Thursday, September 01, 2011


After so long only I learned,
Sometimes, I must pause in life.

Pause, to think of the next few steps in life.

Pause, to give people some breathing space.

Pause, to understand the problem better.

Pause, to cool the mind... And it did help me to see the whole picture clearer.

Pause, your thought will change within that second.

Pause is not losing, but improving.

I am always busy with activities.... Filling my time pack with all sorts of works and things to do...

I so scared to pause, as I was afraid to lose things that are already in my hands.

Only to realized that it made situation worse.

There is a Chinese saying:
"When a thing reaches its extreme, it reverses its course."

I must really learn to pause in life

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Twilight Man said...

Your drawing is like world class cartoonists with inspiring words! Well done!