment.

You see,
Our brain is using beta waves all the time for mental activity.
Beta waves are also referred to those frequencies up to 100 hertz.
Thats mean hor, any sound that is 10 Hertz and above, we can hear.
Other wise, not that we cannot hear,
just that our conscious ear cannot hear.
But the sound that is smaller than 10 Hertz will still go inside our ear,
and perceive by our right brain.
(If you still remember my previous post about the different between left brain and right brain)

That is why, don't think that sound we cannot hear means not affecting us.

So, hypnotise is just making your left brain be able to communicate with your right brain.

Ok, now how we can talk to our right brain?
Most of the time we are at conscious stage, which is using beta wave.
We can only talk to our brain when we can tune our brain into alpha wave.

When our brain can be tuned to alpha wave?
Taking one example.
Let say you wanted to urinate so badly.
You tried to tahan the urine...not to let it flow out.
Because you cannot find toilet that time.

Then suddenly you found a toilet!
You quickly go inside.
And the moment you pull your pants down and release the water.
The "Ah~~~!!" moment..
Is the moment that your brain go into alpha wave.

So during that moment, if somebody tell you:
"You don't like smoking."
Then you can quit smoking just like that.
Because the message will go into your right brain without being filter by your left brain.

You can see how powerful our right brain is?
Of course it only perceive positive message.

Don't think that you talk to a person when he is urinating:
"Give me all your money!"
It won't work, cause the right brain only perceive positive message.
It knows that statement is harmful to it,
so it will not follow the instrution.

And don't do it on anybody who is urinating.
Only when the person is very very tension already, then suddenly let go the tension, that very short moment only can work~!!

Will share with you more about how hypnotise works as I personally went for a hypnotise session before. It was really good and the benefit is still taking its effect on me until now!

Meanwhile, learn how to meditate first, ok?


allthingspurple said...

This is interesting. Almost phychological, that part about moving in when the mind is at its weakest. Will look forward to more posts about this from you.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Michi, was at Allthingspurple's place tasting her fabulous Bentos and burrrrp, x'cuse me! Was about to check out noticed your lovely profile pic and the million dollar smile.
I slammed on my brakes and did a U turn here...

Nice blog you have a hypnosis?
For me no need all that gadgets, I just have to spot a lady in asarong kebaya or cheong sum, I am already hypnotised, ha ha.
Just kidding.

You have a great weekend, Michi, best regards, Lee.

MiChi said...

it is really interesting to know about hypnotisis... especially how we can hypnotise children to make them more positive

Uncle Lee:
allthingspurple's bento is nice ya?! i always drop by to taste too...haha

same to you! happy sunday

tom said...

nice, thanz for sharing.....