Saturday, August 23, 2008

First thing before knowing CHARM

Before I share my knowledge on CHARM, let's understand about ourselves first.

Look at our mystery yet powerful organ --> BRAIN

Inside this piece of taufu, there are plenty of neurons.

Neuron is the basic unit of our nerve.

Neuron does not join with each other, meaning, between one neuron and another neuron, there are gaps.

So how do neurons communicate with each other?

It is by impulse --> electrical signal.

We know that everything in this world can emit frequency, quite apart from electricity.

Since our brain got millions of neurons, that's mean it can generate lots of electricity. It can generates up to 25 watt of power, which is enough to light up a light bulb!

So much electricity, definitely generate frequency.

This brain frequency or we call brain wave, if we know how to utilize and control it, it can do lots of work for us.

It is all up to your mind. What you want to do, just put in the thought, and if your mind is strong enough, you can even control others mind!

This is call mind power.

Many times CHARM works on WEAK MINDED people.

So, from now onward, make your mind strong. Make your mind positive. You will be able to generate strong brain wave, and control the situation.

How to strengthen your mind? Haha...that's another topic.

We will look into how strong mind power related to CHARM in next article.


Bruce said...

Our brains can do wonders if we know how to utilise it. Please quickly put up your next posting on how to strengthen our mind. :P

Anonymous said...

This is interesting topic. Well said.