Thursday, January 22, 2009

Immortal life


Have you watched this show?

"The Mummy 3"

Haha.... I know it's a bit late to ask this question as the show was so 'long' ago...

But maybe you missed the show?

And missed my handsome idol who acted as the Shi Huangdi?

Since very very long time ago, people had been looking for immortal life.

Hoping that they will not die.
Hoping that they can live forever...

It's believed that the Egyptian mummified their Kings' and Queens' body is because:
They believe that their Kings or Queens will be alive again and rule them one day~~!!

We can see a lot of natural preserved dead body especially from religious people.

For example:
1. The most famous Thai mummified monk, Loung Pordaeng's body is still here after 20 over years from his death!

2. The body of St. Clare, who passed away in 1253, is still on display in the Bsilica di Santa Chiara Church in Assisi, Italy.

The scientists did researches on this body and found that she might be wearing a wax mask. Of course the scientists cannot simply open the glass and scrap her face to check whether it is really just wax. Who want to be responsible if the body rot after the glass is opened? Right?

3. This is the body of the famous San Padre Pio, who had stigma and passed away in 1968. His body is still on display in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy~~!!

4. This is the exhumed body of the Khambo Lama, who passed away in 1927, still in the lotus position in a Buddhist monastery in Siberia.

People dying to have long life.
People dying not to die.

If given that you have a long life, what do you want to do?
Benefit the human being?
Or just enjoy your life?

Will you want a long life?


vincent said...

i don wan a long life, cuz it's torturing to see your lover die earlier than u...

Ron Jerem Lee said...

actually long live doesnt matter, but then ur friends died, left u alone stay home watch TV meh

Anonymous said...

I don't care the length of my life...I just care of how fruitful it'll get...

Jazone said...

i can't run out of emotional....sad, lonely, happy... but i do know that i cherish every moment with my friend and family... try to do the right thing...

Girl said...

Just sharing, my parents have got the same surname, Lee. But my brother and I are normal and have been doing well in school. But my parents have different parents( if you get what I mean) .

joydancer17 said...

Many people want to know about immortal life but most do not want to do what it takes to live it. Jesus said if we believe in Him then we can have eternal life. But even Christianity, in which I grew up, does not really believe it. But if you truly desire to know a life of bliss and joy and youth and love, the sincerely ask Jesus to show you how and follow .

foongpc said...

If I can continue to be healthy forever, I don't mind living forever. But then again, if you live forever, you'll have many heart breaks because everyone you know will die before you.

And also, if we live forever, we will never go to the next plane of existence whether it is a reincarnation, or heaven or hell or the next parellel universe.

Somehow I think death is there for a reason, and we better not screw around with it! : )